The ingredients of life are collected from a vast and tumultuous sea of (to us) invisible energy comprised of an unimaginable number of potential particles, all of them connected to each and every other in myriad multidimensional chains.

To form an expression of life, or being, or presence, certain of these potential particles are segregated from the others by severing one of their dimensional chains that connects those elements to every other. The number of particles that are netted depends upon what the Creator intends the creation to be, and do.

The chosen loosed particles (only disconnected on one level) are now, and according to the intended creation, brought together in certain patterns and formations beginning with the basic common physical (or necessary interactive) characteristics suited to the environment (the now) it will inhabit or be active in. After this, for a regenerative species, the physical genders are fashioned. These are Nature’s infrastructures.

Everything that happens to a being after this is intrusion, interference, or assistance by other than Nature, depending upon viewpoints and agendas – which? Depends upon viewpoints and agendas…and conditioning, indoctrination or programming.

One very persuasive, artificially (as in not innate) installed, programme is gender programming. Both genders, in their essential psychic attributes are equally perceptive, empathic, nurturing, and considerate but this has been undermined (under-mind) by generations of terror, entrainment, inducement, regulation, and beguilement by the Darkness and its casting couch…casting shadows over humans to confuse and conceal the wonders they are all truly capable of.

I began this article after yet again reading propaganda that women are more intuitive and men less psychically vulnerable to mind control. This is complete rubbish. Not only is everyone mind controlled massively (to varying degrees of that) but the ability to brainwash a person is, in no way gender-dependent, for reasons I’ve already stated. Men might appear to be less sensitive, women more so, but everyone knows oodles of contradictions to this being the case. What categorizes the characteristics in every human being are the energetic patterns they carry, and these, have been, to a huge extent, installed by energetic pattern overlays through so-called culture and education.

Energy just is but divided, then shaped into particular patterns it becomes a formulation having specific characteristics with its own peculiarities.

These patterns have been encoded in each of the symbols (and their positions) that populate our numeric and alphabet systems; and, due to the ‘like attracts like’ Law of Attraction, and because they are incessantly being broadcast and received (in word and thought) they are unrivalled orchestrators of every individual’s and societies’ experiences. In other words (ahem) what you think you are asking for is not necessarily an accurate communication of what you desire (de-sire: emasculation, enervation), and may be completely at odds with it.

We ‘spell’ words – precisely because that is what we are performing when we (w)rite or converse (to turn about) – but humans, for a long time persuaded that all magic is evil (‘live’ turned about) or trickery (which it is but in another sense than dark and unwitting agents expound) have been blinded to the fact that all religions are practitioners and teachers of spells – and the instigators of academies that teach only what suits their agendas.

You are performing, or taking part in, powerful magic every moment of your daily life without you realising it. Magick is real and real magicians, knowing the power of words are very, very, careful how they construct a spell, often using especially constructed glyphs to represent the sounds of Creation and Destruction, Destruction and Creation – Transformation.

If you are reading this then you have a set of symbols that have determined your talents, life cycles and character. They are known to you as your birth date. You have another cast of characters that conjure your experiences which you are being encouraged to deal with in a way that suits the energetic patterns inscribed in your birth date. These are your names.

Experience meant (Experiment)

Everyone has a collection of different numbers: e.g. day, month, year of birth; first middle and last names. Each has their own totals and they are combined to make others. To a certain extent, with the numbers we are dealt, we can choose the energetic patterns (the experiences) we wish to broadcast, and so, receive. Sometimes, our intuition will guide us to the names that will best suit our soul’s journey (make sure it is your intuition and not your instinct, or other repression). Instinct is a survival programme, it will try to prevent you doing something it fears or has no experience of. Intuition seeks to deliver new ideas and experiences.

Remember, you cannot do this out of fear of any kind that fear will compromise what you are attempting to do. It is not something to take lightly but that said, once you are really sure treat it as a game and just see where it goes. Maybe give yourself a month, or whatever, to see what’s occurring. Any changes will take a little while to show up and this depends upon how often the name is used, by you and others.


I can’t give you all the myriad formulae now but here are the basics:
Most of the meanings of the numbers are easy to look up in a search engine. Just type in “numerology”. That said, what I do is different; it’s called “Numerosymbology”. Here are the letter values.

a-z = 1-26
A-Z = 27-52

Add the numbers of each name.
Add the total of each name together. E.g. 96 = 9+6 = 15 = 1+5 = 6

Now total each name together and decide which combination feels right. It may be just one, two of them, all of them, whatever.
The name you use most will attract it’s energy, in some way, in return.

As I said , I started this article after reading something – but it swerved off in its own direction; so my lateral and multidimensional readers, let’s bring it back again:

Four, 7, 11 and 16.

My Numerosymbology research agrees with Quantum Science’s 11-dimension M theory; however it is clear to me that the ancients and secret science must have been (made?) aware of 11 dimensions a very long time ago. The alphabets’ and numeric systems’ designs humans are compelled to use all day every day clearly, for me, reveal this to be the case.(P.s. 60 seconds (6), 60 minutes (6), 24 hours (6) (666, the clock is a Beast, and is possibly THE Beast).

IMPORTANT Please, because this blog format is limited in its font and image formatting, when you read the numeric for four here and everywhere, picture this figure, an open four with its horizontal on the line of writing (you will learn why when you read more of this article):

Open four on the line of writing

Open four on the line of writing


Picture it as a stream flowing down to a waterwheel. The stream represents ‘messages’ from the divine. The cross becomes the paddles of the wheel which turn and reach into every innate aspect of an incarnated human being.



By far the most potent numeric components to make up 11 also reveal this hidden knowledge. The seventh letter is ‘g’, the fourth, ‘d’ – 7 and 4 (g-d). These two numbers together are THE portal numbers. The most potent of all numbers in this respect is 16, because it is within the 22 (circle) and 16 is 4×4 and also 1+6 = 7. Every naturally inclined shaman will have the numbers 4 and 7 figuring prominently in the birth numbers of their Numerosymbology charts. Those learning (and/or susceptible to being programmed) will have 4 and 7, or 16, in their name numbers. This, I suspect is one of the main reasons for the introduction of birth certificates, compulsory hospital births, and State education systems, and other such State directives; enabling 4s, 7s and 16s, in particular, to be monitored more easily.

The figure for number 7 is based upon the concentration of the zig and zag of a lightning strike that appears to explode in sharp bursts from the heavens, from the Divine.
Because we write (rite) from left to right, 7 comes from the past, moves to the future, and delivers to the present, the now on the material plane (represented by the line we write along). 7 comes in bursts, and motivates, for example, sudden inspiration or activity. It is abrupt, surprising, dramatic, seeing, delivering, novel, heralding, different, giving, naïve, mysterious, misunderstood, solitary, reclusive, ethereal, unworldly, idealistic, and a seeker of perfection.

Number four is grounding, creative, constructive. It represents a doorway, a portal to this physical world. It distributes everything that flows from the Divine…unless it is written as 4. This now conventional and prevalent design, features an upside-down cross and represents a figure standing on one leg struggling to keep its balance while holding a great sack of past distresses and woes. the sack diverts, blocks and holds back the Divine flow (the vertical line).

Ellis Taylor

Further reading:
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    • Hi mate, I do now; and I’ve just read your article: and followed the link you’ve provided. It could also be the shape of a four-sided pyramid. and even a Cross Pattée…so possibly those people knew about it. You are, by far, much more up on the present scientific terms than me Ben I just report on what I see and have no idea what these things are called. (I thought a quark was the sound a west country duck makes.) Good article mate, thanks for the info.


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  2. Check out and you’ll realise that quarks are made of b.s. and hot air.CERN is a gigantic con job/money pit and that is likely its true purpose!


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