Jerm Warfare Newsletter: 26th July 2021

Jerm’s War Reports are so good that I asked him for permission to repost this on my blog.
– Ellis

Republished with permission.

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Dear angry folks…

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Who is the white-haired Teacher from the Midlands of England?

Lewis da Costa mentions him, not by name, in his book, The Thirteenth Stone; he told me that he was pretty certain who he is though…and shared his name with me…and I with a few others – one friend had an idea who it was themselves.

I think you might be able to guess yourselves now.

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March – April 2020 Part 1 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…

WELCOME to PART TWO of the March & April 2020’s edition of Howlin’ at the Moon. Updated every day, if possible.
(Chronologically, the posts for each page begin at the bottom of the page):


This is one of a multitude of attempted anti-nature, anti-human terrorist sneak-throughs by the Dark State using the covera- vi-ruse. Please stay alert and do what you can to stop HS2.

*** The hearing is today – 3rd April 2020

Mr Packham, who is represented by law firm Leigh Day, has applied for the injunction to ensure that irreplaceable ancient woodlands are not destroyed before the lawfulness of the government’s decision to go ahead with HS2 can be determined by the courts. 
HS2 urgent interim injunction application to be heard by the High Court


ReThink HS2

Time is of the essence so let’s get as many people as possible sending messages to the party leaders.
Please help spread the word by sending this link to your friends and sharing now on Twitter and Facebook.


Personally I think this shiny-trousered wet dream should be cancelled altogether and everyone who has had anything to do with promoting it be made to move from wherever they are and made to cough up what this insane and murderous scheme has cost so far and use the money for causes that are genuinely beneficial to these Isles.
– Ellis



Phoenix Probe International is CANCELLED



The corporate media is shown to be AWOL, terrorising and untrustworthy. Are they, the W.H.O, governments of the world and other corporate stooges now completely possessed by an alien force?


V = 22


1984 = 10 + 12 = 22


Read, watch and hear what trustworthy physicians and scientists, inspired educators, canaries, professional and citizen journalist have to say and expose in the links on this page.


In this edition:

NYC death surpassing 9/11. COVID19 is like nothing we have seen before…..
More good news? Citizen reporters go & do what the media won’t!…..
More on the vi-ruse – from Germany: Doctors & other medical professionals say data is being deliberately falsified…..
Biggest Deception On The Whole World EndGame Plan…..
How Much Do You Know About Vaccination?…..
Compulsory Vaccination…..
Ancient bones reveal Irish are not Celts after all…..
The Coronavirus Plandemic is 100% Media Driven Bullshit…..
There’s powerful evidence this Great Panic is foolish, yet our freedom is still broken and our economy crippled…..
Italy becoming impatient with lockdown – and social unrest is brewing…..
Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News…..

More on the corona vi-ruse – an expose from a health care professional…..
Have the Annunaki ALREADY Returned?…..
Three Spacemen Offer Advice on Staying Sane in the Face of Pandemic-Based Isolation…..
Cymroglyphics 01 – Overview…..

Dicken (Of Mr Big) & Paul Gibbons…live warehouse oxford…”NOT FOR GLORY”…..

Fauci Ignores WHO Boss Crimes Against Humanity…..

The Proclaimers – Letter From America…..

Below is our list of twelve medical experts whose opinions on the Coronavirus outbreak contradict the official narratives of the MSM, and the memes so prevalent on social media…..
Is shutting down Britain – with unprecedented curbs on ancient liberties – REALLY the best answer?…..
Coronavirus – 21 March 2020…..
Covid-19 Global Lockdown…..
Italy coronavirus: new explosive information…..
We are being played…..
Barrie Trower on 5G at the Exeter Phoenix…..
The Bloodless Coup – The Fake Epidemic
Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism…..
Coronavirus and the Sun: a Lesson from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic…..
Dr Vernon Coleman explains the hidden agenda behind the coronavirus hysteria…..
Coronavirus – You’re Not Locking Me In, You Bastards…..
Recycling is a Waste of Time and Energy – Here’s the Proof…..
A Miscellany of informative and entertaining articles on numerous topics, including climate change, health and other stuff that bothers or is hyped to…..
Coronavirus – Why and How the Government and the Media Are Wrong…..
Coronavirus Predicted By Blind Mystic Baba Vanga Who Said It Would Be “All Over Us”…..
Video: Previously Unseen Thylacine Footage Found in Government Archive…..
The Paracast – Curt Collins…..
So it begins: Denmark Passes Law Enabling Forced Coronavirus Vaccinations…..
The Lancet: Global case fatality rate from coronavirus settles in at 5.7%, or 57 times higher than the flu… death rate skyrockets to 20% when hospitals get overrun…..
A Pandemic Is Declared, but Not for the Starving, the Preventable Sick, the Blockaded, the Bombed…..
Corona Virus is a Mask for Totalitarian 5G Genocide | Part 1…..
3-15-20 Sunday Night AstroLive — Capricorn Hyper Stellium, Betelgeuse & Cancerian Care…..
Cough 19 ~ NOT a Virus!!! Rather A 5G/GE Electronic Battle for Your Soul Forever and Ever…..
Mayday! – – This Is The Event Horizon! – – Mayday! Mayday!…..

The Leaves of Life (British Romany Easter Carol) – in Wells Cathedral Chapter House…..

Norman Greenbaum – Spirit in the Sky…..

Attack of the dragons…..
Comment by Ellis…..
How to wipe out the corona virus THT in 10 min…..
Italian Doctors Tell the Truth about Coronavirus…..
No more excuses – Israeli voters have chosen a country that will mirror the brutal regimes of its Arab neighbours…..

George Harrison – What Is Life (Official Music Video)…..

Event 201 Global Pandemic…..
Covid-19 Is Trigger For Global System Reset…..
Coronavirus And Credit – A Perfect Storm…..
Daegu video diaries: at the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak in Korea…..

Cornershop – Brimful Of Asha (Norman Cook Remix)…..

Joseph of Arimathea Came to Britain (the Glastonbury Hoax)…..
Jayson Harrington Live Event…..
New legal challenge against HS2…..
Apparitions the series…..

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WeAreChange LIVE in Hong Kong

WeAreChange LIVE in Hong Kong:
LIVE: Hong Kong Large Crazy Protest. Click here to go to the livestream and chats


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The Beast of Bont

A short sample article from the Song of Ffraed:


A brief public article from the trailblazing, dragon-tracing subscribers’ site: the Song of Ffraed:

I’d traversed the beast’s territory…well a snippet of it, and not alone, I’ll admit…and we’d come through it, unscathed. Not that I knew at the time that these fields and snake-ridden marshes were the hunting grounds of a terrifying beast, mind. That knowledge came later, when I got home and my weary eyes fell upon the blood-curdling tales of the nightmarish, ‘Beast of Bont’.

Bont is the shortened name used by the locals for their once-thriving village, Pontrhydfendigaid. The name means, ‘the bridge of the blessed ford’.

A cottage in Lisburne Road, Pontrhydfendigiad, just after Cors Caron. Ffraed flows through it, of course.

Only one site on this long journey from St. Bride’s, in Pembrokeshire, had had more spirals than this farmland I’d walked with the farmer. The land here has 10 of them! All sorts of sizes and some, my companion noticed, were aligned, bang on east. I really liked this jovial farmer.

My bag marks the centre of a huge spiral just a little below the summit of a hill.

One of the spirals, he informed me, was centred on the spot where his brother had levelled a stone-filled mound decades ago, right on what would have been, many centuries previously, the shore of a vast lake. Another spiral sat around the shoreline a couple of hundred yards along Ffraed’s course. We were right in the peaty marsh now, Cors Caron. In wet winters, shallow waters return to remind the ghosts still lingering of their former home. Now there were just cattle, including a massive bull. No, he isn’t the fearsome beast of which I tell now…but knew nothing of then. Actually it’s a haven for native flora, and wildlife including adders, otters, and pine martens…Oh, and a golden eagle now and again. Did I just say, a golden eagle?¹

I’d followed Y Ddraig through Swyddfynnon, crossing the bridge, touching the little well, gliding through the old school’s grounds, and the former smithy. We crossed another bridge, slipped through the front of the once flour mill, turned and passed by a chapel along the way. We’d wound all over the green hills, up and down, across and sideways. Beautiful old May trees marked Her dance steps through fences and boundaries while sheep hurried from their disturbed reveries.

One of the old May trees centred on Y Ddraig’s flow.

All the while the farmer stayed with me scrutinising my weaving passage and commenting on the land and its moods, folklore, history and such…not a word about the beast though, and we walked all the way to Bont! For sixty years he’d lived and worked on this farm; he’d never walked from the farmhouse to Bont before. “I’ll sleep well tonight,” he added.


1: Tis a piece about the golden eagle over another village in the area – but it’s the same one, unfortunately. Golden eagle over Pontrhydygroes.

How cool would it be to have a mating pair. The only golden eagle I’ve seen on this journey was at Llanllawer, during Beltane this year, but it wasn’t this kind. If I do spot the eagle on my travels I’ll let you know.


18th July 2018


This dragon current has to date (23rd July 2018) been walked from St. Bride’s Abbey, in Pembrokeshire to Strata Florida, in Cerdigion. The journey has been documented in


Read about the Beast of Bont:

The Independent, 4 April 1997: A mysterious predator is stalking the sparsely populated mid-Wales countryside and spread- ing alarm among farming communities.

BBC, 26 August, 2000: Police marksmen combed the Tywi Forest to no avail, and later planned to shoot the creature from a helicopter with heat-seeking equipment.

Wales Online, 8 JAN 2004: “It was dark but I saw two glowing eyes looking straight at me and knew it was not a dog,” said Mrs Marshall, who lost one of her rare Torwen lambs to the mystery beast.

Wales Online, 11 MAY 2012: Could this be the clearest indication yet that a savage beast is roaming the remote hills and mountains of Wales?

The Telegraph, 15 May 2012: Locals have reported sighting of an unknown creature since the 1970s, and now fear the predator could have struck again. 

The Express, 16 May 2012: The bloody carcasses were found scattered across moorland by two ­people who described the carnage as “sickening”.

It’s often said that man is the only animal who kills for fun, but that’s actually not true. Animals that thrill kill are actually pretty common; scientists call it “surplus killing.” Animals that kill for no reason range from mammals to reptiles, and even insects in some rare cases.  So, which animals kill for sport, and how do they do it? The subject is just as fascinating as it is horrifying.
Vicious Animals That Kill Just for Fun

A strange short documentary film that seeks to view the Beast of Bont as some kind of psychological trauma or mass hysteria when it is clearly manifest activity. Nevertheless, an interesting interview with a witness, local farmer, Raymond Osbourne Jones.
Beast of Bont – Catrine Davies

This beast ismost often described as a black big cat but there have been other suggestions. In the City of London, outside the doors of St. Michael’s church, Cornhill is a war memorial with St. Michael, his sword aloft and two big fearsome black cats on the prowl beside him, representing evil and the darkness. Darkness is attracted to light- perhaps in some way other than, and as well as, physically, the Beast of Bont is that darkness stalking the light of Strata Florida. Image of the beasts on the statue


I may have discovered the beast’s lair! In Lisburne Road…and it was at home….ssshhhhh:

Who would have thought to look there?


23rd July 2018


News and Features

17th October 2017: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…

THIS WEEKEND: Probe International October conference details – 21st/22nd October 2017


Ophelia~The First Real Test of Goddess Permaculture Planting!…..
Hurricane Ophelia: UK faces more storm disruption…..
Review: Watling Street…..
1ts & 0s & Conscious custodianship…..

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News and Features

14th July 2017: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…

House of the Dead Found Between Stonehenge and Avebury…..
Quest for the Invisibles…..
Bigfoot UK – Elusive Teaser – Andy Mcgrath…..
Dragons in Our Midst: The Enduring Mystery of Sea Serpents and Other Maritime Monsters…..
Mysterious Dark Highways and Roving Packs of Skinwalkers?


Bases 69 The Killing of Tiffany Jenks Part One

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News and Features

28th June 2017: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…

The Commercialization of Bigfoot: Culture, Consumerism, and Cryptozoology…..
Chris Turner’s Bigfoot Channel Trailer…..
Project Sunshine: A Tale of Body-Snatching…..
The Itinerant Monster…..
Old, Creepy and Dressed in Black…..
‘1984’ is Making Audiences Faint, Vomit and Attack Each Other…..
When Stand-Up Comedians Speak More Truth Than Politicians…..
They Live Sunglasses…..
TIME magazine’s 25 most influential people on the internet…..

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News and Features

16th June 2017: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…

Comment on Grenfell…..
New post on the Song of Ffraed…..
High Strangeness, Weird Vanishings, and a Cursed Mountain…..
Moon Landing Hoax – Coke Bottle…..
Presentation videos from the S.U.F.O.N Summer Conference 2017…..
Richard Dolan speaking at Contact in the Desert conference…..

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‘The people’, everywhere, are not the ones that constructed the powerful spells concealed in language, the insidious programmes that motivate and control every aspect of humankind’s lives unnoticed; intentionally and successfully beguiling many to carry out endless crimes against their fellows and companions in this world.

To see what is behind this vile torment we must look behind the curtains of history to who it was that first propagated enchanted written words.

In all likelihood, humans, being the wonderfully perceptive and gifted creative beings that they innately are, discovered the original unblemished art for themselves; in small communities with languages specific to them.¹ It would have begun with signs, using pieces of wood or stone (for example), in predetermined and agreed patterns. Their positioning would have been important. As individual groups from communities went their own way and still needed to communicate with each other, a more transportable means of conveying messages was necessary. Devices such as tattoos, dress, scrapings on stones and wood carving for example, were conceived. Each part of a pattern meant something. Today we call these ‘parts’, syllables.

We need to look at syllables.

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