Dan Green

dan_green100Dan Green is a British author, writer, broadcaster and researcher specialising in Synchronicity and the Collective Unconscious and refers to himself as ‘A Human Search Engine’.

Inducted into the arcane via the Tibetan systems of Kalachakra and Vajrayana, he directed his 2010 Movie Documentary ‘The Murder of Mary Magdalene – Genocide of the Holy Bloodline’ based on his books that synthesise the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau and his discovery of ‘The Lincoln Cathedral Code’.

Dan Green articles on this site:

The Mother of All Codes and the Role of the Tibetan Buddhist

The Coming Race – From Buddha to Asperger

The Templars’ Head & Templecombe Panel Painting

An off-site article by Dan Green:

In through the Out Door – Neurology’s Visa to Otherworld Vistas 


Books by Dan Green:

marymag       Free ebook


Dan Green’s website: http://www.dangreencodex.co.uk

One thought on “Dan Green

  1. After watching your Forbidden Knowledge I like your insights. I was called the Gypsy Minotaur in Cyprus after being called Jesus’s in Greece lol am happy in my own skin anyway av been through some hocus pocus bc of it but who wants to know….not whats in charge that I do know. See you if you get there.

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