Sarah Payne


Sarah Payne
The Tragedy of Sarah Payne: On Wayback machine

Terror raid house was home to Sarah Payne killer Roy Whiting





2 thoughts on “Sarah Payne

  1. After opening the image of the painting to examine details, I found the 2nd painting link/update (Sara Payne’s Painting) has a much better quality image, along w/ the added cropped segments. SO many interesting elements you have highlighted here (this is an understatement) ! Ellis, this would make a fantastic video presentation.

    I can’t read the article associated w/ the news publication showing Sarah’s picture and painting, so I’m not sure what the news story includes, but 2 things linger in my mind… she did this painting at school? Under what/who’s supervision? The teacher’s? It’s difficult to assume she did not have some ‘direction’ or assistance to include some of the details. Do we know anything more about this ‘school’?

    The 2nd thing is, again w/o being able to read the published news article … WHY is this ‘painting’ included there at all, much less being prominently displayed of EQUAL size to the picture of her? This has a very sinister and deliberate vibe about it.

    I could not get the more current Hampstead SRA case out of my mind as I read this post. In addition to the obvious reasons this is unsettling, I experienced some very personal ‘attacks’ and blows as I researched & followed the Hampstead case very near this time last year. (Involving a very distinct and defined 10-day span phase of the hearing … don’t wish to say any more than that here). 😉



    • Hi SLK Thank you for your comment. Not only was the presence of the picture a mystery but also how I came across it seemed destined. I’ll see if I have the account I wrote of it (and the text of the news article). I did talk about it, I think, in my Probe presentation: (you need a YT account to view the video). Your experiences re the Hampstead allegations are sadly all too common. Thanks for caring, and being interested.

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