Hi, welcome to my new blog:

Ellis Taylor
A child from eternity and far away from home
An uncommon discourse


My first websites were: Looking into the Dark Places and Otherworld Journeys. I have been on the net since 30th September 2000.


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5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I really enjoyed watching Anthony Dodd speaking at UFO CONFERENCE IN LEEDS IN 1996, which you uploaded on You Tube
    Is there any other UFO LECTURES available by Anthony Dodd.
    Would be most appreciated.


  2. Hi Ellis,
    I was wondering whether you’d had a chance to listen to any of the interviews with WilliamTompkin?
    I”m not an avid listener of her interviews these days as I find her ego and the constant interrupting her interviewees a tad overwhelming but out of all the Tompkin interviews I’ve listened to so far I thought Kerry did a wonderful job with this interview as she rarely interrupted and as for her ego…I was quite proud of her as she only picked up her trumpet a couple of times. Though we’ve heard much of it before I found it extremely informative.
    What i wanted was your insightful opinion, if you do have the time to watch it…is he fair dinkum or has he been programmed by the reptilian dracos to lead us up the garden path.


    PS I tried to talk softly (a challenge for me) so I hope I wasnt too loud. hehehe


    • Hi Shelley, haha. You’re bang on about KC, made me smile. Yes, I watched the interview last night. He never got fazed, seemed very informed, and lots of what he said made sense. However, I was still left wondering whether he was legit too. Maybe it was the dodgy syrup he wore. I honestly don’t know Shelley, sorry.


  3. Hi Ellis..I have been following your work since looking into dark places ,which I was surprised to find no longer exists especially being so poignant in the times unfolding before ..I was going to share on social media in respect to helping others understand what going on on a much deeper level ..with that aside i am finding your other work even more relative than the other due to my own experiences with the land and otherworldly beings and also my journey with Brigit and the Morrigan and I also live in St Ffraed north Wales in the oldest house where the monks lived..its also in-between two old yew trees and since being here two years I have had many experiences.. some scary at first and some profoundly life changing ..it’s a magicaly sacred place and very hidden under 70’s refurb and hundreds of years of being forgotten ..noone lived here thirty years before hand it’s just been left until just before we moved in .. I believe there is an old temple here and that Bridget’s fire was once tended here before the monks and the chapel and is obviously a very sacred burial ground due to the Guardians of the land I have encountered like the Regal Black Dog man and the Sidhe ..I also have a very special relationship with the ancient ones much like Sasquatch who actually brought me tree medicine and heal a infection I had in my jaw. I know it all seems so far stretched but I know you will also resonate due to your own experiences you share .. I have had paranormal experiences all my life and live a very shamanic lifestyle but not in a the new age concept of it and I have always been very tuned into good and bad energy and spent a lifetime developing healing techniques to heal the land along with Orgonite gifting ect but since moving here it’s like living in the otherworld ..
    I moved to Wales six years ago and moved to a town called Builth wells where I first engaged in venerating Bridget and it was there that I encountered a Raven feathered cloaked being and other ancestors who were obviously connected to the burial mound nearby . I also encountered Dragon energy and was gifted a quartz dragon scale while spending time down by the river which I have been guided to use in Crystal gem elixer on the land here along with a very special lumerian singing Lazer wand I got from a guy who was at a gem fair in Builth .. anyway I was not able to understand it as I do now and how I believe in hindsight that I was guided to come here and learn what is all unfolding before me now as i have currently been awarded a scholarship in Ancestral healing which has expanded all of this for me even further and opens even more doors to the unexplained to navigate .Anyhow sorry to waffle on but I don’t get many people I can relate to on these subjects and I cannot believe how much it all resonates with my own experiences as there’s no guidebook for us is there ..but thank you for sharing your experiences and I will look forward to more of your unfoldings in the future .
    Kindest regards


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