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Ellis Taylor
A child from eternity and far away from home
An uncommon discourse


My first websites were: Looking into the Dark Places and Otherworld Journeys. I have been on the net since 30th September 2000.


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4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I really enjoyed watching Anthony Dodd speaking at UFO CONFERENCE IN LEEDS IN 1996, which you uploaded on You Tube
    Is there any other UFO LECTURES available by Anthony Dodd.
    Would be most appreciated.


  2. Hi Ellis,
    I was wondering whether you’d had a chance to listen to any of the interviews with WilliamTompkin?
    I”m not an avid listener of her interviews these days as I find her ego and the constant interrupting her interviewees a tad overwhelming but out of all the Tompkin interviews I’ve listened to so far I thought Kerry did a wonderful job with this interview as she rarely interrupted and as for her ego…I was quite proud of her as she only picked up her trumpet a couple of times. Though we’ve heard much of it before I found it extremely informative.
    What i wanted was your insightful opinion, if you do have the time to watch it…is he fair dinkum or has he been programmed by the reptilian dracos to lead us up the garden path.


    PS I tried to talk softly (a challenge for me) so I hope I wasnt too loud. hehehe


    • Hi Shelley, haha. You’re bang on about KC, made me smile. Yes, I watched the interview last night. He never got fazed, seemed very informed, and lots of what he said made sense. However, I was still left wondering whether he was legit too. Maybe it was the dodgy syrup he wore. I honestly don’t know Shelley, sorry.


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