Sarah’s Painting

A repost from my former website (with some additional info): Looking into the Dark Places

sarahpayne1This painting was printed in the London Sun on Wednesday 5th July 2000. It is by Sarah Payne, a sarah_s_paintinglittle girl who disappeared from a country lane near Kingston Gorse, West Sussex, on 1st July 2000.

It hung in the classroom at her school, Bell Farm Junior School in Walton-on-Thames, near London. It is a remarkable piece of artwork.

 A ‘naked'(?), brown-haired man, stands partly covered by a ‘leather'(?) apron between two golden columns that are flanked by green serpentine ‘squiggles’ and before a 13-square black and white chequered floor. On each column is written her name, ‘Sarah’; but she has written her name differently on each column. The left-hand column (as we view it) appears to be written thus: SAraH while the right-hand column is written SArAH. However, what could be a lower-case ‘a’ on the left-hand column could be a capital ‘A’ with a leg missing. Even so, the ‘A’ letters do seem to have a mirror quality to them…and then why are the middle letters (r) written in lower-case? I know she is only a young child but these points could be something worth considering. Was she left-handed herself?Where do we find black and white chequerboard floors, the number 13 and two columns?Vital footnotesarahpaynefullpage_180tranThe white squares have been embellished (if that is the right word) with red circles and squares. I query the word ’embellished’ because they appear to do nothing to improve the painting. In fact compared to the rest of the artwork they appear to have been added by a less gifted artist, perhaps an 8 year-old child (just a thought, but it may be a very important one). That said it may be worth remembering that squares and circles represent male and female respectively.Because we don’t have the full painting we do not know how many black and white squares – and correspondingly red squares and circles – there are. That might be another telling piece of information.Notice how the painting gives an impression of distorted reality, as if the scene is ‘phasing’ between dimensions, between two worlds.The man appears to have only one sleeve. Why is that? The artist has gone to considerable effort to ‘stud’ the apron. The preciseness of the rest of the painting suggests that the sleeve is supposed to be missing.


Image credit; Freemasonrywatch

Who would wear an item of clothing with the right sleeve missing? Possibly someone like this:

The term ‘sleeveless’ denotes futility. Does this describe Sarah’s sense of hopelessness or could it even be a physical description of the man?

Is there something wrong with the man’s right arm? It does appear to be shorter and a different shape to his left one. In fact, when you consider the ‘phasing’ surrounding the ‘man’ you might be forgiven if you began to wonder if the subject of this painting is in the process of shape-shifting.

There are 33 studs (or buttons)? on the apron. And what men wear aprons and revere the number 33? The number 33, amongst other things, applies to the separation (and abduction) of children.

The term ‘sleeveless’ denotes futility. Does this describe Sarah’s sense of hopelessness or could it even be a physical description of the man?

Is there something wrong with the man’s right arm? It does appear to be shorter and a different shape to his left one.Sarah_s_Paintingmanapronanddevice In fact, when you consider the ‘phasing’ surrounding the ‘man’ you might be forgiven if you began to wonder if the subject of this painting is in the process of shape-shifting.

There are 33 studs (or buttons)? on the apron. And what men wear aprons and revere the number 33? The number 33, amongst other things, applies to the separation (and abduction) of children.

What is that object in the man’s left hand? Is it a bottle of beer? Or something else? It could be a telling clue.

“The history behind the Wizard of Oz programming is interesting. It suggests that the Wizard of Oz has had an important part in the occult world all along. One of the secrets of the Mystery Religions, especially the Egyptian Isis mystery religion was the ability to use drugs and torture to create multiple personalities. The word Oz is known to have been used by its author as an abbreviation for Osirus. Monarch victims have the “golden penis of Osirus” placed into them.”

~ Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler , “Total Mind Controlled Slave”

What is that on the man’s head? It looks like a serpentine-green chequered flat cap; but then considering the painting’s possibilities it may not be a cap at all but part of the scaly creature that is in the process of materialising or de-materialising.

What is that object on the floor to the right of the ‘man’s’ right leg? The artist has painted it in the flesh colour. It resembles a baby or could it be a head?

What is the green object just above this?

I’ve heard all sorts of explanations for the messages in this painting:

Perhaps her mum had a one sleeved dress.

Sarah’s mum has long brown hair and the last time I saw her on the box she didn’t need a shave.

Sarah has drawn herself.

She hasn’t got a beard either.

It is a painting of somebody’s kitchen.

Snazzy wallpaper and two columns. Everyone has a kitchen decorated like this.

The picture is a man with shorts on that you cannot see and he is holding a bottle of beer.

Could be. But in a room like this? Sarah’s mum, Sara, worked as a barmaid

The picture is not of Sarah’s dad or her granddad -they look nothing like this.

Whoever drew this painting had real artistic talent. If it was Sarah it is an extremely impressive piece of artwork for an 8-year-old child. Not only in the craftsmanship but also in the colour palette and other symbolic imagery used in it. Where does a little girl get this knowledge from?

The subconscious is a remarkable faculty. Secrets that are not consciously available for a myriad reasons are expressed symbolically in music, art and other right-brain associated ways.

I strongly suspect this little girl has in some way been in contact with groups that use the symbolism that she has signalled.

Please consider seriously the possible evidence incorporated in Sarah’s painting that there may be an even more sinister aspect (if that is possible) to the disappearance and murder of a little 8 year-old girl called Sarah Payne.

There is a strong suggestion of paedophillia in this painting and it seems exceedingly strange that little Sarah met her death under just these circumstances. I ask you “Is this (when you consider Sarah’s artwork) likely to have been the first time that she has suffered abuse?”

Why weren’t alarm bells ringing at the school? Are our teachers trained to look out for signs of child abuse? And if not, why not?

The police and the Mirror newspaper were notified by the writer as to the significance of this painting.

No reply was forthcoming.

Sarah was found murdered 16 days after she vanished. She was discovered about 10 miles north of where she was taken from after a wild goose chase around northern England.

Sarah didn’t deserve this. Like too many innocent children she has been let down horribly not just by the twisted and perverse but also by ignorant, unobservant, poorly informed and care-less adults.

In her hopelessness this beautiful little soul somehow constructed a message, a clue to her torment and tormentors in the form of a painting. A painting that would be seen by millions of adults.

We must not let her down for in so doing we are condemning even more children into the clutches of this rank evil.


(An article from some time in the late summer of 2000.)

Notes: In previous articles I have shown how names are very important in these Satanic crimes. At present in Western Australia there are 3 Sarah’s missing to my knowledge. (Still unsolved 28th July 2015). We live in an environment entirely made up from energy vibrating at different rates interacting at multiple levels. Everything is energy, including names, and the names we use inevitably draw like and opposite frequencies into our fields of experience. I have discussed in several articles (refer to miscellaneous articles and alternative investigations) how the frequencies and meanings of names relate to the circumstances surrounding disappearances and discoveries. I use the term ‘Satanic’ to describe the Dark side that purposely perverts the human experience. It does, without a doubt control groups and individuals, some of who are perfectly aware of their ‘possession’, indeed some actively pursue and encourage its demonic patronage while others have succumbed, often unwittingly, through drugs (including medication), pornography and programming.

Sarah means ‘princess’ or ‘loved one’. ‘Loved One’ names were given to Moon Temple priestesses after their initiation. (see Search For Sarah for more detail). Payne comes from the French name ‘Payenne’-pagan. Together the name means ‘pagan princess’. An original pagan princess was the Egyptian Moon Goddess, Isis who together with her sister, Nephtys celebrates her birthday in the month of July. To Gypsies Isis is known by another name – Sarah. Sarah’s body was discovered on 17th July, the feast day honouring the birthday of Isis’ , sister and consort of Osiris.

Sarah vanished on the evening of 1st July 2000, a night of a New Moon; which happened to be in perigee that night. Perigee means that the moon is at its closest to the earth at that time. It is accepted that the moon’s influence on us is about 25% stronger when the moon is in perigee. This extra power is especially attractive to those working with moon energy. I am told that the published times for moon phases can be out of whack by a couple of hours. This is because they use computer-generated data. For the exact moment of a new moon ritual participants watch for the first glimpse of moonlight. At this time of year that could be rather late as the sun set well past the ‘official’ new moon time of 7.20pm.

A fact that not many people seem to be aware of is that each new moon has its own name according to its time (month). A July moon is called, amongst other names, ‘The Moon of Claiming’, ‘Moon of Blood’, ‘Blessing Moon’, ‘Maedmonat’ (Meadow Moon -Sarah was found in a meadow), Hewimanoth (Hay Moon- I seem to remember that the grass in the field was in the process of being cut) and Thunder Moon. (Thundersley in Essex may be connected to the disappearance of Danielle Jones: see Once More Into The Lions Den).

All of these names for a July moon seem ominous when you connect them to Sarah’s murder.

Another peculiar moon aspect belonging to July 2000 is that there were two moons in that month. When a month has two moons the second moon is called a Blue Moon, whose other names were ‘Moon of the Dead’ and ‘Ancestor Moon’. Many ancient cultures though refused to name it believing it to be an especially sacred and dread time. (For a Blue Moon to even occur there has to be an aspect of time that is in honour of the moon. In our era, the calendar is a  Roman Catholic device adapted from the Romans and their empire. Satanism uses the same calendar, the same holy days (and others), and reverses their moods and intentions.)

July 1st is yet another feast day for John the Baptist-a favourite target of Satanism and may support the theory that the flesh-coloured object to the left of the ‘man’ is a head..

The name Sarah totals 73, which in reverse is the magickal 37, and becomes 1, through natural addition. Sarah was taken on the 1st July (a number 1 day), the complete date 1/7/2000 also totalled 1. (Also 28, a lunar-related number.)

RWS_Tarot_16_TowerThe names Sarah Payne add to 16, as does her birth date. 16 relates to the ‘Tower’ (or column) in the tarot. Two 16’s are represented in Sarah’s painting by the two columns with her name written down them. 16 is the number of the spiritual messenger, the angel, and is always associated with tragic or dramatic events having, or providing, critical, unavoidable spiritual and emotional experiences and lessons aimed directly at demolishing ego and creating the conditions for an expansive vision and a less controlled and monitored awareness. Sarah’s body was discovered 16 days after she disappeared.

Sarah’s body was discovered next to the A29 road. Number 29 relates to the loss of loved ones. Both 2 and 9 are lunar numbers, and symbolise two moons (see above). When the constituent numbers of 29 are added together they total 11 – two 1’s. There are two columns (1’s) in her picture.

Sarah was born on 13th October 1991, a 13 day number corresponding to the 13-squared chequered floor – night and day – 13 x 13 = 169, which totals 16.

The painting also seems to have predictive tones when we consider, along with the previous details, that black and white squares are also found on a chess board. The name of the man convicted of her murder is Roy Whiting, a name suggesting ‘White King’. In chess the White King always begins on a black square (on the dark side). Whiting was born on 26th January 1959. This is one numerological calculation, is a 51 date. The 51st card of the Tarot is the King of Swords.

In another formula, his date of birth totals 33. This (and it’s constituent 3) is one of the prime numbers of holy and cosmic observances; it is a number that comes up time and again in the Numerosymbological data in cases of abuse and loss of children.

The numerological value of the name Roy Whiting is 11, which accords with the columns and the road number value. His Pulse number (name and birth number), day number (26) and full name number equal 8. This is the same as the day number Sarah’s body was discovered (17th – 1+7=8). 17 is the number of Sirius – the dog star. The numbers 1 and 7 together are often darkside codes recorded in several places in my articles. “Roy Whiting” also connotes “King Stone” and Kingston Gorse is where Sarah was snatched from. The name also means “Fish King” – interesting. ‘Roy’ totals 3, a number that appears Numerosymbologically in ‘Whiting’ also.

Sussex has been a hotbed of occult activity for a very long time. One very famous Satanist Aleister Crowley died in Hastings, Sussex in 1947.

More information on the New Moon is discussed in ‘The Search For Sarah’. Any information regarding the contents of this article will be very welcome.

© Ellis C Taylor
updated 26th September 2005


Added 3rd August 2015
Terror raid house was home to Sarah Payne killer Roy Whiting
This information added 15th July 2008:

The two columns remind researchers of the two columns used in Freemasonry (and other occult groups) known as Jachin and Boaz – “the Asherah Poles”. Asherah was Astarte, the Great Goddess, Queen of Heaven and Mother of All which fundamentally links to the Mason’s Word – Mac Benac! – which, very possibly means ‘Divine Child’. Could the way the letters on the poles have been written be indicating that SARAH is so similar to ASHERAH? How strange too that the pillars are coloured gold and green – the very colours, that the ancient Greek historian Herodutus conveys, of the pillars in the Temple of Melqart in Tyre.

From The Sons of the Great Mother by Francine Bernier (page 15)

Further reading on dark occult activity in Sussex.

Black Magic In Clapham and Sussex
Here is a link to a multimap of the area described in the above article. You will notice Clapham is situated between Kingston Gorse where Sarah was abducted from and Pulborough where her body was found. Right in the middle is also a place called Harrow Hill, which means Altar Hill, or High Altar. It is also on the route to Cissbury Ring (near Findon), a place that was indicated in my article on Sarah, ‘The Tragedy of Sarah Payne’ part 3.

Dr. Stephen Kent: Interview on Cults and Ritual Abuse (A Gaia Guys link, so no longer viable.)
YouTube video on Number 29
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