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A slightly expanded repost from my former website, Otherworld Journeys:


Through my mystical experiences I have been shown how easily humans can be influenced and manipulated. How their behaviour and thus their affairs can be conducted by entities that are not only not seen they are not acknowledged by the vast majority of Earth humans. For the most part these beings remain in the form of non-corporeal consciousness and have the ability to tune to the individualised vibrations of humans and other forms of life on this planet. Some however do materialise, to varying degrees of visibility, audibility, and emanation.

Sometimes cameras, microphones and other equipment pick up these sounds, images and odours. There are scientific theories for this but what I know to be true is that when we take anything, for example food, clothes, colours, light, perfumes, jewellery, talismans, and cameras, into our energy field their energies combine with ours. They change our own currently prevailing energetic states. (There are many exterior influences too, fluctuating our being, our fields – the mental and physical environments and conditions, what we have become aware of, and the company we keep, or are in, for instance.) When the frequency of anything changes what it broadcasts into The Field attracts energy patterns with permutations to match it.

This is how some people who are normally as psychic as a house brick can suddenly have a dramatic supernatural experience – their energy field was at that moment conducive to perceiving it. They may never have another one (because the exact same circumstances can never be repeated). Conversely, it is the reason why the ability of naturally gifted psychics fluctuates and why those prone to psychic and supernatural experiences have days, months, or years off.

It is also one of the motives for inserting implants into abductees and targeted individuals. The implants don’t need to contain any wiring, can be anything (bone, metal, plastic, anything). Besides the obvious surveillance agendas, the purpose is to disrupt the person’s energy field, to make them either more, or less, capable of communicating in ways they could before.

Put vicious demons inside the auric field and you can see how a country led by a monster-impregnated warlock court becomes possessed enough to party at the annihilation of fellow humans and how those imprisoned within its walls (the field it has constructed) are subjected to what it has summoned.

It is not possible for one person to heal the world. Health is wholeness and that means that everyone would have to be wholesome. It ain’t going to happen, and it isn’t meant to. If everything was perfect then there would be no purpose for having this realm. Perfection is flat-out nada.

This gift of experiencing life here is to encourage us to appreciate the value of differences, the inevitable play between light and dark, the humour in failing, the joy of success, the beauty of harmony. Our realm has a specific allocation of energy intentionally.

Demons, their mystery, and their exits and entrances are active ingredients that test both individuals and the whole. They suck on us, milk our vitality, stall us or bring us down. It is easier to fall than to climb. Angels? We have to aspire to, to reach for where they are.

Demons lurk around the base and third eye chakras of human beings. Invited in they infest the base instincts. They teach their host that worldly acquisitions, glitter and glory, abundance and wealth, ownership, are the goals of life when, in reality they are millstones that those it has tort well will carry into the depths of the ocean of the afterlife. Demons consume.

Angels assume, they welcome the carers and the sharers, those who hold on to nothing, seek nothing. Their rise is a natural consequence of their gratitude and benevolence, their kindness.

Attitudes need to change to bring this world into balance. The keys to beginning this change are demonstrated by the numeric figures: The illusion of primacy that has been written into (the figure) 1 has had its day. It was never true anyway. It’s just a downward line, an initial move out of consciousness to the physical realm (the line we rite along) performed by mind and body together. Unconscious design is first and is the initiator of everything. Every idea, every insight, is a gift to all of mankind; the discoverer or inventor, whatever, is merely the pattern of consciousness the idea is channelled through. They do not own it. Does the postman own your mail?

Earth humans own absolutely zilch, despite the concocted illusions; their job is to be servants of the Divine and custodians of this planet. To claim ownership of anything at all is a sure demonstration of attachment(s) and possession by dark thought-forms. To go along with, or enforce, this evil (yes ‘evil’ the opposite of ‘live’) is spiritual (consciousness) self-sacrifice and suicide. What we are entitled to, but don’t get, is an equal energy exchange, which is nature’s way (and intimately connected to our custodianship responsibilities). The effort (energetic expense) that we contribute to something is intended to be naturally rewarded in equal measure (kind-ness) and in ceaseless flow – not more, not less. Equilibrium, balance, in all things.

Mankind is not a creator; it is an extension and manifestation of the Invisible, ultimately ‘the Ineffable’. Yet even so, nothing can be made manifest, or destroyed, or transformed in this realm through the agency of man without circular motion. ‘Genesis’ used the rib of ‘the man’ to picture this and describe how God made ‘woman’, and this was portrayed in the numeric and alphabet systems prevalent today. A curve is, as well, only a line, so the rib did arise from ‘the man’ – I, the line. Of course ‘the Empire’ has dressed up the line – I – with a cap and boots – 1 – to suggest it has left-brain (male) presence and standing; but by its own devices (alphabet, numerics, calendar etc) it has exposed itself. Beginning in the previous millennia their figure for that and the millennia we are now being regulated by is 2 (20th Century and the 2000s) portraying the figure – I – now prostrate and below the rib (the curve, the woman). 2 is rising out of _. The awakening of right brain (referring to that which is esoteric and unquantifiable to instruments and intellect) is surely obvious to everyone. It is why females (as personified metaphors for this consciousness) have been getting into their stride…and frequently…into their strides, because we are still in a long cusp of transition from the 1 (male) to the 2 (male and female); as well as the prevalence (or at least media attention to) of homosexuality and transgenderism in the world in recent times. We have such an opportunity right now.

The curve (feminine), now has standing – on the prostrate man: _ as 2. Neither  I nor 1 has balls, and so no power to create. (They‘ve been telling us all along in their cunning way; but blinded, we just haven’t noticed.)

Long time readers will know this already (so apologies to them for repeating this again); the alphabet designers have indicated this same message with the capital A. With small ‘a’ they’ve portrayed it again but using a different means. Small ‘a’ is the non-aroused, latent, or infant, male genitalia in profile. Letter ‘b’, (and this is one of the letter bnecessary changes to my book, The Esoteric Alphabet’, is the erect phallus in profile but it sits uneasily upon a letter dcurve so represents immature, unsure, creative energy – pre-pubescence.   On the other hand, ‘d’, which comes after the serpent ‘c’ (sperm), and charged with this, with it’s foot dug into the physical plane (riting line) is ready and waiting to go. Remember the alphabet and numerics symbols and orders are programming designs (devices) manifested through the minds and hands of men. There’s much, much more to this but hopefully you can now see it for yourselves.


Here’s a short video on some of what you’ve just been reading:


So 1 is self-centred and marks its territory and reputation, because that’s the programming, while the figure I  is ephemeral, just a message, an idea, an inspiration, inclusive and included; an aspect of everything (and everyone). It has no ambitions, no pretence, and no self presence. It is not the sun, as you have likely read, but it can be imagined as light and other emanations from it. It is not the moon either, nor Venus, or anything else with a physical presence. It does not have authority, but it does convey it on behalf of that which does.

The Titanic Verses bang on quite a bit about how ‘the words of God’ must not be changed; well, they have been, each and every letter of them – just by the act of writing, no matter what language is used…and the Ancients of current humanity didn’t write anything down. Jesus didn’t write anything either. The manifest world is a spelling miss-take that has invoked enormous consequences for this world. Riting ambushes divine eloquence and converts it into the dark doctrine that is disguised as means of quantifying and communication but is really mind control on a gargantuan scale. Double ‘u’, the copy of ‘you’, the disassociated ”you’, precedes the rite. In numerology and Numerosymbology ‘u’ is 21, double u, 2121, 2s and 1s, or 21+21 = 42, ‘the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything’, according to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe – and capital P, by the way, and tellingly (for another time). Of course Douglas Adams (relevant name), being a product of the programme, assumed he’d thought of it himself.

…but ‘w’ is the 23rd letter. 23 is regarded by some traditions as ‘a step too far’, or ‘a step outside of (their) so-called “God’s Law” because it breaks out of (or exists beyond) their holy orders – of 22. Therefore either creating (or acknowledging) a thought-form that exists outside their captured domain.

By design, ‘w’ is wings and it is a bow, giving Boeing and the means of the devastating 911 ritual that was cast on a date that totalled 23. The ‘w’ is also featured on Arthur Edward Waite‘s and Pamela Colman Smith‘s Rider-Waite tarot deck’s 220px-RWS_Tarot_16_TowerTower and the figure 1 can be easily ascertained from the depiction of the tower. We could also read from this event a prophecy. The card is number 16, numerologically deriving 1+6 = 7. Two towers gives 7 and 7, the Pentagon (also attacked) 5. The London attacks occurred on 7/7/05, but if we include WTC 7, the full date is also written 7 + 7 + 7 (2+0+0+5 = 7), which adds to 3.

7 is immaterial, out-of-sight except for rapid bursts. It’s quick, it’s lightning (like the w in the tarot card). 7 , and particularly 16, refer to surprising, unexpected and dramatic strikes from the unseen. It was present on 911, 777, and innumerable heart and mind rending, consciousness focussing, and enlightening incidents, probably all of them, and will continue to be.

3 figureThe figure for 3 is easily recognised as a serpent but also conveys the bow and wing, so flight and (eventually) grounding. The elements it represents are air (gas) and aether. The planet, Venus. Figure 2 is a wave rolling towards the future. It doesn’t have to be a tidal one The positive energy of 2 is considerate, caring, flexible, and cooperative. It shows potential stability, progression, and promise. This, as you realise, is the leading number of the current millennium.

The calendar is a dark construct but it still has to abide by the workings of Creation. The shadows of Darkness’ numerics and alphabets were designed to fit energetic patterns that long preceded them. They struggle now to turn the 2 to its dark ulterior. If the Darkness succeeds humanity will be anchored to the past, trawling through the wreckage and waste of previous sorrows or just as likely, probably more, if people continue to fall for its charms and threats will be just another species that came and went. Another failed star in the play that is the dream of God.


Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow
of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy

Hamlet ActV Scene1


Perhaps one day, in a future epic, on a new Globe built from the ashes of this world that we are supposed to care for, someone will exclaim, “What is this strange stone that I’ve tripped over?”…and the fading legend of a race, so very blessed, will be re-discovered and mourned for what they could have been?

…Or maybe, human beings will at the last tick realise that they can command the powerful promise of the 2 and draw that line in the sand, in a flowing wave of non-compliance to the self-appointed dark lords’ abusive parasitic ways and  intimidatory dictates.

We do not create our own reality, but we do formulate the fate of ourselves and everyone and everything else with most everything that we do, and don’t do.

The message of 2 is love, compassion, togetherness, care, promise and inspiration and it’s an energy that will reign for a thousand years, at least. We can choose that instead.



I’ve been to the otherworlds and looked through from there to here. I’ve met some of the beings who call them home. I live here and look into theirs.

I also look into this one from there, and here.

I’ve watched beings from outside assemble in this one. I see others haunting the shadows of people and places. I’ve observed some of them put thoughts in minds to work human mouths and human affairs.

As I said, I live here too. Every day I do what everyone else does. I breath, I see, I talk, I walk, I work. I play, I laugh, I cry, I watch, I listen too…do all these things, and more… like you.

Sometimes the latest news will come my way from talking heads with things to say. They more often than not want me to believe what they say is right, who’s wrong, who did it; sing their song. They’re too quick to blame, too slow to contrition. Never once do they mention the things that others see, behind the scenes in every situation; the slip sly sylphs of this world’s affliction.

Beautiful beings…and wise ones; I’m with them too, they are with me. I’ve been to their worlds, they come to mine. They are in yours, with you…all of the time.

Nothing is real, nothing is true…except what is in the heart of you. Your quest my loves waits deep inside. It’s calling. It waits for you.

Ellis Taylor
First published 1st August 2014
Expanded and re-uploaded here on 10th September 2015


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  1. I’ve just begun to scrape the surface on numerology I hope from your writing I can further my knowledge


    • Thanks for your interest and your comment William. Much appreciated. To explore the nature of numbers is to walk the path of the seer. All the best mate, and thanks again.

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