What happened to Daniel Nolan? The official theory doesn’t wash.

These articles were first published on my website in 2003. They focus, in the beginning, on the puzzling disappearance of a 14-year-old lad called Daniel Nolan. Daniel vanished around midnight on New Year Day 2002 from the Hampshire harbour town of Hamble-le-Rice.


dannolan“The River and surrounding waters have been searched thoroughly but there is no evidence to show he fell in. He is a competent swimmer and has a wide knowledge of the River – he would not intentionally put himself in danger. He may have been taken by someone in a vehicle or on a boat.
This is the last picture we have of Dan, taken with the digital camera he received for Christmas.”


The first part is a précis of the first article I wrote on Daniel’s disappearance. I had been asked to look into it. Following on is the second article almost in its entirety. It looks at other crimes as well.

Some of the original links are now redundant and I have also added more information.

The truth about what happened to Daniel has never been revealed by the police publicly, yet.

Around the same time the remains of two other youngsters were discovered on the shores of the Solent yachting mecca, and territory (hunting ground?) of the accused child-abuser and killer, Ted Heath…Heath used Hamble.

– Ellis

What happened to Dan Nolan
The numbers in both articles are all numerology. I was still testing Numerosymbology.
Many of the links are to pages on Wayback Machine internet archive


Daniel James Nolan is another one of those very many youngsters who vanish every year with little or no media publicity. Daniel, who is blessed with a loving home and family is very unlikely to have run away. A close family member’s serious illness would have kept him close to home.

Dan’s family describe him as, “a gentle and very intelligent boy, he wasn’t a problem child”.

Another factor discounting the possibility of his running away is that he had just passed an entrance exam to attend the Royal Navy Officer’s Training Course, a vocation he had set his heart upon. Dan ‘s keen interest in fishing, yachting, and swimming precluded any notion of heading for the ‘Big Smoke’ (London), which is so often advanced as a reason why youngsters choose to disappear.

On the night of 1st January 2002, Dan and two friends headed for the nearby Hamble River for a few hours fishing. At some point his friends decided to pack up as it was cold. Dan stayed on. This wasn’t the last time that Dan was seen though. At 11.45pm a friend spoke to him in the village square, which is situated on the B3024 road, about 40 yards from St Andrew’s Church. This is some 600 yards from where Daniel had been fishing. He did not have his fishing tackle with him. There have been no confirmed sighting of Daniel since then.

Police are convinced Daniel drowned, however there are some problems with this baseless theory, among them:

  1. Daniel is an accomplished swimmer, an enthusiastic sea-scout, and he had also completed a life-saving course.
  2. Mysteriously, Daniel’s head lamp was discovered in a field about 1/2 mile from the water.
  3. Seven dive teams have scoured the waters, and numerous shoreline searches conducted, but to date… nothing.
  4. According to Daniel’s family, every person they know of, who has drowned in the river, has been found. Every one has been found in the river within 4 months. (At the time of writing, Daniel has been missing for nearly a year.)

A correspondent tells me that the tide on 1st January 2002 was 4.5 metres and that high tide occurred at 11.50pm -which is the time Daniel spoke to someone near the square in Hamble.

As I have indicated in previous reports, swans, that name, and their symbolism, are regularly associated with serious crimes against children and youngsters. It appears to be an occult signature (cygnet-ure). See the video of my talk at the October 2014 Probe International conference:

So often there seems to be new buildings associated with mysterious disappearances. The buildings are energetically compatible with the missing person in various ways. When Daniel vanished a (much troubled) new Air Traffic control facility had been completed nearby to Hamble, at Swanwick. It was not operational until 27th January 2002.

An alignment exists through:
Yaverland, Quarr Abbey (Isle of Wight), Warsash, Hamble, Southampton, Pewsey White Horse, West Kennet Long Barrow, Silbury Hill, Windmill Tump Long Barrow, Gloucester (Fred and Rose West), Much Markle (Fred and Rose West), Ledbury (Fred and Rose West), across Wales to Colwyn Bay.

Like Soham (Holly and Jessica) and Minley (Amanda Dowler), Hamble has a St Andrew’s Church.

Yet another alignment reveals itself with the disappearance of Dan Nolan. This ley runs straight through the site where Daniel vanished, and the two sites where Amanda Dowler’s, Holly Wells’ and Jessica Chapman’s remains were discovered. Their disappearances also run in chronological order. Daniel (1st January 2002 – New Year’s Day), Amanda Dowler (21st March 2002 – Spring Equinox), Holly and Jessica Chapman (4th August 2002 – Lughnasadh).

The Needles (IOW), http://www.uk-tourist-attractions.co.uk/Attractions/History/Hill_Forts/The_Needles_Old_Battery.cfm
Sconce Point (IOW), near to Yarmouth ‘Harbour office bugging shock
The Solent,
New Forest,
Bucklers Hard,
Beaulieu River, (pronounced Bewley) – Mentioned in linked article at the end of this page.
Southampton Water, (Further up the water is a place called St Denys -just like at Lakenheath)
HAMBLE/Royal Victoria Country Park (Daniel last seen in Hamble), (Disappeared 1st January 2002) Full Moon was December 30 10:41
Major Road Junction A3025/ A3024/ A27/ M27,
A334 Botley/Hedge End,
Durley Street/ Bishop’s Palace (Bishop’s Waltham), surrounded by a deer leap called the “Lug” (Lugh?)
The church here is St Peter’s (He of the crossed keys)
Hinton Ampner/ Kilmeston,
Across A272,
Battlefield 1644,
Roundabout (or is it a service area?)near Ropley Dean,
MINLEY (Where Amanda Dowler’s remains were found), (Abducted 21st March 2002 – Spring Equinox First Quarter Moon March 22 02:29)
Windsor (Associated regularly) -home of the lions and a Bowes-Lyon, seat of Lugh. See Suzie Lamplugh
RAF LAKENHEATH (Where Holly Wells’ and Jessica Chapman’s bodies were found, (Abducted 4th August – Lughnasadh – Last Quarter Moon was 1st August 10:24)

The line passes very close to Metton, where young April Fabb disappeared from. I don’t think she was ever found. If anyone has any information on April Fabb, please contact me.
Thereafter crosses the coast at Sheringham on the Northfolk coast.)

Yet another alignment involving significant sacred places runs from the oft mentioned Nab Rock and Tower (Isle of Wight) to Aberystwyth, Wales. On the way it crosses Stonehenge and The Severn Bridge, a notorious ‘suicide bridge’ near Bristol.


I travelled to Hamble one Sunday in early November, 2002. Arriving early on a drizzly, cold morning, one or two people wandered back and forth to the newsagents on the Square. This was likely the shop Dan had been to on the night he disappeared. As I walked down the High Street, which is known locally as ‘Cobbled Lane’, because it is narrow and surfaced in cobble stones, I located the spot where I could sense that Daniel had been taken from. (The feeling was very strong, so I have no doubt at all that this was the place.) It was also on a bend in the lane, about half way between the shop and the pier, where Dan had been fishing, and his gear had been discovered later.
I sensed that Daniel was walking back to the pier when he was approached by someone he knew in a blue car. Although Daniel didn’t know this person very well he accepted the offer of a lift back to the pier.
I feel Daniel was taken somewhere that night and later brought back to Hamble.
Details were passed on to the family of Dan Nolan.
The next day, remains were found down river at Warsash. Dan’s family held their breath, but it wasn’t him.

The search goes on….


31st May 2003

DNA analysis of a human foot found on a beach has proved it was that of a teenager missing for nearly two years, police said today.

The foot, belonging to 14-year-old Daniel Nolan, from Hamble in Hampshire, was discovered by a dog-walker in an area of beach known as Chapman’s Pool near Swanage, Dorset, on May 15.

Foot ‘belongs to missing boy’


*Note the ‘swan reference again – Swanage – Swan Age.


At the end of this same article the discovery of another young lad’s remains are mentioned:

Other remains.

Meanwhile, police are trying to identify the human remains of a young boy found on a beach at Warsash, Southampton, in February this year.

Forensic tests have proved these do not belong to Daniel.

A police spokeswoman said: “According to a leading forensic anthropologist, the bones have been assessed as those of a male youth aged between 14 and 16 years – approximately 5ft 9ins tall. Further expert evidence indicates that the youth would have come from the Hampshire, Dorset or Isle of Wight area.

“All the evidence gathered to date suggests that these bones do not belong to missing teenager Damien Nettles, who disappeared from the Isle of Wight in 1996. Damien’s family have also been informed of this latest development.”


Human remains are Daniel



 Part 2:

To please the gods

First published on my website, LDP, in 2003.

When some poor kid or other unfortunate is abducted and murdered I frequently wonder why it is that I seem to be able to see the occult aspects when other far more knowledgeable people than I don’t, or at least don’t say anything.
The discovery of a human foot at Chapman’s Pool is one such painfully suspicious example.

On May 15th 2003 a left foot inside 2 pairs of socks and a black DC training shoe was found at a place called Chapmans Pool, near Swanage in Dorset. For unknown reasons police did not connect the find to the missing teenager Daniel Nolan. They knew that these items formed part of Daniel’s dress when he vanished on 1st January 2002 (a significant date numerologically – 1-1-2-2 and connected to the 2012 Megaspell – which Heath was, I have no doubt, involved in).

Perhaps the police’s reticence was because there is virtually no chance that Daniel’s remains would ever turn up on this part of the coastline. Police have always believed that Daniel had simply fallen into the Hamble River. (1)

In my original article on Dan’s disappearance I outlined my doubts regarding the police line. I described the kind of environment that Daniel would be found in (Whether alive or dead.). This foot was found in just such a location. Although bearing in mind forensic examination has at this time (9th June) yet to confirm that the remains indeed belong to Daniel Nolan; the likelihood is strong. Upon the discovery of this foot at Chapman’s Pool, more occult factors have emerged.

Chapman’s Pool.
Holly Wells and Jessica ChapmanOn August 4th the same year, 2002 two little girls disappeared from a country town in Suffolk. Their disappearance, and discovery devastated and sickened people across the world. Whereas Daniel had disappeared on the holiday (Holy Day) of New Year’s Day (contrived Calendar), these youngsters vanished over the holy time of Lughnasadh (one of the ancient names given to this major solar festival date.) The two little girl’s names were Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells – Chapman Well = Chapman Pool (a well being a pool). (7) A valley and stream flowing into Chapman’s Pool is called Seven Wells Hollow. What seem to be Daniel’s remains were discovered at a place that matched the names of those two little Suffolk girls.

Seven Wells sounds very esoteric, and it is. It is yet another place with biblical connections. In Hebrew it is called Beer-sheba it seems. And a place of oaths and lambs. (Genesis 21)
It relates to the “seven seas” of our planet.
Many sacred sites claim to have 7 wells.

The number 7 and sanctification

There is something significant about the date 4th August. (see Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman or site search – not re-published yet.) Update: Four and August together are very significant.
I’ve been wondering what it could be. Why is it so important to the (personally I’m almost certain of it) occult agenda, besides its Lughnasadh implication? And it struck me whilst reading Michael Tsarion’s article ‘Astro-Theology‘ – I think it relates specifically to the passing of the Great Years, the Precession of the Equinoxes. (2)

4th August is the 216th day of our (contrived) solar calendar. Add something, anything of spiritual or cyclical significance (anything symbolised by the number 0, making 2160) and we have the exact number of days in a “Precessional Day” 2160 years. When Holly and Jessica disappeared on 4th August 2002 it was precisely a 2160 date. (4th August = 216 and 2002 is 22, the number of the circle – 2160). And a Precessional Day is also a Beastly Day, as author Michael Tsarion explains in ‘Astro-Theology’ on his superb website Taroscopes :

“A Precessional “day” is 2,160 years long. This is one degree every 72 years for a sign of 30 degrees. But the 2,160 was considered so sacred that its mystery was rarely mentioned to the uninitiated. Instead of it, the number 666 was used. (6x6x6 = 216.) ” ~ From the article Astro-Theology

4th August 4 – 8. The numerological value of ‘ring’ is 48. Ring, a cycle without end, but also a symbol of limitation, of binding. 4 – limitation, rules 8 – infinite cycles, law, binding. No wonder it is the feast day of St Perpetua.

After Ages of other beasts ram, bull, and fish we now enter the Age of Aquarius, the water carrier, the Age of Man. (10)

Throughout human history when Great Ages have passed sacrifices have been conducted. Although from our less-enlightened perspective 2160 years seems an awful long time. In real terms, in esoteric terms we are only talking about a blink. The Keepers, the Watchers, the Ill-uminati and the rest of them see it that way. It’s as if the last time were just yesterday. Their rituals worked for them then, so why would they change them today? Is this the reason for these spates of child murders and other mayhem? (2 Kings:16)
Is it all, to please the Gods? As horrible as it is we must investigate that possibility.

Daniel Nolan disappeared at the beginning of a New Year, during the sign of Capricorn. The Great Season of Aquarius has 3 Great ages Aquarius, Capricorn and Sagittarius. We seem to have now left the Age of Pisces. Daniel disappeared whilst fishing – Pisces. What may be his foot was found at Chapmans Pool Water (pool) Carrier (merchant Chapman) Water Carrier = Aquarius. http://ancientegypt.hypermart.net/royalarch/
A shepherd at close of Aries.(10) A fisherman at end of Pisces? (3)

Whether the foot was found on actual dry land I don’t know, but I don’t think that matters too much, it was found on or near the shore, which may indicate it was originally left at the shore. (It was found on rocks). A left foot on land is a theme we’ve heard of before. First it is a Protestant term applied to Roman Catholics (Daniel’s religion) – ‘left-footers’. And further:

 “And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud:* and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth, And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried, Seven Thunders uttered their voices.” Revelation 10:1-3

*A cloud is of course a water-carrier, as also may be a rainbow. A rain – bow is as well shaped like a letter C which is Hebrew Gimel -a camel, another water carrier. A Bow is actually Samekh in Hebrew which is ‘the law of the circle’, its equivalent is S or X. Also ‘Morning Cloud’ – the name of Heath’s boats.

(A part of the foot was mentioned as well in the original article on Daniel. I wrote concerning Daniel’s middle name:
“James, from the Hebrew name Jacob, possibly meaning ‘he grasps the heel’ or supplanter…” ) (7)

150px-RWS_Tarot_14_TemperanceA left foot on dry land and near water is a feature of the 14th Tarot card Temperance. Be alert whilst reading Michael Tsarion’s essay to just how many correspondences there are with Daniel Nolan’s disappearance. E.g. Daniel disappeared during Capricorn, aged 14. (4)

Notice too when studying the Tarot Temperance that there is a path to and from the sun. This is a solar energy ley line. Also notice how the figure has swan’s wings (in shadow) – Swan-Age? and on his breast the symbol of the septenary (triangle and square) 7. – seven wells perhaps.

Chapman’s Pool is near Swanage – Swan Age; which following the pattern has a St Mary’s church. Swans have an ancient and mysterious link to human histories, mythologies and religions.
One famous swan myth recounts the legend of Leda. An anagram of In Leda is Daniel.
Nolan means famous, warrior, ‘chariot fighter’.(6) Swans and chariots feature in the tale of Cygnus.
Cygnus is in the constellation of Aquarius, the water-carrier.
(As a note both Amanda and Sarah, as ‘loved one’ names are connected to Venus.)

Perhaps the most famous British chariot fighter was Queen Boadicea of the East Anglian Icenii (Where Holly and Jessica lived) during the Roman occupation of Britain.

Near Chapman’s Pool is a mansion called Scole’s Manor. Very close to where another Daniel, little Daniel Entwistle, disappeared from and on two associated alignments is the Suffolk town of Scole, where the famous Scole Experiment took place.

What may be Daniel Nolan’s foot was discovered on Maia (May Day), 15th May (15th or 16th May is Old Beltane before the calendar switched from the Julian to the Gregorian), 500 days after he disappeared. This was the day prior to the Beltane * Full moon (16th May 03:35am – in 2002 Old Beltane would be 16th May). The previous day would have been considered especially potent too. Very significantly this was also a Lunar Eclipse. (7)

*True Beltane is when the sun is at 15 degrees Taurus – which is generally 4th-5th May, and not 1st May, which is a Roman Catholic observance (it’s their calendar).

The recovered human remains were encased in a size 9 black DC trainer. D.C. is an abbreviation for ‘direct current’ energy flow. Black trainer black energy flow. Because it belonged to the left foot it suggests it is a secret message for a dark purpose. A foot is a clear symbol for a journey, a path, again a possible reference to an alignment or ‘ley line’; and possibly a first footing (or a last footing).

I think Chapman’s Pool is actually a bit of a give away. Chapman means merchant and can clearly be used as a secret code for an energy line. So all we have to do is line it up with other sites where murder victims have been found. So what do we find?

DC can easily be viewed as lunar symbolism for the crescents of virgin and crone moon.




(Note: These alignments provide only a brief description of their paths. The reader may wish to follow the lines themselves where they are sure to find sites of further significance.)

Daniel Nolan, Sarah Payne
Chapman Pool – Swanage – Hurst Castle – Cowes (Isle of Wight) – Havant – Pulborough (Sarah Payne abducted 1st July New Moon in perigee, also St John’s Day) – Royal Tunbridge Wells – Chilham – Canterbury – Broadstairs (Ted sarahpayne1Heath’s home town).

The occult implications of little Sarah’s disappearance and murder together with a knife attack on Whiting the man convicted of killing her on the same night as Holly and Jessica vanished; his transfer, his continued silence leave many people concerned that we have not got the full story.

daniellejonesDaniel Nolan, Danielle Jones
Chapman Pool – Swanage – Hamble – Petersfield – East Tilbury (Danielle Jones vanished 18th June, just prior to summer solstice).
Danielle’s uncle Stuart Campbell is jailed for Danielle’s murder. To date (9th June 2003) her body has not been found.

Daniel Nolan, Daniel Entwistle
danielentwistleChapman Pool – Southampton – Fleet – Bishops Stortford – Clare – Scole – Chedgrave – Great Yarmouth
On Sunday 4th May 2003 (Beltane Eve in 2003) little Daniel Entwistle goes missing from Great Yarmouth (Great Yare-mouth – Great Year Mouth, or Opening of the Great Year – another New Year’s Day perhaps?)

Daniel Nolan, Amanda Dowler, Daniel Entwistle
An alignment links all three children, from Daniel Nolan on the South coast to Daniel Entwistle on the East coast. Two Daniels.
amanda_dowlerIn between, and on the line, we have at least one other child, Amanda (Also bearing a DA) Dowler. The alignment begins from the Needles (again), West of The Isle of Wight, moves through a place called Eye in Suffolk. Eye is on the river Dove, a Moon and Venusian symbol, Columba (9th June). All three children disappeared on significant dates and in boy-girl-boy and chronological order. The alignment: The Needles – Hamble (Daniel Nolan) – Walton-on-Thames (Amanda Dowler) – Waltham Abbey – Long Melford – Eye – Bungay – Belton (see below) – Great Yarmouth.

On my 8th May 2003 Headlines page I posted this alert:

I am very concerned for little Daniel (Entwistle). Without going into my ideas about why and whom again I’ll just point out that Daniel vanished on the eve of Beltane 3th May). The area around Great Yarmouth is steeped in Beltane symbolism, occult religious cults and orders, as well as St John’s and St Mary’s. There is one place called Maypole Green, another called Moulton St Mary and another called Belton. Belton is an acknowledged ancient Beltane Ritual site. Significantly this area is on the world famous ‘Michael and Mary Line‘ connecting St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall through a host of major ancient sites including Glastonbury and Avebury. At Beltane this alignment marks the precise path of sunrise.
Daniel means ‘God has judged’ (The Sun has decided its course.) – Law.
Entwistle – En -twistle: ‘En’ means put into, become, cause to have, within, make, cause to be, Master or Lord.
‘twistle’ means ‘land in the fork of a river’ (between two rivers even – that’s what Mesopotamia means.
This alert has been tendered to assist people who are searching for little Daniel. There is still a chance that he is alive.
I think he still is. (8th May 2003)
Please take note of any suspicious activity anywhere along this alignment.
Let’s all pray that little Dan comes home to his mum, dad and brothers safe and well, and very soon.


A bell (bel), like the swan, is a secret signet (cygnet), signature, I’ve found in my research.

And on 14th May I posted this:

Little Daniel Entwistle’s name (Daniel -Law and Entwistle – in between two rivers) seems alarmingly close to a codified description of Mesopotania (Sumer – Iraq) there may be clues to Daniel’s possible whereabouts here.
If this is a kidnapping, it occured in a Solar stronghold and during a solar festival. This possibly suggests that Daniel is now in a place with Lunar connections through name symbology, history, landscape for example.


I have an unconfirmed yet quite strong inkling that a woman (possibly dark-haired and unbalanced) and a silver Ford Focus are involved. I also feel that Daniel is to be found south of where he was last seen. This is psychic information.
Norfolk Police’ excellent page on little Daniel Entwistle

On 25th May police alerted the public to a couple who had absconded. The man has a history of abduction, and the woman one of child murder. They were last known to be driving a silver Ford.
Police hunt for child-killer
Whether this couple had anything to do with Daniel’s disappearance I don’t know, but I did alert Norfolk police.

Daniel Nolan, Amanda Dowler, Daniel Entwistle, Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman.
Chapman Pool – Bournemouth – Basingstoke – flows just north of Yateley Heath (where Amanda Dowler was discovered. She vanished Spring Equinox, discovered Autumn Equinox) – (through the heart of the Buckinghamshire Black Spot – St Paul’s Walden (Where the QM was born August 4th 1900) – Royston (where this alignment crosses the powerful Michael and Mary Line (Daniel Entwistle – vanished Beltane) – Cambridge – Lakenheath (Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman) – Cromer

Now these are a strong set of alignments, don’t you think?

There do seem to be quite a few Daniel’s and Danielle’s who have fallen prey over the last few years. The name means ‘law giver’ and is associated with lions too. Daniel Nolan disappeared (and has possibly been discovered) at the southern end of an alignment whilst Daniel Entwistle vanished from the north-eastern end. Little Daniel Entwistle is still missing. Also Daniel Nolan and Danielle Jones are on yet another alignment.
“There are two law-givers in the zodiac, Regulus (Leo the lion) and Kefus, the Law of Aquarius.” Alice Bailey.

Coincidentally? Whilst I was writing this (9th June 2003, St Columba’s Day) two headlines have come in. One describing how Sarah Payne’s parents and police visited Whiting in jail to find out what had happened to Sarah. He refused to talk.
Whiting refuses to talk
Whiting silent over Sarah’s death

And another big story relates how Ian Huntley, charged with murdering Holly wells and Jessica Chapman is dangerously ill in hospital following an overdose.
Huntley Ill In hospital


1) When Dan went fishing that night he was wearing 2 pairs of socks and a pair of black DC trainers, along with 2 pairs of trousers, boxer shorts, a T. shirt, a fleece and his sailing jacket, a woolly hat and his lamp.

“If Dan did drift in the sea to Swanage , I don’t know how, as he would have been going against the tide all way. According to the oceanologists at Southampton University the tide could have took him out the Hamble to Southampton water, the chance of that happening was slim. Once in Southampton Water the tide would have took him up to the docks area, they have been searched regularly since Dan’s disappearance. We are told there was virtually no chance of the body having drifted out into the Solent, and if he had he would have drifted up off Lee on Solent as that is the way the tide runs. I can’t see how if this is Dan that he has come to shore in Swanage. I think the only way is foul play which the police are now looking into, or the unlikely event that a dredger working the Hamble River took some of his remains and dumped them off The Needles, even then they would have had to go against the tide to reach Swanage . There is no other explanation other than his being dumped into the sea after being abducted, which would be an obvious place to dump the body with the police continually saying he drowned.”

From a letter 2nd June.

2) This is something I find peculiar: El-izabeth the Queen Mother was born on the 216th day of the year (4th August 1900 – inaugural year of the century – 0, making 2160 ). The ‘natural year begins at Samhain (October 31st to November 7-8 approx. The QM’s daughter Queen El-izabeth II was born on the 21st of the 6th month of this natural year (21st April 1926). Another 216 and 2160 (because 1926 = 9 – another number for a circle. In the same vein even the numbers of 1926 re-arranged make 2160). Maybe it’s just me.

3) Daniel disappeared during Capricorn -the goat, also the unicorn and Holly and Jessica vanished during Leo – the lion. The Lion and the Unicorn

When Amanda Dowler was last seen (21st March) the Sun had completed a zodiac wheel and was about to begin moving (leaving) Pisces – the fish and entering Aries. A Gemini moon, exactly square Mercury (very strong) in Pisces. Pisces – Daniel Gemini – Holly and Jessica -I wonder, is there a clue in there?. Any astrologers out there?

The following two notes were added on 12th June:

4) You will have read in my first article on Daniel Nolan the prolific connection Dan has to the number 5.
Notice the crossed-keys at the bottom of this card.Temperance, the 14th card of the Tarot. 14 = 1+ 4 = 5 The 5th card of the Tarot is the Hierophant. I wonder does this reveal any clues? As a person the Heirophant represents authority figures including teachers, counsellors, secret societies or clergy (also anything connected to St Peter – for example fishermen, sailors etc). Frequently there is some sort of religious element to them or their work. Sometimes it can mean a person bearing a name related to one of these professions. The Hierophant – again thanks to Michael Tsarion.

5) The find of the foot occured on 15th May 2003. The 15th day of the 5th month in a 5 year (2003 adds to 5) – 500 days after Daniel vanished – more number 5 connections! For reasons I won’t go into here because it will be discussed in my forthcomng book -if I can get a publisher that is – this date is intriguing. I am not saying who ever found the foot was involved but I am saying that the situation was set up for the foot to be found on this day. It was inspired by an unseen force. 500 days after Dan disappeared. 500 is the letter Kaph in Hebrew, which means ‘ Palm of the hand; Holds what we receive.) I see the hand of God here! 15th May 2003 is yet again a 16 date – sudden events leading to spiritual understanding through trauma and tragedy. Further, it is a 5 month and year – so yet again the number 5 is connected to Dan’s disappearance and the finding of his left foot.
Number 16 is involved throughout these investigations.

220px-RWS_Tarot_07_Chariot6) Chapman’s Pool is a 7 numerologically. The 7th card of the Tarot is the Chariot – M. Tsarions article on The Chariot.
You will recall how the name Nolan means ‘Chariot fighter’ And very significantly, as Michael Tsarion says, the Chariot’s message is, ‘Like water I came and like wind I go…’ In other words it comes in with water and goes out with air (wind).- Pisces to Aquarius. Swanage is also a 7, numerologically.
220px-RWS_Tarot_16_Tower(Chapman was the name of one of ‘Jack the Ripper’s’ victims too, Annie Chapman; and oddly enough it is known that the ‘Ripper’ washed his hands in a street sink in Dorset Street, Whitechapel.)
Jack the Ripper

It is also a 16, which is the Tarot Tower ~ Michael Tsarion’s article on The Tower


7) Thanks to Michael for alerting me to this information regarding the day the foot was discovered: “May 15th is the supreme meeting day for the masters of the Illuminati, they call it the Mercuralia…as is shown in the recent movie Tomb-raider…V I V (515)…the day the Matrix came out???”

From http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercury_(god)
“Mercury is a Roman god, also known as the Roman god of trade, profit and commerce. His name is apparently derived from the Latin merx or mercator, a merchant.”

The wing-heeled (fleet-footed) God Mercury, is frequently associated with the Tarot Chariot -see above. and he is as well associated with Wodan, consort of The Edda’s Great Serpent Goddess El.

In numerology Mercury is associated with the number 5.
Hermes (Greek version of Mercury) was the son of Maia (May) and Zeus.

8) Danielle van Dam. Curiously, according to San Diego County Medical Examiner Brian D. Blackbourne, little
Danielle van Dam was missing her left foot. Whilst only Daniel’s left foot was discovered.
http://users3.ev1.net/~2ntense/Trial%20Blackbourne.htm see note 11

The following note was added 19th June 2003
150px-Cups139) Another Tarot card with startling symbolic resonance with the finding of a foot at Chapman’s Pool is the Queen of Cups. This card shows a Queen sitting upon a black, shell topped (dark sun) stone throne and on the sea shore. (A fossilised shell – the location is famed for its abundant fossils. Let’s hope that any shells and fossils -especially of scallop type – near the find were noted) Her left foot is hidden or missing. Her right foot and red-lined blue and white gown rest upon pebbles (rocks) by the shell throne.tarotQCupsnoleftfoot The shell design at the top of her throne is flanked by a male and female mer-child. At the base of her throne, on the left is another mer-child holding a fish. (Daniel Nolan was fishing when he disappeared.) Behind her are sea cliffs. The landscape is a remarkable likeness to the Chapman’s Pool area. In the bottom of the scene is a piece of seaweed looking remarkablytarotQCupsface like an old time sailor -or pirate. The Queen is The Great Mother Isis, also Danu (Danu-el) who stares intently into her golden, dark angel adorned chalice (or water carrier) – or funeral urne . This again is Aquarius – the water carrier. Yet it is more than that; it shows the passage from water (the fish and fish man-Pisces) to air (the mind -Aquarius). It seems to me that Aquarius is related in some way to the musical Air, harmony. Aquarius – Aqua – aria perhaps? This would very much align with numerology.

Numerologically we have entered the millennium of 2, the second millennium (inaugural, first then second). Number 2 relates to the moon, the Moon Goddess, harmony, reflection but can also be dual natured and dispassionate.
The number of the Hebrew letter Nun (fish) is 50 – another 5 – and is our letter N. The initial letters of Daniel Nolan – D.N. mean doorway and fish (carried by – and submerged in – water – relates to spiritual growth and esoteric teachings). D is Daleth – door, the cosmic womb (Great Mother Danu – el). Daniel’s middle name is James older brother of Revelations John, both were fishermen. Close inspection of the Queen of Cups suggests that the cherub or mer-child with the fish is entering from another dimension or time through a portal – doorway. Or does it wave goodbye?

The deeper one goes with this the more some child abductions and murders (even the WTC attacks et al) seem to relate to the Precession of the Equinoxes and specifically to the doorway into Aquarius. Queen of Cups.
Description of Queen of Cups from Michael Tsarion’s website

This note was added 22nd/23rd June 2003

10) Excerpt from R. Lewis’ marvellous book, ‘The Thirteenth Stone’ page 556:

“The principle in cabalistic numerology is that like explains like. In Hebrew, ‘shepherd’ has the number value 275. A square with such sides has a perimeter (4×275) of 1100. The biblical Greek for stone totals 110. If 275 were the diameter of a circle, the circumference would be 864, and 864,000 miles is the diameter of the sun. If this perimeter is then turned into a square, each side would be 216, and the diameter of the moon is 2160 miles.”

In this paragraph, Lewis has, for me, delivered stunning confirmation of the importance of August 4, the 216th day of the year. Its codified alliance to the Precessions and its undeniable links to the Moon; a heavenly body whose symbolism, persists throughout the crimes investigated on this site.

The following easily add to 216 and 2160 through symbology:

August 4th 1962 – Marilyn Monroe murdered. Her names Marilyn Monroe both derive from luna. Her initials M.M., having a value of 26 link it to our own alphabet which itself is established according to Precessions and astrological calculations. (and doubled give us the number of weeks in a year – 52.) Also 26 is two lunar years (52 is 4 lunar years). Monroe was sacrificed in 1962 – adds to 18 -the Tarot Moon.

August 4th -2002, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman snatched from Soham. Their bodies were found in a ditch (water -carrier) near Lakenheath Air base 13 days (lunar number) later, at a place called The Carr. Note this is still August and 4 (13 adds to 4). The suspects, Huntley and Carr met in a fish factory. Holly’s dad works as a window-cleaner (water-carrier).

August 4th 2000 – The Queen Mother’s 100th birthday. 33? days after Sarah Payne’s murder. Sarah was found partially covered (in air) in a ditch (water-carrier) near Pulborough. Roy Whiting (Whiting is a fish – his banger-racing nickname was, “The Flying Fish” ) convicted of Sarah’s murder lived in a flat at 6 St Augustine Road. (The remaining letters St ine = 4) – August 4. Again a too tidy connection with Pisces (fish) and Aquarius (water-carrier and Air sign); but there’s more:
The full address 6 Augustine Road, Littlehampton equals 365 – the number of days in a year – a cycle. We remember, don’t we that Whiting was knifed in prison on 4th August 2002, the same day that Holly and Jessica were abducted. All of this brutal atrocity was enacted in West Sussex – West = 4 and Sussex = 8 (or 4th August – 8th month).

Is August 4 a pivotal date? Or was it just a sign post to something much more? Such as the connections via other dates and circumstances (as above with West Sussex, for example.). August 13, August 31, April 8 (reversed 4 and 8), October 4 (Octo = 8),13 and 31. Then, depending on the year we could look at the 216th day after Samhain. And surprise, surprise this is 9th June (+ or -), St. Columba’s Day. (True Samhain is 7th November + or -): This date is connected to lunar symbolism in many ways. (e.g 9 is a lunar number, Columba = Dove = Moon) We might also be looking for dates of signifant lunar interest – moon phases etc – close to this date. In Perth Jane Rimmer disappeared from Claremont on this date. One of three? victims of the so-called Claremont serial killer who had connections to Iona School, named after St Columba’s old haunt, Iona Island and monastery; itself named after the moon and a Lunar Goddess. Sarah Spiers disappeared from Claremont on 27/28th January (Aquarius) in the same year. This was 216 days prior to August 31st. Ciara Glennon, the last suspected victim vanished 216 days after August 13th, on March 15th (Pisces)

August 31 (3+1 = 4):

August 31 1997- Diana is sacrificed in a Grand Luna rite in Paris. The Pont d’Alma bridge over the River Seine (and the tunnel beside it) is a water-carrier. A seine is a fish net. Water – carriers, moon and fish again. Sarah Payne disappeared on what would have been Diana’s birthday, 1st July.

August 31 1888 – Jack the Ripper’s first victim, Mary Ann Nichols discovered. The second victim was
Annie Chapman. The names Mary and Ann have lunar associations – St Ann, mother of St Mary, Anu etc etc.


This proposal may also bring some other unsolved murders into consideration including:
April Fabb – April 8 1969 (8 and 4)
Headless woman at Cockley Cley – 27th August 1974 (date of murder unknown)
Pamela Exall: 30th August 1974 (disappeared night of)
Genette Tate – Vanished 19th August 1978

The Queen Mother, who was born in St Paul’s Walden is reported to have died on 30th March 2002. This was 216 days before Samhain 2002.
Amanda Dowler – Amanda was taken 9 days prior to the QM’s reported death, on 21st March 2002 – the Spring Equinox. Her remains were discovered for the Autumn Equinox. DNA associated with Milly was discovered in a St Paul’s church. When? -Samhain 2002 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/2709679.stm – Which makes this bit of recent news even more interesting here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/3007854.stm

150px-Cups12World Trade Centre – 11th September 2001 – The 216 is revealed here with the 2 Towers (16 being the number of the struck Tarot ‘Tower’. 11th September is 39 days after 4th August. the 39th card of the Tarot is the Knight of Cups (another water carrier)
The Tolkein film of the same name opened 216 days after May 15 (see above note 7) on 18th December 2002 (a 16 – Tower date) for the Saturnalia and Yule. (The film premièred in London on 11th December 1+1 = 2 – 12 (1+2 -December) – 2002 = 2 + 1 + 6 (3×2) -216.

Other dates are 21st June (216). The Solstice, Diana’s son, Prince William’s Birthday and the launch date for JK Rowling’s ‘ Order of the Phoenix’ when millions of people had their energy taken at exactly the same moment (What was that for?);and 21st April (216 by November, Samhain new year month) Queen Elizabeth’s birthday (1926).
Might have guessed (28th June)…”The Egyptians, like the Greeks and Vedic astrologers, had Aquarius apart from being Ptah (the water bearer), as the Phoenix. And the Phoenix has the same hieroglyph as the Pyramid, and Sirius. In that sense we could say that this cross is doubled up as a double cross, in that we are entering the age of the Phoenix, which is Sirius, by a 90¡ cross.” Astrology – Ptolemy

So the Great Mother (the QM), her daughter, the Queen and her great-grandson are all born on dates that codify the equinox. Strange that! All have 7 names numerologically – Elizabeth, Elizabeth and William (as has Harry)…and 6s Numerosymbolicaly (666)
I was born to be king, says Prince William

And then let’s not forget about all the bodies discovered in rivers and canals -water-carriers and associated with fish all.

11) Daniel van Dam was discovered 216 nights after American Independence Day – July 4.

Added 28th June
12) The body areas appropriate to Aquarius are Eye retina, calves and ankles, body electricity, and blood. For Pisces 150px-RWS_Tarot_17_Star150px-Swords14they are the Feet, toes, lymph glands and sweat glands. The specific cards for Aquarius are The Star, card 17 (1+7=8) and the King of Swords. We have already seen how number 8 is the numerological value of both Pisces and Aquarius. Number 8 is concerned with Law, cycles and organisation(s). The Star card features a woman kneeling on her left leg, her left foot rests upon a rock-like object. She balances her right foot upon the surface of the pool (water-carrier). Her right leg is bent at 90 degrees. She carries two pitchers (water-carriers) which she pours simultaneously upon the land and the water. Over her left shoulder is Thoth’s bird – the Ibis, and above her 7 white 8-pointed stars and one giant yellow 8-pointed Star. The Great star is Sirius and the 7 stars seem to be The Seven Sisters, The Pleiades.

Please also see The Sons of Maat

It now seems apparent that the message I received at St Nectan’s Glen regarding 4th August was to attune me to this striking information. And now I don’t think it was so much the actual date of 4th August that is important but what it represents. It’s code, and as you can see above specifically relates to Precessions and the moon. Code for who? And created by what or who? Surely anyone can now see that there is something very serious going on here, more serious even than we initially thought. I can understand nuts and bolts people being sceptical when there are one or two what they call ‘coincidences’. But this many? Please see Two Towers for much more on this.

Certainly we should be going through other serious crimes and looking to see how or if the number 216 applies. Road numbers, dates, times, names, initials, addresses, car numbers, geography -all are possible subjects of scrutiny. 2003, this year, numerologically describes Aquarius and the movement from Pisces itself. 2 is a water number (and a lunar number). 3 is an air number. 2 + 3 = 5. 5 is the messenger -the carrier. The zeros represent cycles and 8s, movement from one cycle to another. Pisces has a value of 8 – two zeros joined. Aquarius is also worth 8.


Ellis Taylor
9th June 2003


Other links of interest:
Daniel Nolan is missing
Michael Tsarion is the author of ‘Atlantis – Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation’
Carol Everett Intuitive Police Investigations
More (a lot more) on the Precession etc
Why Negative Forces Often Respect Freewill
Keys of the Warlock
Eyes wide shut
Anus Horribilis – Terrifying Old Woman
The Illusions of Conclusions
Earth – a planet of contradiction and confusion
Positive Prayer for a Free Spirit
St Nectan’s Glen

More relevant articles can be located in Alternative Investigations
Miscellaneous articles

A forensic scientist has dated the bones found at Solent Breezes a few months ago and concluded that they belong to a 14 to 16-year-old boy. They add that the bones have been in the water from 1.1 year to 1.6 year.
Whether this examination included an examination of the foot is not clear to me.
Apparently no DNA can be retrieved from the Solent Breezes bones or the foot.
Police now say they are going to hand the case over to the coroner.so that he can rule whether the bones and foot can be classed as “Dan that fell in the river.”
In my view it is glaringly obvious that the foot does belong to Daniel Nolan. If this is the case then how come it ended up at a place that fits the above circumstances so tightly? And how on Earth did it get there?
It is vital that this case is not thrown in the ‘too hard’ basket. As I have shown this is not just an isolated incident, it involves and links so many other abductions, missing people and murders too. Police must continue their investigations into young Dan’s disappearance, this could be the case that exposes the real truth of what is going on.


Daniels, Sarahs, Danielles, Holly’s, Jessicas, Amandas and all the other little kids whose dreams were snuffed out by monsters deserve more than this. As you gaze at your little ones whilst they play happily, or sleep peacefully just take a moment to think what it’s like for the parents and loved ones of those who have gone. And ask yourself what did you do to prevent this from happening. Too long we’ve stood by and ignored what stares us maliciously in the face and we turn away, and we rely on people we’ve never met, never known, to care for our kids welfare.


I got an email the other day from someone who said they were connected to Rachel Manning. Rachel Manning was brutally murdered under alarmingly suspicious circumstances and two people are imprisoned on the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence. I wrote an article on it all. This person insisted that I take it down.

Take it down?

These articles should be stuck through every letter box and posted on every board. The person who wrote to me was so alarmingly uninformed they had convinced themselves that I am the enemy. If the two guys in prison for her murder are guilty then they committed the crime using an awful lot of occult awareness. Did they have that? What do you reckon?

People are entitled to be informed when aspects of crimes do not fit the story they are being sold. Too many crimes investigations continue to whither unsolved. Too many innocent people are languishing in prisons whilst the real perpetrators swan about or lurk in the shadows waiting for their next opportunity to cause devastation in a loving family’s life. And I should take my articles down?

No chance! Not a hope in hell!


And finally a word from someone, a person who lives with the pain and despair of losing a loved one every day of her life:

“What else can we do? I am at a loss. I feel like I am being swallowed up in a big black hole. I can’t think what to do next. XXX deserved more than this.”

Ellis Taylor
11th June 2003


The two men charged, convicted and imprisoned for Rachel Manning’s murder were eventually freed, their sentences quashed. Another man, Shahidul Ahmed, was sentenced to 17 years for Rachel’s murder.

The judge said, “You snuffed all that out, driven by the same demon that led you, in 2010, to carry out a sex assault.”


Which about sums up where I am now, after all these years and otherworld encounters, with my views of who the true perpetrators behind these cruel and savage atrocities are. It’s all malign influences, demons, from other dimensions that have infiltrated and infested the human world. Their ways in are manifold, including rituals (intended, incomplete and inaccurate), trauma, drugs, pornography and disruptive technology. Some sectors of society are, taking these potential ingresses into account, more susceptible to demonic attention but this does not mean that certain groups and societies etc have any malign intent themselves. – Ellis August 2015


Huntley back in jail
June 11 Sky News – Soham murder suspect, Ian Huntley, is back in prison after taking a drugs overdose (and succumbing to a one day coma). All very strange.
Mystery Milly DNA link rejected – rejected is actually the wrong word. More like too hard. But the BBC article appeared 2 days before this one. Hopefully the above information will encourage other avenues for police investigations.

Strange things do go on in Dorset. For example:
Top Tory aide is king of the urban swingers
“Fever parties are held every few months, mainly in smart areas of London, although the organisation has recently expanded operations to Manchester and has held an event in an 18th-century mansion in Dorset. The most recent party was in March and the next is on July 26 in a London town house.”
Where in Dorset, I wonder?

Here’s an appaling case from Mississippi replete with Precessional detail.
4th August 1964: Three civil rights activists found dead
“Mississippi Burning” Trial

A list detailing how the number 216 links to serious crimes – a must read
Two Towers

14th September 2003
Police Forensics: The foot belongs to Daniel.

I have just received word from Hamble that the foot washed up at Chapman’s Pool near Swanage definitely belonged to young Daniel Nolan. Police are working with tide charts etc to discover where Daniel went into the water and also to calculate when he died. As his foot was in relatively good condition it seems unlikely that the original police speculation that he fell into the River Hamble 17 months previously was correct.
Whilst searching for Dan the remains of two other boys have been found. There are many unanswered questions.
Dan’s devastated family now know that he is not coming home again. In time Dan’s remains will be scattered in his beloved Hamble River.
My heart goes out to Dan’s family and friends who have persevered relentlessly to find out what has happened to him. Police efforts which were unimpressive in the beginning improved considerably I am told. What a shame that prejudice got in the way of professionalism. There are big lessons in that.
God bless you Dan and your wonderful family and friends.
There will be a press conference tomorrow (Monday 15th September).


And now, what moved me to repost these articles. An article that was linked from Philosophers Stone about child abuse and murders connected to boats and water.

As you might know I’ve been banging on for years about this myself. Too many children vanish from harbour areas and locations nearby. Daniel Nolan is one of them. His family, the family of Damien Nettles, Daniel Entwistle, as well…so, so many more, still grieve, still need to know what has happened to their children. The world may move on but they can’t. Please don’t forget them.

The spotlight is piercing the dark and rancid corners. The inhuman cover-ups of paedophilia and murder by the privileged pit-bound few are being exposed and, at last realised by the trusting public; but we need to ask how the like of Whiting and Hamilton, with previous sentences or strange circumventions were allowed to be on the loose in the first place. Free to go about their demonic passions. Are people like Whiting and Huntley allowed to go free to be used as convenient dupes? Valid questions still linger regarding numerous crimes and convictions.


Anyway here is the post that I found on Philosophers Stone:

This post is to highlight the abuse of children and its connection to boats, yachts, ships, narrow boats and sometimes water related activities.

Abuse happens on various types of boats from narrowboats used as houseboats on canals to sea going yachts. Boats of course have advantages for abusers. They can be a venue for abuse with the captain having almost absolute power over his crew.

Boats are also means of transport – which can be used for carriage of pornographic books, tapes, images or even children and boats can cross more easily across borders without going through customs.

Boats are away from immediate interference of police, or authorities. Indeed it is often confusing which authorities even have jurisdiction if any or supervisory capacity over children. International waters,  children from several countries,  holidays in a private capacity are complicating factors.  In the Azimuth Trust case the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Social Services Inspectorate had to be called upon, whereas it would normally be a local authority or Child Protection Authority.

Boats can also be a means of dispose of bodies of victims.
Boats and Child Abuse


Richie Allan interviews Wall Street investigative journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman, “Jersey Witnesses Who Say Kids Disappeared From Ted Heaths Yacht Are Credible!”


One thought on “What happened to Daniel Nolan? The official theory doesn’t wash.

  1. Hello Ellis. I hope you are well? Such an enormous amount of research done by you on all these apparently ‘water born’ missing children over the years. Their families will never recover will they. So many related circumstances I never knew. Your research throws up so many further questions doesn’t it? Love Di x


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