Children of an ancient cause

A repost from my former website, Otherworld Journeys:


Besides other shenanigans over the past few months, including dangerous tampering with my car, lies spread about me, intimidation of those close to me, helicopters buzzing about, strange vehicles parked up outside my home and places I visit; and one thing after the other with internet and email problems, my computer has been hacked; at least twice lately, that I know about. I spent all day yesterday getting it fixed after the latest attack. All sorts of strange noises, audio interference and other people’s voices (British, American and Australian accents) intrude on phone and internet calls. None of this is new to me and all of it is just attempts at intimidation, except maybe the car issues, where my tyre valves were sliced and a crucial fixing, under the car, loosened; and an opportune intervention that prevented me being involved in a head-on crash.

What is clear to me, is that even if other websites misunderstand, or cannot comprehend what I do, the Darkness and its agents most definitely do.

We are fascinated through the magick of adept and darkly-aligned sorcerers. They may look human but, in reality, they are only the familiars of invasive incorporeal entities that rely on incarnate hosts to do anything of substance in this realm. What my work demonstrates, and provides the evidence for, is their spells and their modus operandi.

I do my best to not tell people what to think, or even how to think because that isn’t the way I have learned. My own meaningful schooling has been by my teachers showing me things, presenting experiences, and information for me to view and sense…and when I think I’ve got a handle on it, to look at it all again. There is never any rush; the connections, the patterns they make, the spaces in-between, the feel of them, what they evoke in ones consciousness, through visions, scents, and sounds.


It is never ‘here today, gone tomorrow’, superficial, even if it appears to be. There are always hidden depths and teachings; which is why one of the last things I hope people, who come across what I present, do is to whip through  and move on to the next thing that takes their fancy. The articles I offer seek to appeal to those who are already intuitive, lateral and multidimensional, in their thinking, or are determined to have, clear, agile, and perceptive minds, that are capable of multidimensional perception rather than tethered opinions.

Throughout time it has always been those who exhibited these traits who are singled out to learn the ways of the seer, the uninhibited messenger infused with the skill and verse to melt through the borderlands to the otherworlds and back. It takes countless sojourns here, and to other realms; relentless lifetimes to master.

There are many, many, apprentices here now (female and male – and of every earthly-age), most who are reading this among them, I venture; some know that’s what they are and are getting on with it. Some have yet to realise; and of these, any number, are doing what they came for nevertheless. There are dark-side apprentices too and this world suits them. Part of their role at this time is to hamper and seduce the latent – and the active ones.

For the awakened interdimensional messengers-in-training, who are not aligned to darkness, this compromised world is a continuous struggle for they are not attuned to the grossness of it. Every one of them is learning though, none are masters. Those who have mastered the trials are so energetically incompatible they cannot be here. They have completed that part of their journey. To come into body in this world elements of one’s energy pattern have to fit with the base vibrations present and compelling here.

In their previous incarnations the messengers were, in almost every case, misunderstood and unappreciated by their society. All of them were abused, and their lives always ended violently. Memories of pain, regrets, frustration, abandonment, and guilt seep through into this world to haunt them. These traces, as much as anything, can act as inspirations or dissuasions.

Much of what these children of the dawn say or do in every lifetime is aimed at reactivating their sleeping fellows’ awareness of their purpose and triggering the desire for all of humankind to fulfil their immense individual and collective potentials and responsibilities.

They are in every walk of life, always have been. They are what some misidentify when they refer to them as Star Children, Indigo Children, Crystal Children etc; new forms of human being. Instead they are children of a very ancient cause and they have been coming here since the dawn of time.

I’ll write more another time.

– Ellis

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