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Ellis Taylor is a West Australian-born British writer and mystic. In his work he is an outspoken, acknowledged and uncompromising consciousness explorer and commentator who combines his studies and observations with insights and knowledge gained through his much-authenticated intrinsic lifetimes’ interactions with Otherworlds and the Others. Ellis is a lover of Nature, and an advocate of feminine wisdom.

A 7th generation Australian; he was born in Bridgetown on the banks of the Blackwood River in the south west. His ancestral origins are Cornish, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish; his Scottish lineage includes the martyr, Thomas Forret, and West Australian explorer and first Prime Minister, John Forrest. His matrilinear line is Irish and traces back to the Burren in County Clare (with the surname Sheehey – so far).

Ellis is an author of three printed books: Living in the Matrix, In These Signs Conquer and Dogged Days; and the author of an e book, The Esoteric Alphabet.

Besides his Otherworldly lessons, Ellis has studied tarot, healing, hypnosis, and numerology. Since 1996 he has been developing what he calls, ‘Numerosymbology’; a new and potent analytical technique that combines numerology, symbology, etymology, and phonetics.

In recent times Ellis, having (he now realises) been tasked during an otherworldly initiation ceremony, has embarked upon a journey of discovery and healing through tracing and documenting a great energetic wave that has, so far, taken him through Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, in Wales, from St. Bride’s to Strata Florida. Much of what has been discovered he shares in his subscriber’s blog, the Song of Ffraed.

In most of his interviews and talks Ellis shares many of his multi-aspected personal experiences with what convention terms ‘the paranormal’ or ‘the supernatural’ – designations he deeply dislikes. It is perfectly ‘normal’ for humans to have these experiences. Even though perhaps he has (or notices them) more than most this doesn’t make them ‘super’ or ‘para’ happenings. Those terms are not merely asinine, they were deliberately wrought to further insidious generational indoctrination intent on keeping humanity divorced from who and what they are, disempowered and under control. This is a fractured and vulnerable state where humans can be easily driven into echo-&-obey system-rewarding intellectualism (and instinctual) concentration – resulting, inevitably, in the obvious perilous indifference to the environmental, ecological, and humanitarian disaster that is careering full-pelt towards us.

It isn’t easy for anyone to battle the behemoth that has set itself up as the lord and arbiter of what must be believed – or else, so I completely understand that though the greatest percentage of humans have had such non-ordained experiences most are not willing to talk about them in public. However, I have lost count of the many people who have told me how much better they feel about their own, and very importantly, themselves, because someone has spoken out publicly about similar encounters and episodes.  This is a (perhaps the) significant reason why I talk and write about the experiences I have had (and still do).

When it comes down to it we are only here for a blink of time. Each one of us has a unique many lifetimes’ vocation that is much more than what we do for a job, and every one of us is an equally essential component in the community of humanity’s purpose. This divine charge is to caretake this realm of experience, this planet, its environment and every form of consciousness that is naturally on and in it. Individually and collectively we are here to improve despite apparent good fortune and adversity, overcoming temptations and fear in the most sensible and self-less ways we can, and to do this we need to be operating at our full capacity, which means we need to be fully awake.

Waking up is not just about researching and reading and listening to other people’s stuff and their opinions.  In fact, they are all pursuits that can take a back seat. What I’ve learned (and I’m still a novice, in the scheme of things) is that waking up is about truly coming alive, becoming fully conscious, which involves freeing and involving every mental faculty that is innate and available to every human being – intuition, imagination, soul-knowing, emotion, instinct, intellect. This takes commitment, honesty, integrity, patience, alone-time, at-one-ness, natural being and communication, silence, attention, listening, still-ness, practice, forgiveness (of self and others)… and love. The more you practice these things the more discerning you will become, the far less easily convinced by deceptions and lies, and manipulated, you’ll be. – Ellis

Ellis has presented lectures in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia and England; and has been interviewed on several TV and radio stations across the world, as well as for newspapers and magazines. Video & audio page here

He is currently involved in two documentaries that are being produced by Chris Turner of Elephant in the Room Films.


Ellis Taylor’s Past live lectures:

This was written by Phenomena Magazine editor, Brian Allan:

Many people have explored the gauze-thin membrane separating the nuances of reality that surround us, but very few of them have done it well, and even among those few there are charlatans, fools and the merely deluded. However, one man that does not fit any of these categories is Ellis Taylor, who has for decades tried to bring a genuine and sympathetic understanding of the messages and knowledge that lie beyond this nebulous curtain.

Ellis is a genuine and first hand experiencer of what really does lie in the ‘beyond’ and in his lectures and books he succeeds where many before have failed in presenting this information in a sensible, coherent and accessible manner.
In his quest to convey the information to a wide audience Ellis has repeatedly arranged conferences featuring experts in every field that comprises this multifaceted subject and in every case these conferences have been a success. In addition to the conferences Ellis, who is a seasoned international speaker, has been invited to attend prestigious venues worldwide where his presentations have invariably been well received. I consider it a privilege to know Ellis and to have shared his thoughts and dreams, if fact, in every sense of the word this man is a shaman for the modern world and the world would be a poorer place without him.

Brian Allan
Editor of Phenomena Magazine
author and paranormal investigator
Nov 2010


Interviews and Speaking engagement requests

Despite the forced distraction of countering this vi-ruse tyranny against the Divine’s charged custodians of this Creation, humankind (and so, the whole planet and all that depends upon Her), my principle focus must remain with my own critical task, The Ffraed healing project. It is what I have prepared for, all of my lives. I didn’t know it when I began walking in 2016, but I now understand how crucial it was to complete the journey when I did.

Like everyone with a purpose, skills and understanding gained, and attunement achieved, in each life prepares them for a certain gig in the next. For me, in this one, the assignment turned out to be The Ffraed Project and to be readied for it has necessitated me to learn through experiencing Otherworlds and dealing with an array of Others.

Thank you for considering me but I’m having a break from interviews and speaking engagements.


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