Destiny or Destination?

It’s elementary.

Number is the ruler of forms and ideas, and the cause of gods and demons.

 – Pythagoras


demon army500

The enemy is not just at the gates, it is upon us, and it is many.

The well-being of this planet, and all of Her inhabitants, as we know and love them are under relentless assault from multiple unseen, largely ignored, and deceptive forces. We are all that stands between our children’s bright futures and a nightmare world of all-pervading fake-life.

Their conspicuous weapons include nuclear, chemical and biological arsenals aimed at everything all life here is sustained by, including the elements we depend upon, earth, air, and water. These are horrific enough but something far more insidious has more recently been unleashed upon us.

So much of the technology that we are being pressured and quickened to assimilate into our lives, including our bodies, is beamed to synchronise with the frequencies of human minds, the consciousness of the other life forms here, and our planet. There can be no question that this is intentional. These toxic and injurious transmissions are of course imperceptible to most people’s human senses and so they are ideal carriers for several invisible entities and their projects.


repcon conference flyer

Some technology has its advantages, but at what cost? Much of it breeds laziness, impatience, a lack of ability to formulate unfettered thoughts and ideas, and a growing almost psychopathic attitude to other people and their differing views and lifestyles. For technology to be benign it needs caring, selfless, human beings in control of it. Without this there can be no empathy, consideration or justice. With alarming alacrity our world is marching towards A.I., and the robotisation of everything. On this road there is no room for humanity, in neither being nor compassion.


Element 115

The Darkness Invisible, through the deeds and pronouncements of Its inhabited agents has shown Its hand, and they declared a number on 11th September 2001 that refers to something – 115: two towers and the pentagon. It is my view that it has interdimensional and ultradimensional characteristics. Strikingly it is the number of the not then known (to the public anyway) atomic element that Bob Lazar (a 33 birth date), in the early 80s, said fuelled the craft he worked on near Area 51, and suspected were of alien origin. (Area 51 coordinates: 37°14′06″N 115°48′40″W – note the 115 latitude.)



Armageddon ignited in New York was notified at the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony in 2,000 with the symbolic fire sacrifice of Cathy Freeman (Free Man) on a flattened geodesic altar (composed of 12 pentagons – 11 showing), a Geodome, atop a TV-projected stepped pyramid.

A screenshot of the blink-and-you'd miss it stepped pyramid

A screenshot of the blink-and-you’d miss it stepped pyramid

This was 360 (a circle, a cycle) days prior to the towers and the pentagon being hit (The atomic number 36, is the element Krypton). The closing ceremony followed on the 16th day (16 – the Tarot’s Tower); the numeric running sequence 345 days (3+4+5 = 12…12345) before 911. The stadium is situated on the coordinates 33°50′50″S 151°03′48″E. Latitude, which includes 33, as you can see; it is as well 115 Numerosymbologically.



A supposed ‘glitch’ occurred after the fire sacrifice when the cauldron, after it left the ring of fire, ‘stuck’ for about four minutes. Was the spell ‘out of time’ Did Cathy not get it rite? Did she not get with the programme? At any rate, this ‘glitch’ paid our attention to the completion of the four elements: the fire she carried, the earth she ran upon, the water she stood in, and the air the cauldron moved through.

115th day following the 2000 Olympics Opening Ceremony takes us to the 7th day (of the year – 2001), which is Christmas Day for the hundreds of millions of the Orthodox Church, which includes Greece, who hosted the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

115th day following the 2000 Olympics Closing Ceremony (1st October) is 23rd January, the 23rd day (5 x 23 = 115). Five people attempt to set themselves on fire in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, it’s China’s New Year’s Eve. An unsolved incident.  China were to hold the Olympic Games in 2008 – all planned, which is why I predicted they would ‘win’ the bid. (As I knew London, ‘The Temple of Time’ would for 2012.)  8 is China’s special number, they even opened the games on an 8 day and an 888 date: 8th August 2008.. Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident

Another 115 days later is 19th May. This is Greek Genocide Day.

The 115th day after that was 11th September 2001

345, as I’m sure many readers will have noticed is 3 x 115.



Another bit of revealing intrigue was that the silver (lunar colour) suit Cathy wore supposedly just went missing after the ceremony:

“The mystery of the disappearance of the bodysuit she wore while lighting the Olympic cauldron also took a new twist yesterday.

Volunteers who worked in the Olympic village during the 2000 Games said the Lycra garment last seen hanging wet on a peg in a dressing room had been destroyed to save officials from embarrassment.

Volunteer Beverley Roberts said the Olympic rings on the suit had been upside down – two on top and three on the bottom, instead of three up and two down.”, Australia


(It is possible that rather than it being a mistake, Cathy was supposed to hold the flame aloft in her left hand; but also upside down of anything in certain circumstances (such as occult rituals) is a classic signal of Satanic involvement.)

…and so can be something significant like this vanishing and mysteriously turning up again as well:

“THE bodysuit runner Cathy Freeman wore to light the Olympic flame at the 2000 Sydney Games has turned up, but the question of where it has been for more than 14 years after it went missing following the opening ceremony ­remains unanswered.”

Daily Telegraph, Australia

ABC, Australia


These all look like messages delivered by an unknowing and proud indigenous Australian. Cathy dressed in her silver suit was quicksilver, mercury – Mercury, the messenger of the gods. Rite name, rite clobber, wrong time. Flaming Hell.

At the tribute ceremonies to the gods with the banner of the 5 rings, The fifth element had been awoken.

How appropriate then is the Sydney Olympic motto:
Share the Spirit
Dare to Dream

eagle on pyramidperth

Plan view of Bell Tower site. An eagle or falcon (Horus?) inside an egg, enclosed in a black pyramid (a ben-ben?), atop another pyramid. A 6-rayed solar representation behind it (Saturn). This was published in the local newspaper during the construction.

Element 91
bt300x40091 days later, at midnight (always a moment out of time – as number 91 is neither here nor there symbolically) on 31st December/1st January, a magickal ritual (secret technology working) was unleashed into the planet’s energetic grid from ‘the City of Light’, Perth, in Western Australia. A title bestowed on Perth by 33 degree Mason, astronaut John Glenn when he chugged over Perth on 2oth February 1962. It involved a newly erected pulsing bell tower, situated in an energetic vortex, and a colossal firework display inseminating ‘the heavens’. Something was now in the wind, had been conceived, was set loose.

The atomic element 91 was first isolated by a very distinguished and brilliant British scientist who was also a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Hermes = Mercury), the occult order that included Aleister Crowley. He called it uranium-X; since 1949 it is known as protactinium (meaning ‘first ray’ or ‘first beam’). It is a component of Uranium (which is mined in Australia) and a wondrous transcendent substance that simultaneously regenerates as it withers. Unrestricted by time then – out of time, and not that allied to space either, I guess.

This scientist’s name was William Crookes, a man very well-known and respected in spiritualism and psychic study circles to this day. Of course, relentless onslaughts on his character, and his abilities and findings in his psychic research were, and are, launched against him by die-hard debunkers but also, I strongly suggest, by those who seek to bury the significant results of the investigations and discoveries he made to do with the unseen realms and their communications and interference in this one.

Considering his research and discoveries of otherworldly activity with both ordained and rebel science it is significant to me that (and I’ve only just found this out) William Crookes worked in Oxford’s Radcliffe Observatory, a place that I have reported previously to have been built to take advantage of an interdimensional portal located on that spot. It sits in what was once an immense Neolithic ceremonial site; but is now the grounds of Green Templeton College, originally endowed by Cecil H. Green, of Texas Instruments (of course).

Sir William Crookes papers are likely to be invaluable resources.


No Golden Dawn

In the classic dark parlance of reverse, rather than a Golden Dawn what the world got 9 months (actually 254 days – totals 11) after the midnight jiggy in Perth was the ‘going down of the sun’, the 11th hour; the nightmare of 911 and its aftermath. (11s are all over this incident as we all know *) The end of Free Man – as was signalled (however cunningly) to the world from the altar in Homebush on the 15th September 2000.

William Crooke died on 4th April 1919, the WTC complex opened on 4th April 1973.

canberra_bellThose that designate the iconography of the U.S. might believe they are the Roman Empire transmigrated through time, but those that fashion Australia’s seem convinced they are the reincarnation of Ancient Egypt. Their pharaoh, in 2001, was John Howard and he was in Washington on the 10th September. Howard was presented with a bell by George Bush at the Washington Navy Yard, the Canberra Bell.

Canberra, the Capital City of the Underworld, or ‘the Land Down Under’ and it is rife with occult design. (See addendum in this article)

The writer of this report says that he and his wife were booked on Flight 77 for the next day (11th September)but the plans were rescheduled (by who?) for the next day. Very interesting.


A bell, of course, is associated with rings, time and timing. It is a very effective technology that when activated works with vibration and frequency, producing harmony or discord. They interrupts flow in the moment and direct or bring about change. Bells notify and are used for alerts, alarms and announcements. Bells have been constituents of celebrations, spiritual, religious, and devotional ceremonies, magickal rites, and summoning, since very ancient times.

The Brotherhood of the Bell


Since that day when the world’s obsequious press gangs and media, indelibly branded the memories of everyone within earshot and eye line with as much horror as they could muster the assaults on humanity have been as relentless as they have been sweeping; and they are worsening, by the day, in too many ways to list.

But not many do much about it…why? To a massive degree it is to do with technology and it’s subtle undercurrents and purpose designed to elicit docility, fear, distraction, sensory deprivation, addiction, stress, tumours, and not forgetting endless debts paying for the damn things.

fukigoingglobalWhile everyone is mesmerised by their screens nuclear radiation and countless other toxins race across the planet, over the land, through the sea, and from the air. They infest our food and water. Bees are vanishing, plants, trees, fish, animals and birds are dying. Millions and millions of them. Wars rage around the world. Children are being abused, damaged and neglected by our thoughtlessness and obsessions for the superficial and artificial techno highs that we have given up real life for.



A statue in the Anzac memorial, Hyde Park, Sydney.

How few children now learn by playing in and making friends with nature and her secret worlds? Or come home grazed and dirty yet bright-eyed and happy after hours of fun with their friends and their imagination playing hide and seek, chasing, climbing trees, building camps, making bows and arrows, tadpole-ing, fishing, free from over-bearing, over organising, and fear-programmed adults? These activities teach kids about real life and what really matters, about caring and empathy, harmony and consequences friendship, conflicts, trust and loyalty; and all the while, how to love, appreciate, care and respond to nature.

Nature has entrusted us to do our part; and it well past time that we started to realise how reliant we are upon Her, and how blessed we are by Her bounty and presence.

It is our sacred duty to care for Her.

The situation right now is on the verge of being beyond our saving. We are almost where the Darkness Invisible has been steering this world to for millennia; the point where humans are surplus to requirements.

The remedy has been staring us in the face for so long. We haven’t listened but now we just have to. The healing won’t come about by screaming and marching and scrapping and arguing; not from hiding and keeping one’s head down.

They are where they are because we have fallen for enchantments and threats, both of which have only succeeded because they won the battles for our minds.

…but they haven’t won the war. What we must really, really, etch in our minds and voice with our hearts is this truth: We do not need them, they have needed us. The Darkness, Its agents and Its machine are powerless without our compliance. Who was it that willingly lit the ring of fire that engulfed the human being in the symbolic sacrifice at the Sydney Olympics and ran themselves into the ground to achieve it, but Free man?


Cathy Freeman – self immolation. Humanity consents to its own extinction.* Picture credit: AFP

We can step out of the game and come together; stop buying their crap in every variety they present it, stop encouraging them.

We might begin with small changes, beginning by watching our thoughts for what motivates our decisions and discern whether they arise from habit, laziness, selfishness, greed, fear – those sorts of things and instead take action and make changes that arise from better motives. We can, for instance cut down on what we buy from corporations, encourage small shops to lower their prices and increase their range of quality uncontaminated food and other products. Buy things that last and are affordable. Grow our own food. Starve the beast in easy ways and then think of more imaginative ideas…and share them. Support and share with each other, cooperate.

This is the same advice that has come to us from many sages. Jesus, it is recorded, put it this way:

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Matthew 5:5


Nobody is expected to, or can do it alone, which is why the word ‘they’ is used. We have to act together. For this we need to share factual information with people who are outside our usual audiences gently and respectfully, sow seeds. Avoid arguments and confrontation. Minds are not inspired by conflict. Always remember there are belief barricades formed from generations of programming and self-esteem with often erroneous world views that are constantly maintained by corporate media and the slave system that is presented as the real world. It might be just one word, or act of kindness, a smile, or something that makes them laugh that disengages them from the matrix for that split second necessary for a realisation or motivation to rethink something they previously believed without question and took for granted.

We either decide to make a stand now or we have chosen oblivion. Look around you, at the state of this world, of this beautiful planet. If we do nothing we won’t have to worry about what we will say when our grandchildren ask us why we let it get so terrible…because they won’t be able to.

Expect no intervening saviours. No one else is going to risk saving a species that has it within its own capabilities to save itself, but will not.

…and anyway, the Saviour we have been waiting for is already here.

It is you.



22nd February 2016


* Footnote: An important factor that needs to be noted is that Cathy’s surname, ‘Freeman’ connects her to one of the notorious 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati researched and exposed by Fritz Springmeier. When disciples and agents of Darkness perform their rituals, real or symbolic, they maintain that to use one of their own evokes more power.

6 thoughts on “Destiny or Destination?

  1. I would really appreciate, if you can help me out and that is, Tony Dodd hada few UFO Lectures at Leeds University in the late nineties.
    What i would like to know where can i get hold of Tony Dodds UFO Lectures?
    Look forward to hearing from you ASAP


    • I’m sure I responded to you before about this. I will be checking whether I have another. Otherwise try an appeal on FB, or something. You could also try Yorkshire UFO society.


  2. Truly wonderful & poignant read. “Vote with your wallets! “, I’m often preaching. I think ‘planting seeds’ is some of the best advice I’ve both used myself and shared many times. One of the biggest complaints and stressors I often heard from those waking up (& still do), when I spent a lot of time working on a very large and active truther page, was the contention and cognitive dissonance they’d come upon w/ family, colleagues and friends. It’s human nature to want to scream such reality-altering revelations from the mountain tops, then so discouraging to only meet up with resistance at every turn. ‘Plant a seed’, it will get fertilized and grow on it’s own. It need only be gently planted , and can be so much more profound and effective than an info assault which will often result in a natural reaction of recoil.

    Another thing that popped up as I took this in, and I’m sure it’s been addressed by someone, somewhere along to ride(?) … I know I’m only one of many who was glued to the live news feed as the 2nd tower was struck. I’ve never pondered until reading this, if there is a very calculated time gap between the 2 strikes, ensuring that as many people as possible were viewing the 2nd strike happen live. That seems it would be a very effective and premium energy harvest. ~S

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Sandy, yes it can be too overwhelming when information is shared too intensely, especially when it challenges people’s beliefs in the authenticity of those they’ve been encouraged all their lives to trust.
      I have no doubts that the attacks were timed, and that the media are complicit in all of the dark agenda. Their presentations are what most everyone sees and takes into their consciousness, whether they are repeated endlessly (like the tower being hit), or quick-flashed like the stepped pyramid at the Sydney Olympics). It’s harvesting energy in the moment, as well as gaining permission to harvest more with what they plan in the aftermath; but also they are signalling to their associates.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Ellis

    Your words in this article really touched me. Not only common sense practices for getting real about our lives and rejecting the false prophet of technology and other traps but interesting insights into how this is being bought into being through magical practices, in which we voluntarily participate.

    They need us – we do not need them. We need nature – nature does not need us. It seems that somehow our connection to the natural world is something they have been seeking to hijack and destroy. But why? Do you have any insights on that question?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Linden, I am delighted that it meant something to you.

      In the scheme of things humankind’s divorce from its engaging with the natural world, as we know and love it, has been extremely rapid. We’ve been torn apart and away from each other in only a few decades.

      The technology of today tends to seduce those who are adept at using it into believing that they are smarter than those who are not. Common sense and observation easily disposes of that notion but this (literal) brain-washing and brain function debilitation among the tech-dependent programmes them to dismiss and ignore what those with acuity and awareness among the older generations have to share. This is a modern era ‘disease’, it’s abnormal. The natural way for all creatures is for the young to learn from their elders.

      Not many people bother to look up. I’ve noticed that all of my life but I’d say even less do these days. As the years go by what once was is not known by the new-comers. Chemtrails for instance. They are so obviously not ordinary vapour trails from aircraft to my generation (those who did bother looking up anyway). Then they never hung there for hours spreading across the skies to obliterate the sun. A friend and I, some years back, watched a chemtrail being laid out. In front of it was a grey line, that it was tracing, looking for all the world like someone had drawn it with a pencil. Those born in the past 30 years have never known that chemtrails are not normal. We can say the same about so many imposed aspects of life now.

      One strong suspicion I have is that we are in the grips of a terra-forming agenda to change our planet into something more suitable for entities that are not able to remain in the world as it is. (I picture it as something akin to the eroding harsh landscape of the wheatbelt in Western Australia and the salinisation that is rapidly spreading there.) At the same time human beings are being disposed of… gradually percentage-wise (globally) at the moment (mostly they are being primed with all sorts of infections), but this will accelerate rapidly very soon. Our companion animal and vegetable life is being eradicated too but that is what cloning, genetic tampering, and seedbanks are for, to replenish the ones they decide to keep.


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