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tv_mind_control230x224Have you ever overheard an intense or heart-wrenching discussion only to find out the talkers were actually hashing out the lives of fictional TV characters? Do you ever wonder why people are so easily beguiled into trusting the talking heads?

It might not be such a mystery when you find out how easy it is for TV programming – the waves it emits, the storytelling – to override basic brain function and even damage your body.
How TV Affects Your Brain Chemistry for the Worst

Originally aired in 1989 as a follow up to the original story a week earlier by Australian 60 minutes journalist Ian Leslie.


Survivor’s testimonies on this website are filed in ‘Alternative Investigations‘, under the ‘Articles‘ tab.


Dr Reina Michaelson holds a PhD in psychology. For her community work in combatting child sexual abuse she was awarded a Young Victorian of the Year Award in 1996 and a Young Australian of the Year Award in 1997 . Her Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program won the Australian Institute of Criminology’s Violence Prevention Award in 1998 and the National Child Abuse Prevention Award for Innovation from the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services in 2001. In the same year, her doctoral research was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Medal for Excellence in Research by Victoria University. Clearly she’s an expert in her field and a credible source.
persistent rumours

The document referred to in the above post is here


ikea-founders-youngest-son-is-taking-over-as-ceoI came across a new story that gives me a lot more hope. The Living Wage Foundation, see: http://www.livingwage.org.uk/, has been petitioning all major UK employers to boost their employees pay voluntarily to a level above the current national minimum wage. Tesco have predictably umed-and-ahed before refusing, while Ikea have agreed. They’ve also done the same in their stores in other countries. The theory behind the living wage is not just charity for workers; a wealthier population will have more money to spend on items, like those sold at Ikea, so boosting the pay of your employees is good business and good for the economy, see: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/jul/20/ikea-adopts-living-wage-uk-staff?. Unfortunately no other major employers have yet followed Ikea’s initiative. They would rather pay their workers as little as possible in order to maximise immediate short-term profits.
A Living Wage at Ikea

Well good on Icke’s ear. No wonder Ben felt warm and fuzzy about them even before this. (Just joking mate.) – Ellis

Earth Avalon



mermaid230x285When people see strange things they rave to friends, family and (sometimes) newspapers. When they see strange things that reveal themselves to be something utterly pedestrian, the marvel is quickly forgotten. This is, in some ways, a shame as accounts of misperception probably bring us closer to the enigmas of the world than hours and hours of conversation about the fourth and fifth dimensions. The following account was offered by a Welsh writer (obit 1962) whose childhood spanned the years just before the First World War in rural Pembrokeshire. It is a very rare book, so rare that it has taken Beach about six months to track it down: and this particularly passage was a welcome bonus.
A Welsh Mermaid and the Bastard with the Binoculars

Well, from my point of view I’m mystified why the possibility that the mermaid, knowing she was being watched, may have shapeshifted into a common and expected creature is not considered. It happens. – Ellis


foundlingbeach230x153We recently offered a post on the names given to bastard children. Here is a related and far nicer post on the names given to foundlings, who seem to have been treated, perhaps strangely, with rather more respect by society. Today, if an anonymous individual turns up, he is, in the US, referred to as John (or for a woman Jane) Doe. In Britain, at least in the seventeenth century, there was the tradition of using the place in which a baby was found for the surname: the Christian name was usually taken from a godparent. These few examples give some flavor and appeared in the London Parish of All-Hallows, Barking in London and are taken from Bardsey (1897):
Foundling Names

Tis, I expect, to do with the Bradbury Pound, Beach. – Ellis



Today’s Totem animal is RAVEN. Raven is also one of my personal power animals.
Totem Animal for the Day

Mine too Matthew.



WTC 7 Mid collapse. Killing Auntie FilmsIn a message from www.reinvestigate911.org:
This September as part of the 14th anniversary of 9/11, Killing Auntie Films plans to screen a new feature length film on 9/11 in London.
British film maker Tony Rooke’s ‘INCONTROVERTIBLE’ is the first crowd-funded project to feature original interviews with police officers, firefighters, and politicians, who ALL voice their grave concerns over the so called official version of events of 14 years ago. Never before have we seen police officers, judges, and even presidential candidates speak so candidly about their doubts and scepticism surrounding the official narrative of 9/11.

incontrovertible: 9/11 Truth vs.The BBC Court Case
A new documentary by Tony Rooke and Killing Auntie Films: Contact killingauntiefilms@hotmail.com



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