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How the Banksters Play “Good Cop, Bad Cop” articleAs all eyes turn to this week’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting for an answer to the will they / won’t they Fed rate hike question, we face another stark reminder of how the global economy is increasingly at the whim of the central bankers with their hands on the money spigot. The would-be “Masters of the (Phoney, Manipulated) Universe” known as the Federal Reserve board have the power to send the global economy into a tailspin by hiking rates, causing a giant unwind of the almost-never-mentioned dollar carry trade in emerging economies. Or they can waffle again, delay the decision, and keep markets in the precarious limbo they’ve been since the end of the QE3 party and the removal of the punch bowl. They could even, as some suggest, concede their utter failure to even understand let alone implement an easing-based “recovery” and try again with QE4.
How the Banksters Play “Good Cop, Bad Cop”



malcolm turnbullMore Bull

The pug Abbott has been defrocked…and good riddance…but another Rhodes Scholar has been wheeled out to pretend things are gonna change for the better, Malcolm Turnbull. (Shoe-horned in on 15th September and now the 29th puppet leader prime minister of Australia.) Few of them have been up to much, and when they are they have sudden misfortunes.  Arch Royal slobberers and suck-unders, like ‘Pig-iron Bob’, Robert Menzies, have done best for themselves.


An observation of the peril Australia faced from that sycophant, written by a dinky-di Australian:

“So here was Australia with a population of six to seven million people, the Japs knocking at the door and all our soldiers, sailors, and airmen thousands of miles away. John Curtin, a Labour man, was elected as Prime Minister and thank Heavens for that!.. because Robert Menzies, the complete Anglophile, who seemed to be able to take trips to England whenever he felt like it – and stay as long as liked – was defeated. On one of his trips to England he and Winston Churchill had decided that the Japanese could have W.A. and all points north of Brisbane. John Curtin had other ideas. He called our troops home. A big row erupted with Churchill over this but finally Curtin thought he had won and that the troops were coming back on British ships. Crafty Churchill radioed the captains when the ships were in the Indian Ocean and told them to take the troops to nearer destinations. Curtin went to town and finally won his point, otherwise Australia would have soon been occupied by the Japanese.”


Of course John Curtin didn’t last long after this. He died of a heart attack on 5 July 1945.


‘Ming the percy-less’ Menzies, despite his traitorous actions, took charge of the Underworld government again in 1949. His first term in office had been in 1939 (just in time for the war) after (surprise) pacifist Joseph Lyons, a popular premier, dropped dead suddenly.


Menzies went to the devil on 15 May 1978. His premierships were litanies of dark manoeuvres and their successes – including taking Australia into the hell-hole of the Vietnamese war as defactos for Britain and basically giving Australia over to the military arm of the N.W.O. and their nuclear explosions.


So now Oz has Cap’n Bligh (Malcolm Bligh Turnbull) at the helm of the good ship Australia.

God bless ’em, and all who sail in her.

The good one. They’ll need it.


westminsterPolice have dropped an investigation into a Westminster VIP pedophile ring that allegedly murdered a 15-year-old girl at a “vile” orgy in the 1990s after finding no evidence to support the key witness’s claims.
In January the witness, known as “Darren,” claimed he saw a senior Conservative MP lure the teenage girl into a “medical room” at a pedophile party in London’s Dolphin Square apartments.

The eyewitness, who claims he was trafficked for sex, told the Daily Mirror: “I never saw her leave that room, in fact I never saw her again. I fear she may have been killed.”

Speaking about the “horror,” Darren claimed he was also abused by the group while doing work experience, aged 15, at the Thornham Manga estate in Suffolk, alleging that the convicted child molester Peter Righton was involved.
Police drop ‘VIP pedophile ring’ murder case – & instead refer witness’s baby son to social services

This is beginning to look too much like the same tactics that have been used to keep a lid on endless attempts to expose the seething tangles of serpents that infest the globe.


Under the Gaze of the WatchersMusic video enthusiasts might fondly remember a 1987 clip by British rocker David Bowie which portrayed angels filming all details of human existence–even the most sordid ones–with suitably “angelic” white-painted cameras. The concept of God’s minions looking upon our every act is central to many religions, along with a belief in the existence of angels.
Under the Gaze of the Mighty: Humanity’s Unwelcome Watchers



Watch it to the end, it’s only short. Skinner catches her right out. amazing the Bibi See kept it in, they usually don’t. Well done whoever ensured it.




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