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It was thirteen minutes after 3:00 a.m. on a dark and rainy Sunday morning. A doctor was carefully driving home from a hospital.*
*Following data taken from the World Illustrated publication: No. 513.
Only a fool or a doctor would be out on a night like this, thought the doctor, as he drove toward a cemetery.
Suddenly the car lights revealed a bus shelter along the road. It was at the entrance to the cemetery. In the shelter stood a young girl.
“What in the world?” the surprised doctor muttered. She’s all alone … at this hour of the night.
The doctor stopped his car, opened the passenger door and yelled, “The last bus left hours ago. Better let me give you a lift.”
Impossible to Believe: A Ghostly Hitchhiker!


Over the past few months I’ve been talking about this very critical Mars transit, from Scorpio to Sag. As it relates to the US chart, I predicted major power struggles behind the scenes and even an event that would be quite explosive, an event that had the power to rattle people enough to wake them up and really put the heat on the administrators of the dark matrix. Well, we might have just had that event.
Rectifying Antonin Scalia’s Death and th Sabian Symbol Timeline.


An amateur archeologist by the name of Manuel Abril believes he has discovered a pyramid in the Cuenca region of Spain.
It seems that there are Pyramids all over Europe, not only in Bosnia. According to reports from cuatro.com, located in the Cuenca region of Spain, an amateur archaeologist has found the first Spanish Pyramid in September this year. The remains of the pyramid can be found in the town of Canete. According to Cuatro Milenio, the pyramid is located on the hill known as El Cabezuelo.
Archaeological sensation in Spain: The first Spanish Pyramid discovered





2 thoughts on “17th February 16 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. Sofia is always brilliant! As an American (slave), I’m trying to come to terms w/ how I feel about the concept of political voting being an energy exchange in that even ‘casting’ 😉 a vote for the lesser of evils is still an energy feed. This feels right and resonates w/ me, but how to get enough folks on board w/ understanding this concept and acting accordingly is another matter. I think I choose to control and protect my own energy flow first and foremost and hope that results in the planting of a seed generating a ripple effect. “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible. … The snowflakes have to wake up.” – Sofia Smallstorm

    @18:20 … First time I’ve heard this analogy about the nefarious agenda to have us become radiation tolerant. Another layer of the transhumanism onion. She’s so spot-on about “2D”, social media/Facebook, etc. I hope anyone listening to this will, at the very least, >>listen to the last 10 minutes, WOW.<<
    Thanks for sharing this, Ellis! This might be the Daily Mail article on Wendell Wallach which Richie mentioned:

    Thanks again E. Much love! ~S


    • It’s a very good interview Sandy. Sofia is excellent. I’ve been relaying the same information in my writing and yakking for years, as long-time visitors to my website will be aware, but we are few. This necessary information is now reaching a far bigger audience. Better late than never, I suppose, but how much more empowering for humanity it could be when it is delivered on time.
      One thing that has just come to mind, re this interview is this capital letter thing. Capital letters are STATEMENTS of PRESENCE, ego, and, significantly, the (w)riter’s mind of being focused on one letter at a time (unlike small letters that frequently flow into each other) – which declares that the (usually) applicant (always, really, supplicant) is aware of what she/he is consenting to. Tis all spells. Thanks for commenting Sandy.

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