As most visitors to this website already know everything that we do on line is watched, recorded and in many cases stored, by technology installed and kept by the Deep State. Echelon being only one of these surveillance programmes. Your name is already on the list…Like… it or not!

The Deep State is not happy that other criminals have been getting in on the dark act; and so through one of their departments, the EU, have initiated this wheeze (GDPR Compliance) that they hope will, at least for a while, nobble the competition. It won’t last, they know it doesn’t have the legs or support to. Who is going to pay for it all? Who d’you think! Not the un-elected gravy-dribbling trouser-shiners of Brussels, that’s for sure.

Using the excuse that this is all for the benefit of public and business security it is really, of course, one of their initial steps towards licensing websites and anyone who communicates on the internet. As we know when we are obliged to have a license it usually means that our pockets are picked (more and more each year), and that the permit can be taken away at the whim of any legislation they want to make up. Already, in preparation for that moment, social conditioning experiments are underway to test the public’s attitudes regarding having their free thoughts and expression curtailed, their colourful cultures and traditions denigrated and ground into grey, and their forebear’s hard-won societal safeguards stripped away.

I take everyone’s right to privacy very seriously,
which is why I have made mention of the worst offenders in the opening paragraph. The Deep State is the public, and masked face of humankind’s and this planet’s biggest threat in every regard.


Anyway, I am not, and this blog is not, interested in collecting anyone’s personal data.
I, myself, do nothing to that end other than to engage in back and forth correspondence with those who have written to me in the first place, and that is only by way of the name and email address they’ve written to me with. This will continue to be the only way that I will use this data. I will never share your private data with a third party. At all times it will only be used for the reasons you originally provided it, the legitimate interests of this blog, primarily communications between the editor and user, news, and notifications of new content.


When someone writes to me via the Contact form they provide a name and an email address. Also on the form, when I receive it, is an I.P. number – a bunch of digits that purport to be the sender’s machine and its location. That’s how I understand it anyway. If the writer uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which very many people do, then the email could have come from anywhere., that provides this blog’s platform is owned by Automattic, and it does collect some data. If you want to see what, and why they say they do, then check this link out:

Privacy Notice for Visitors to Our Users’ Sites



24th May 2018


How does the ECHELON surveillance system works?


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