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Chris Turner and Daniel Rogerson, the producers of the top-notch revelatory documentary, Don’t Mention the Reptilians, have announced their conference, Repcon, and they’ve kindly asked me to speak at it.

I’m not well-known, and to be honest, I like it that way; but staying in this comfort zone is not in the remit for my journey during this incarnation. I don’t have high-level secret government confidences to share, that I’m aware of; what I do have is evidence of interdimensional contact and accounts of their circumstances…which included numerous witnesses.

I’m not a font of all wisdom either though my life and its perceptions are coloured and guided by the word-less advice and teachings my experiences have included, and shown me. I am certain however that I know much more than I can presently recall. Maybe it is this that attracts the attention of dark agents and entities that have watched, followed, blocked, and sought to injure me throughout my life. I don’t know, maybe they do; but the reason I’m still here is that they have been prevented from succeeding.

As you can see from the flyer below, this conference is going to be an awesome trip into the hidden realms, revealing their denizens, the manipulators that haunt the spaces in-between, and the here and there…and humanity’s friends that do what they can to keep them at bay while encouraging us to re-cognise who and what we are, and the responsibilities towards this world that the human species have been charged with, and agreed to.

The other speakers are well-known. They are James Bartley, Simon Parkes, and Max Spiers. I’ve never met any of them before but my good friend, Ben Emlyn-Jones is hosting the conference. I understand that there are also going to be opportunities for members of the audience to share their stories, if they want to. It’ll all be very interesting.

Currently I am scheduled to be the first speaker. I’ll be recounting many of my experiences and showing lots of photographs and images that relate to and are involved in them. It will, I fully expect, be a journey deep into my heart and soul…and very public. If I hit the notes then anything can happen, or be said. As some of you know this has happened before, several times.


Chris and Daniel are offering free DVDs of the conference for everyone who purchases their ticket in advance. Now that’s a bargain for a memento of this groundbreaking day that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Hope to see you there. Love, Ellis

repcon conference flyer





As a young marine stationed in Twenty Nine Palms California in the 1990’s, I became certified in the Marine Corps chemical decontamination procedures. All service members go through a certain amount of chemical training, they have to demonstrate an ability to don and clear their gas mask while exposed to the harsh CS gas, and they must be able to put on their chemical suits in a “hurried fashion.” Perhaps you are a marine veteran and you remember going through the gas chamber at Camp Pendleton. It was hell to say the least.
The Psychotropic Drugs: Driving a Nation Mad


On five different mornings between June and October 1990, a Vancouver farmer named Richard Fazio found five of his cattle dead.
The cows’ carefully dissected remains — including eyes, tongues and organs (ew!) — were scattered across three different pastures along the Columbia River.
An Oregon State University analysis found the animals’ wounds were consistent with “electrosurgical excision” and “heat-induced injury,” possibly from a laser.
UFOs, mutilated cows and Oregon: What’s the link?


These days, news sites and blogs are rife with claims of the discovery of artifacts, anomalies, and alien spaceships all over the lunar surface.

The majority of these purported anomalies are spotted in the multitudes of existing lunar photos supplied by NASA over the years; stories which often suppose that the mystery objects in question were “missed” at the time folks back in NASA’s photo labs were airbrushing out all the weird stuff often accompany these grainy pictures, sometimes featuring “enhancements” by amateur moon watchers.
The Blair Cuspids: A Legitimate Lunar Anomaly?
…and mentioned in the Bob Hilley (Holy Bible) – see In These Signs Conquer



Adam has worked for many years as a firefighter at the Eurotunnel fire station and with Kent Fire and Rescue service. He joins us to give an insider account of the myriad of incidents with illegal immigrants he has dealt with and witnessed at the Eurotunnel site, where the Fire and Rescue service has been pulled into the role of searching the trains and tunnels for foreign trespassers. Beginning in the summer of2015, a massive explosion of immigrants crossing from Calais to Dover has inundated French Police and Eurotunnel security, with an estimated 57,000 illegals removed from the French terminal in 2015 alone. We talk about the French ferry worker strike that brought mainstream attention to the migrant crisis, when the press broke with the story of the massive organized invasion of 1500 migrants storming the channel tunnel via the Calais terminal. Adam gives details of the different strategies employed by the desperate travelers who stow away on freight lorries or trains, or even walk, as a means to get through to the UK’s generous asylum seeker benefits. He speaks about the dangerous diseases that are making their way through and costing the UK health service billions of pounds per year, along with the UK financed, £12,000,000 fence being constructed around the Calais terminal perimeter that has actually made it easier for invaders to cross. Adam says that anywhere from 100-150 migrants armed with knives and iron bars are funneling through to the UK each day, and the dire consequences can be seen in the skyrocketing crime rates and the numbers of unaccompanied “children” that require rehoming, among other frightening figures related to the economy. Later, we look at the major obstacle of political correctness that is keeping European governments from properly addressing this mass invasion, and we discuss whether or not the outdated Schengen Zone agreement will be modified in an attempt to quell the fresh surge of migrants forecast to hit Europe come spring.



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