Healing List

Please focus and share your healing thoughts & energy to these lovely people:

Russell, Marianne, AM, Nick, Den, H, M, C, Cam, Kay, Gwyn, Elaine, John, Christina, Elizabeth, Kayleigh, Ca, Lor, Melissa, K, Chris, T, Rachel, Rob, Michael, Layla, Dave E, J, Dave, S, Dave W, Sarah W, Ty, Abs, Ann, Dave, Jean, Rachael, Caley, John, Katie, Bev, Sandra, John, Tracey, Kim, Os, B, Roy, Paul, Steve, Ann, Robin, Clive, Jay, For “the minds of men“, for everyone who has been bullied and tricked into taking the rigged tests and allowing themselves to be injected with dangerous and experimental potions,  and everyone else whose health is suffering at this time…..

This list was updated on 26th May 2023

Please visit this page too: For those in need of some healing

Thank you for the miraculous healing.


This list will be refreshed very soon. If you still require yourself, or your nominee to be included please email me through the contact page; otherwise I’ll take it that healing is no longer necessary, and we’ll start afresh. Thanks.

Thank you for the updates on your nominees’ health; and big thanks to everyone who has helped to improve the health and well-being of those who are, and have, featured on this list. Please rest assured that everyone is in the arms of the Divine, Spirit is eternal and sometimes it is time for us to move on. By sharing our caring thoughts we are always assisting in healing in some important way.

To be included in this list please contact me. For those included, please keep me up to date.
* I intend to refresh this list weekly to assist in focussed healing; so please, if it is no longer required let me know. 



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