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Here’s a shining example of a ‘Child of an Ancient Cause‘ who is hitting his stride in marvellous ways and touching on white dog moments in current humanity. His warm eloquence is something to behold:


Also refer to From Otherworlds for example (More articles to be re-uploaded on these themes at some point.)

Some of what Harald says partly explains why I do not dismiss ‘the Flat Earth’ propositions abounding at this time – even if, perhaps, I have different reasons for being open to them. I’ve seen 2D entities many times, so why not a flat Earth too? It’s another (perhaps more perceptive) viewpoint of the matrix. Anyway, Harald explains it much better than I. – Ellis


Following on from yesterday’s interview with Rebekah Roth, here’s Bill Ryan chatting to Rebekah too. This is a must listen to, excellent interview, very well conducted by Bill Ryan.


“Some of you may already know much of this. But Rebekah is a fluid, lively and entertaining presenter, and I hope you may enjoy this as much as I did. If you’re keen to know where this may all be going, then jump to nearer the end of the interview where Rebekah shares her concerns about the role of Artificial Intelligence, and the threat of another, much more traumatic false flag event, possibly a nuclear one, in which there may be not nearly so many mistakes made in its execution, and which may be far more destructive and game-changing.

As she says, and I agree, as will many of you — whether this happens or not (or the outcome of such an event, if it does), depends on you, and me, and the number of people who are awake and aware to what is really going on.

Do enjoy this conversation.” – Bill Ryan


Please listen to it all. – Ellis



This is quite odd…

I often wonder what the legendary Fred Dibnah might have said about 911. I just went to have a look, and this came up:

Volkswagen Amarok: the new Fred Dibnah?

The name of the VW, ‘Amarok’, reminded me…I wrote an article way back then…and I had called it Amattroc:

Yer tis (on waybackmachine) : Amattroc

To add to the strangeness the date of the article is 12th October 2001. One year later, to the day, the Bali Bombings occurred….and I haven’t finished…

On 12th March 2002 I posted an article, ‘V sign – this is not a tribute of light…and in the article the VW badge (a picture of two towers falling) was featured.

V Sign

V Sign (24th June 2003 update)

(Both on wayback machine)


…I still don’t know what Fred Dibnah said about 911 though…and who is Rebekah Roth? There is some striking information in her interviews but there seems to be quite a few ‘too good to be true’ types around lately, which is what one would expect the dark side to cast in. I’m not implying anything but I am cautious, and hoping she’s for real.


cloaked manThere’s no doubt in my mind that when it comes to the matter of the Men in Black, there is a direct connection between these menacing characters and a wealth of other supernatural phenomena. That includes the Hat-Man, the Shadow People, the Black-Eyed Children, and the Women in Black. All of these entities are definitively sinister in nature and should be avoided at all costs. And, to a degree, they even mirror each other.
Men in Black…Cloaks


underground stationEngland’s famous London Underground railway-system serves Greater London and parts of the surrounding counties of Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. It’s also the world’s oldest underground network of its type: services began on January 10, 1863 on the Metropolitan Railway. And while the overall Underground itself is not, of course, a secret location, it certainly has had more than its fare share of classified, off-limits sections during the course of its long and, literally, winding existence. Not only that: the Underground has had more than a few connections to the strange world of Forteana, too.
Creatures That Lurk Below


warsoldiercarryinganotherThe battlegrounds of World War I were hellholes full of blood, explosions, death, and the anguished cries of the dying. There is no doubt that here on display was humanity at its worst and most feral; a miasma of conflict, misery, and evil. From this cloud of soul staining hatred and killing also sprung a variety of tales and mysteries which have become almost lost to time, with no real way of verifying their veracity, and which have gone on to attain almost legendary status. One such story comes to us from the violence soaked badlands of WWI’s no man’s land. Here, among the harrowing trench warfare, death, and destruction come tales of a mysterious heathen tribe of half-crazed, cannibalistic lunatics, which hid within the charred ground and roamed the war torn landscape in order to loot and feed on the dead.
The Mysterious Wild Men of No Man’s Land

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