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Eyes Wide Shut


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My December 2002 article on Eyes Wide Shut

More Eyes Wide Shut

There’s dodgy extrapolation assumptions here, or perhaps it’s mis and dis information from archaeologists. As if they’d do such a thing. Hush ma mouth.

Gender equality existed in the Third Millennium B.C.! History books have been proven wrong! Stonehenge was not just a bastion for important men but also included women. Recent discoveries show that in Druid culture, women were equal to men in status and importance.

Archaeologists have previously theorized that Stonehenge functioned, in part, as a cemetery for members of prominent families, religious and political leaders, and those who possessed special skills. According to the latest edition of British Archaeology,  they now have exciting new evidence that women were were part of the cultural elite.
Women Found Buried at Stonehenge

“Are we due for a downward trend? Should modern women be concerned?” – No, most certainly not. Tis but the beginning of the rise of the feminine, and that is obvious to anyone, surely.


Dorset Police’s report: officers had ‘ample reasonable grounds’ to question ex-minister
Met was right to interview Lord Brittan over rape claim – review


Some of this I was aware of, and I may have posted this before. It’s one of the concerns I had about the organisation FREE. There are some good people in it but these things get infiltrated, they just do, and it will not have been just Edgar Mitchell.

In the fields of ufology and paranormal research, the name of Dr Edgar Mitchell is one that comes up quite frequently. Since at least 2003, he has been heard to make incredible statements about events which happened in 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico. For example, in an interview for the documentary “Out Of The Blue,” which was produced by James Fox and shown on the sci-fi Channel, Mitchell “started off gently” and said
Will The Real Edgar Mitchell Please Step Forward?



I met and chatted to Kelly Cahill for the first time at a Brisbane UFO conference in 1996 or 7.. She was then the squeeze of David Summers, the then owner and editor of the conspiracy mag, Exposure. She was very traumatised by the incident. Anyway there’s been a piece written in the Australian Age about her, following an X Files shout out at the beginning of the first programme of the series.
The Oz Files: Who is Victorian ‘abductee’ Kelly Cahill and what did she see in Narre Warren?

Looks like either they couldn’t find her, or she didn’t want to speak to them.


Every day for some of us.

Laura in Michigan called in to talk about a bizarre sighting she had at a Costco. Oddly, it’s similar to a really strange case that Linda Moulton Howe covered back in September of last year in which a masseuse observed, momentarily, a grey alien entity in place of the person receiving the massage, as if a hologram had been switched off for a few seconds, allowing the massager to see the entity in its true form. Quoting Linda’s article (sadly, the link to the article has fallen under her pay wall):
“All of a sudden this woman (being massaged) turned into a very slender, very pale, kind of ash skin alien with big eyes and a very big head.” – Cindy Shilf, Professional Licensed Masseuse, Chicago, Illinois.
They Are Among Us






I’m still processing the revelations about Terence which so far have increased my sense of the complexity of the man and increased my fascination with his enigmatic character. Jung once said, “The larger the man, the larger the shadow.” and no doubt 6’6″ Jung, who had an often brutal personality, hoped the aphoristic principle would be applied to him. I can imagine Terence, who always revered Marshall McLuhan, rationalizing that the “messenger was the message” and therefore that he was justified in making his public persona an edited performance art that combined authentic and inauthentic elements. Although my love and fascination with Terence is increased by the revelation, I don’t feel a need to gloss over it in a hagiographical blur of idealization either.
On the Disillusioning Revelations about Terence Mckenna


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