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An Occult Agenda

A re-published, slightly edited and expanded, article from June 2009. Formerly on my website, Looking into the Dark Places



During the mid 90s I was very fortunate to have spent a lot of time with some prile_of_perth_from_bpnative Australian families east of Perth. They were Nyungar people. It was an education for me in so many ways; and many times, in conversation with these amazing people I noticed that some of their words sounded very…well…Egyptian. At this time I had very little knowledge of ancient Egypt, in fact I’ve always had an aversion to its culture. I did however notice these things.

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A fishing story – honest!

For a lot of my boyhood and up to my late 30s, before I moved back to Australia I used to enjoy fishing (it’s a 7-thang). I gave it up when I became a vegetarian. Not that I ate the fish.


I’d say I was about 25-ish, during the 70s anyway, and I was excited. It was 15th June, the eve of the course fishing season in England. Continue reading

Sarah’s Painting

A repost from my former website (with some additional info): Looking into the Dark Places

sarahpayne1This painting was printed in the London Sun on Wednesday 5th July 2000. It is by Sarah Payne, a sarah_s_paintinglittle girl who disappeared from a country lane near Kingston Gorse, West Sussex, on 1st July 2000.

It hung in the classroom at her school, Bell Farm Junior School in Walton-on-Thames, near London. It is a remarkable piece of artwork. Continue reading