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With the recent announcements naming Element 115, and confirming gravity waves Bob Lazar’s information is gaining attention again:


carol rainey

Author at work, 1994

It seems timely now, in this era of frighteningly extreme beliefs, to make public my own personal story of how even the unlikeliest person can find herself drawn to enter into an extreme belief system. How she gets caught up in its mythic power, becomes part of the community, and finally, faces the painful fact that she must leave it and people she loves behind. What are the forces that collude to cause a thoroughly modern, educated woman like me to embrace such an unconventional set of beliefs as that of alien abduction and UFOs? It would be easy to explain away by blaming it on my falling in love with and marrying the charismatic leader of this community at the far edges of society. But it’s more than that. There’s a deeper reason, even, than love.

As I write this unfinished memoir, poking at the past a little every day, it is extraordinarily difficult to tell you – or to understand myself — what happened to me inside that chaotic, exciting, almost cultish environment for well over a decade. Just as somebody entering thick woods might pick up a sturdy stick, I picked up my video camera to help me understand the beliefs of my husband and the victims who came to him for counsel and hypnosis. Making the film only drew me closer into his investigations, case by case. I saw how a UFO researcher actually did his recovered memory work; not what he said he did. If I questioned his methods or what seemed like a willingness to believe almost anything, that temerity landed me on the enemies list. Days later, we wouldn’t be able to keep our hands off each other. It was the most madly in love, rage-filled, crazy-making, tumultuous relationship of my life.

Some readers may dismiss my story for that very reason. The angry ex-wife…motives…too close for objectivity. But there is no one else to tell this story. On a day-to-day basis, abduction researchers work alone, with no peer review and no one to double-check their methods and ethics.i It was only the abductionist’s wife who saw, first-hand, how researchers could and did shape the alien abduction narrative they wanted — the terrifyingly invisible alien takeover of the planet and the human species. It is my hope that The Abductionist’s Wife digs far below the surface of the UFO community to reveal the compulsion and complexities of any belief. What I want to offer is a poignant, but clear-eyed story about a great love gone awry in a tangled, emotionally taut search for answers to a human mystery.
The Singer’s Hybrid Daughter, Part I :Excerpt from The Abductionist’s Wife: A Memoir
by Carol Rainey


Recently, I was approached by a couple who just had their third child. The baby was in agony and they couldn’t find a reason. The 3-month-old couldn’t seem to rest. Was it the milk? Was it pain? What was it?

In my experience (I have a degree in child psychology and I work as an alternative healer), some babies are having a hard time adjusting from either the birth itself or simply to being in their body. In regression therapy, some people can remember their own birth. The details are confirmed by their parents.
There’s More Going On in a Baby’s Consciousness Than We Are Aware Of


Fairy stories such as Beauty and the Beast and Rumpelstiltskin can be traced back thousands of years to prehistoric times, with one tale originating from the bronze age, academics have revealed.

Using techniques normally employed by biologists, they studied common links between 275 Indo-European fairy tales from around the world and found some have roots that are far older than previously known, and “long before the emergence of the literary record”.
Fairytales much older than previously thought, say researchers


Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Iceland, has picked up where early 20th century scholars left off in the investigation of an Icelandic medium’s claim to supernatural abilities.
Reincarnation and Psychic Research: Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson Discusses


Let’s continue our exploration of the relationship between the incarnate self (the ego) and the higher self. We begin by taking a step back to look at the overall picture of human mentality.

First, there is the conscious ego of the incarnate personality. Then there is the subliminal self (as F.W.H. Myers called it), which includes both the subconscious and the superconscious.

The subconscious – dubbed “George” by Arthur Ellison, who compared it to the autopilot of an airplane – is a programmable faculty that can access information and provide creative breakthroughs when properly instructed. It functions largely as an information retrieval service and as a way of organizing information.
Perspectives in consciousness


Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Iceland, asked approximately 700 physicians and nurses what they had heard from their patients concerning deathbed visions.

Many people, shortly before they died, reported seeing deceased friends or family members who said they were there to help them pass to the afterlife. The dying patients would often become happy to go and their fears dissipated as a result of the visions.
Deathbed Visions: Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson Discusses His Research


Nothing to see here….move along:

Fallstreak hole creates spectacular cloud formation over Perth

An excellent dismissal of the tame meteorologists’ attempt to to quieten the herd about what is clearly a craft by Robert Hulse:

The explanation from the weather bureau does not make any sense to me. —— According to the bureau’s Neil Bennett, the cloud – which was sitting high above Perth Airport – contained extremely cold water particles.
As air crafts flew through the cloud, the particles in their jet exhaust caused this extremely cold water to instantly freeze.
The newly frozen ice crystals inside the cloud became a lot heavier then the cloud itself.
As a result, the heavier ice crystals fell through the cloud, leaving an usual hole – just like the one Perth locals reported seeing this morning. ——- If the cloud was sitting high above Perth Airport as explained by the bureau, there’s hardly any chance that planes arriving or departing Perth Airport would be anywhere near high enough to deposit jet exhaust in the area of the cloud. It takes ages for a plane to reach that altitude. Also, this cloud is supposed to be special because it contained extremely cold water particles. Why don’t we get these types of cloud over Manchester in February. It’s a damned sight colder than Perth at one of the hottest times of their year. This is just more piece of gobbledegook from a weather bureau spokesman controlled by government. The Australians under the thumb of the American Secret Government are perhaps the best in the world at managing these types of stories. They should be. They’ve had plenty of practice at it through the years as Ellis well knows.


Here’s a reet treat for those who’ve ventured this far. Grab yourself some munchies and a nice drink and settle down to watch:


Well, that’s what I did…and, on the whole enjoyed it very much. Iceland is such a magical and energetic country. I love it, and hope that I can go again. (Tony Dodd, by the way, is in a cameo, and there’s a section on healing too.)

Here’s the clip of my trip to the Elf Garden in Iceland, if you haven’t seen it, or would like to see it again:


Lotsa love,


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