An Occult Agenda

A re-published, slightly edited and expanded, article from June 2009. Formerly on my website, Looking into the Dark Places



During the mid 90s I was very fortunate to have spent a lot of time with some prile_of_perth_from_bpnative Australian families east of Perth. They were Nyungar people. It was an education for me in so many ways; and many times, in conversation with these amazing people I noticed that some of their words sounded very…well…Egyptian. At this time I had very little knowledge of ancient Egypt, in fact I’ve always had an aversion to its culture. I did however notice these things.

When I moved back to Perth – following a powerful mystical experience – I felt driven to explore my lifelong contacts with Otherworlds. These contacts and communications have been over many incarnations; and like my interactions with the Earthly otherworld of aboriginal Australian culture the ones with beings from un-Earthly places have been just as enlightening. Native Australian culture acknowledges otherworlds and beings and the power of magic but it has been uncompromisingly sullied by Western dogmatism, particularly Church doctrine. This has succeeded in generating many people who still meet with their ancestors but overwhelmingly fear them. It began when white men first fell upon Australia the native people thought they were returning ancestor spirits – because they looked pale like their ancestors do when they visit, but these spirits bought avarice, cruelty, destruction, gunfire and disease. They bought death.

Everywhere – all of the land and all of the waters, and all of the sky is sacred to native Australians but they know too that the Dream Serpent, the Spirit of Creation had deemed certain places to be especially so. All over the Perth region are sacred spaces, the knowledge of their place and attribution held in the hearts of the elders of old, who were murdered like other wise men and women across the globe. Some of these places the hordes of the Darkness discovered and desecrated, then they made them their holy places – religious and government buildings and corporate offices and retail centres, schools, hospitals, sports arenas, entertainment venues, cemeteries, parks, prisons, mansions, barracks, inns and lodges. They still do.

The continent of Australia (meaning Southern) – the Great Southern Land – was named long before the suspected Freemason Matthew Flinders ever did, though he is still credited officially as the originator. A map that has come into the hands of the National Library of Australia shows instead of the dubious dubber, one Cyriaco Jacob zum Barth, a German, jotting the name Australia on his map 259 years (adds to 16) beforehand, in 1545. Bet he put a towel on it too. What he didn’t do was shout about it so that surely suggests that the continent was not only known about before 1545 but had already been named.

There had been mentions in every northern land, for aeons, of an underworld, a place that is searing hot and dry, a place where the sun goes to. Despite the deceptive Darkness‘ creed of a flat Earth enforced by the Church, priests and scientists from many lands said that to balance the freezing north there must be a blazing south, an infernal south but some didn’t just guess, they knew. Not least amongst them were explorers from ancient Egypt. They followed the sun right the way to the east coast of Australia where they were shipwrecked in a furious tempest, and they left their mark. Even then they hadn’t found where the sun went to because now it disappeared over mountains and into an impassable and immense red desert. The party attempted to follow it but most succumbed.

The survivors were befriended by local native peoples who nursed them back to good health and warned them of the demons that awaited them if they were foolish enough to adventure into the desert again. The sun that they were chasing, said their friends, was slain in this desert and that since then many more of these eggs had come and gone.

Eventually some of the Egyptians managed to repair their ship and set sail back to Egypt to tell of the land below where the sun was captured and entombed. This woeful place teemed with reptiles of every size and description – serpents, lizards, iguanas, crocodiles. They called this place ‘the Duat’, the domain of the evil reptilian deity Apep, who later transfigured into Set. In time Australia came to be regarded as the land of the dead, the Land Down Under – the Underworld, overseen by Ausar (Osiris) God of the Dead, where the Goddess Maat weighed the hearts of the departed to assess their righteousness. The peoples who lived to the north of where Perth is now, called themselves ‘the Juat’! The Nyungar word for lineage is Maat.

In time Australia’s role became the place of death and rebirth and they mark that fact with tributes to the sun globally acknowledged, such as the setting sun Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Millennium Olympic Games. Both of these were blessed with sacrificial rites: 16 people died building Sydney Harbour Bridge and anyone who saw the opening ceremony where aboriginal Australian Cathy Freeman was engulfed by the sun at the top of the pyramid would have to be totally mind-washed not to alarmed by what was going on there (signalling the end of Free Man – which has come to pass). Millions are reborn in (immigrate into) Australia, they come from all over the world. The Shadows claim it for the Darkness; it is Ausar’s land, they command it – Aus-tralia, and if you are Australian, you are Aus – sees, Aus-eyes, Os-iris’s, you belong to Osiris!

In Western Australia Darkness motivated local government departments, and other corporations like the Royal Mint, have endlessly shoved Egyptian iconography and architecture under the nose of what they regard as their tame hick town Sandgropers. The stone cutters of Perth take liberties. Perth, she’s close to the 33°south latitude, bloody close mate – 31° 57′ 8″ S and her energy signature reveals that she’s destined to either rise to the very top, or sink to the deepest depths. The ankh weighs heavily.

I’ve researched and written on the occult agenda around Western Australia’s capital since the mid 1990s. Two of the biggest subjects I have looked into were the so called “Claremont Serial Murders” and the Perth Bell Tower. Both are matters that I still feel are connected and tragically the disappearances and murders continue.

Perth was recently voted the fourth most liveable city in the world. It’s certainly the world’s most isolated one. ‘The City of Lights’, 33° Freemason John Glenn is claimed to have dubbed it when his tub, ‘the Friendship 7’ spluttered over it in 1962. It’s a city that could easily sit where Giza now gloomers if the Earth just tipped a bit and it has just as many incredibly ancient sacred sites.


Eastern premise

belltower3april2009A little while back I heard that the Grand Lodge of Western Australia had relocated their premises to another address since the bell tower had been completed; which, at first seemed very odd to me. After all, hadn’t I discovered that the Grand Lodge’s position was integral to the orientation of the Bell Tower? Wherever the Lodge had moved to it wouldn’t be just anywhere, I reasoned. It would have to retain a geometric concordance with its predecessor. It would need the bell tower to remain in its line of fire, so to speak. I wasn’t wrong.

The new Masonic HQ sits on a direct line that runs eastwards through the bell tower and then through their former HQ first.


The candidate answers, “from the west and travelling to the east.”

Master inquires, “Why do you leave the west and travel to the east?”

Ans. “In search of light.”


“What were those three great lights in Masonry?”

Ans. “The Holy Bible, Square and Compass.”

“How are they explained?”

Ans. “The Holy Bible is given to us as a guide for our faith and practice; the Square to square our actions; and the Compass to keep us in due bounds with all mankind, but more especially with the brethren.”

“”A certain friendly and brotherly grip, whereby one Mason may know another in the dark as well as the light.”
~ Only short extracts from Captain Morgan’s Exposition of Freemasonry

I then found that after the bell tower this straight-as-a-die alignment drills westwards through an unusual Perth stairway called Jacob’s Ladder – steep steps on the side of Mount Eliza which is cloaked by Kings Park – and a Freemasonic icon. Now Jacob’s Ladder boasts 242 steps, 18 landings and a viewing platform at the top they say – I haven’t counted them myself. When it was first built in 1909 it had a straight run of 274 jarrah planks. The cost, a bargain £171/1/0…and a right handy figure too – see Thy Will Be Done.

I will now present you with the working tools of an Entered Apprentice Mason, which are the twenty-four inch gauge and common gavel; they are thus explained:—The twenty-four inch (24) gauge is an instrument made use of by operative Masons to measure and lay out their work, but we as Free and Accepted Masons make use of it for the more noble and glorious purpose of dividing our time.

… The twenty-four inches on the gauge are emblematical of the twenty-four hours in the day, which we are taught to divide into three equal parts…

~ See Captain Morgan’s Exposition of Freemasonry

(Bracketed 24 my observation – the numbers match the constituent numbers of the steps. 2+4+2 = 8. Thee equal parts of 24 are each 8.)

From Jacob’s Ladder the alignment moves through a quarry, monument and buildings near Marri Walk in Kings Park and travels to the grounds of the Royal Perth Hospital and then Perry Lakes Stadium where a huge international gathering of Master Masons was held in later 1996 before heading off to Jubilee Park at City Beach and into the ocean.
The Vortex – the Coiling Dream time Serpent

All sorts of elite structures have been assembled around and in this powerful vortex of aerial and earth energies that Mount Eliza now preys over. It is a vortex the indigenous Nyungar peoples have anciently recognised and engaged with.

Below Mount Eliza (known to local clans as Mooro Katta and Kaarta Gar-up) close to what was once the bank of the Swan River (Dervil Yirrigan) here – before it was quarried and reclaimed – is a locally extremely rare natural freshwater spring. The Nyungars called this place ‘Goonininup’, its proximity to the resting place of the Dream Time Serpent, the Warghul’s (or Waugal), where it coiled up – the vortex – ensured that ‘Goonininup’ is especially sacred. Here the Warghul emerged from under Mount Eliza and drank from the spring passing the water through its body while it rested. A similar philosophy to the ouroboros i.e. this is where the Dream Time Serpent’s head and tail is. What did wadjelas (white folks) do? They renamed ‘Goonininup’ Kennedy Fountain and built a brewery on it! (Kennedy means ‘head’, a fountain symbolises an eye, but as well accounts for the tail.) When a particular energetic frequency is required there’s always someone around whose name can be utilised. The fountain was built in 1861 (adds to 16) during Governor Kennedy’s tenure (1855-1862).

Mount Eliza is really named for Elizabeth, the mother of Masonic divine ‘St John the Baptist’. She is the patron saint of pregnant women and she was the wife of Zacharia. (The largest bell in the bell tower is called ‘Zacharia’.The wife of General Ralph Darling, Governor of the colony of New South Wales, was called Elizabeth. (They’d just happened to marry on the 510th anniversary of the Templar’s routing of 13th October 1307.) which was handy because it gave Captain, later Governor, Stirling (Highway – runs from Kings Park to Fremantle via Claremont.) a good excuse to name the holy landmark as it is. (1)



The whirling vortex includes almost all of Perth Water and the present landscape up to St. Georges Terrace. Every year, since 1985, the unsophisticated population of Perth has been summoned by trickery to pay tribute in the vortex on 26th January – so called Australia Day – tempted by the spectacle of a gigantic fireworks and laser display known variously as the Skyworks and the Sky Show.

“…an intentional ‘theatrical heightening’ of the religious experience for the participants moving through the temenos. Movement was controlled by the creation of positive and negative spaces, the juxtaposition of voids and solids, which in turn generated a ritualistic procession. In this way the gods, embodied in specific landscape features, were revealed through the controlled vista”.

~ The Secret Plan of Canberra: The Occult Masonic Architecture of Australia’s Capital
Later addition 23rd June 2009

blackpyramid220In and around the vortex are such emblematic constructs as the Bell Tower, the elite Weld Club, the Supreme Court buildings, the Convention Centre, numerous financial, legal and government offices and institutions and countless statues. Equidistant, in a triangle, when the bell tower was constructed were the former headquarters’ building of the Grand Lodge of Western Australia, the Barrack’s Arch in St. George’s Terrace, and the Bell Tower. Within the triangle (666) is a black pyramid masquerading as a conservatory – but woefully inadequate for that task. The foundations were laid by Freemasons (the premier and the mayor) and it was opened by Freemasons (Princess Alexandra the daughter of Freemasonic big cheese, the Duke of Kent). At the time of writing the pyramid is closed:

“…while the City resolves the future of this building… Re-development of the Conservatory as a cafe/restaurant is being investigated.” – that’s nice

The sky-workings involve synchronised laser lights, rock music, and fireworks launched from a barge in the Swan River and from a bridge, skyscrapers and, of course, the bell tower.
Once, in one of my website articles I described my observations of an occult ritual being performed under the guise of a New Year’s Eve SkyShow from my vantage point at Kings Park. A reader wrote to me and said that my description of the event suggested that something huge and diabolical would occur in 9 months then! The New Year SkyShow that I was watching was for 2001!
Exactly 11 years after the SkyShows began (clock the 11), in 1985, the very first young woman disappeared from the ‘Mountain of Light’ – Claremont in what became known as the Claremont Serial Killings. Her name was Sarah Spiers and her body has never been found. Another young woman, Julie Cutler, who’s also never been seen again since she was spotted in hotel carpark close to Kings Park.

Girls go missing when such structures are underway in Perth but these crimes have nothing whatsoever to do with rank and file Freemasons or what they believe Freemasonry to be. However human sacrifices to bless prominent new buildings have a very long and disgusting history. A young woman called Kerryn Tate disappeared when the black pyramid was being built. The name Kerryn Tate gives ‘Black Head’ – a black pyramid as a ben-ben (capstone) symbol.

Ellis Taylor
15th June 2009



(1) Names are energetic programmes – see my books, ‘The Esoteric Alphabet’ and ‘Living In The Matrix’. Did you really think that people’s names are used for significant places and projects in order to honour? They do indeed count on the ego but it’s the energy they are after. Perth was an occult project from the very beginning.


Continued: Corryn Rayney


7 thoughts on “An Occult Agenda

  1. Hi, Ellis and thanks for this post. Could you tell me where I can find your article that includes John Kennedy’s death, please? The one with the meaning of his name and the Goddess Frida. Incidentally, huge parts of some of your articles have disappeared from the Wayback Machine: Heath Ledger, Thy Will Be Done and Ex-Sept F8. Best wishes.


    • Hi Paul, no worries mate. Sorry, but I can’t remember where I wrote about that, I’ve written so many articles. If I come across it I could let you know. I’m not surprised that much is missing mate, this has been happening since I first began my websites. Thank you for letting me know; when I have time I’ll have a look and maybe repost some of the articles if enough people are interested. Cheers


  2. Hi Ellis, a very intriguing read, had me captivated to say the very least. What are your thoughts on the World Trade centre model designated for Elizabeth Quay with twin towers? My oh my, I feel quite sick on learning this as asides from the giamatra symbology and other esotoric significances, it’s like a form of ritualistic mockery by resurrecting a replica whereby untold lives were lost on 9/11.


    • Thanks Carlene, Sorry I’ve not kept abreast of the dark shenanigans in the City of (traffic) Lights for quite a while. A big clue is Quay-Key and from memory the plan view displays the cuttings that one would see on a key. It’s an opening and closing place. I expect you read how the New Year’s Eve 2000/2001 fireworks and lights ritual conceived 911 through the grid. Has there been something else projected then? Hopefully someone local is on to it.


  3. Ellis…I recall seeing and hearing the same things you saw and heard at several Skyshow events during the late ’80s and occasionally in the ’90s. It would be interesting to know if most elements of the said ritual continued after 2010.

    On a possibly related matter, have you got an update about the “Butter Lady” discussed in the Cailleach article, especially the unfortunate lady’s true name?


    • Hi Ed, no, I never heard any more about the lady back then but I now see her name was Lily Harrop. I don’t know whether any more was made public, whether she was indeed found to have been murdered, or died of natural causes. I only had the information that was available then, but Lily is an apt name for the proposition I made then.
      I haven’t kept track of Skyshow since, but maybe. It worked for the Darkness then, so why would it not use it again?


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