For those in need of some healing…

If you are feeling low or in need of some lifting and healing, it may help you to find a peaceful moment and space to meditate on Ffraed’s Well. The sacred current that flows through this well is a force for healing and is now gaining in reach and potency every moment.

This photo was taken today, 29th December 2016.


The Holy well at Llanllawer, Dyfed.


Playlist of 432Hz  Healing Music:


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4 thoughts on “For those in need of some healing…

  1. Thank you Ellis. I can feel and see the gentle healing energy sparkling from the screen of my tablet. Very uplifting. 🙂


  2. Ellis I can feel Fraed sending healing energy to you & yours at this sad time….so glad she’s there for you
    much love steph


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