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wolvesyellowstoneIn 1995 naturalists re-introduced wolves into Yellowstone National Park. These wolves were on their own initially but that soon spiraled into something much more amazing.
Wolves Introduced To Park To Revitalize Ecosystem


bucegimountainsTruly, if ever there was a story that could liberate humankind from its incarcerated past, the otherworldly intra-mountain complex and tunnel system in the BUCEGI MOUNTAINS (Romania) is it. The very few, yet stunning, disclosures which have thus far been leaked about this vast storehouse of ultra-secret Earth history, applied extraterrestrial technology and highly advanced scientific knowledge are nothing short of paradigm-shattering. As in every paradigm currently operating on Planet Earth … bar none! Dear Reader and Seeker of the Truth, if you read one story today, or this week, or this month, let this be the one. Although it is a lengthy discourse, it is the product of years of authoritative research and serious investigation. The author has done humanity an extraordinary service in this labor of love. He, she or they have painstakingly constructed a cogent and compelling case for the direct Ancient Alien involvement in the affairs of human civilizations over millennia.
Edgar Cayce Was Right: The Hall of Records is the Single Most Important Discovery of the Millennium


rprhIn the future, athletes will have devices attached to them, tracking their every move on the field of play, where the data is compiled and funneled into the virtual cloud, which descends as digital downpours into mainframes, sifting, processing and formatting the data for a variety of purposes, some stated, others not. Well that future is right now.
Uranus In Aries Overload, Virgo Overabundant, Balance In The Mix And The Boy With The Robohand


parisatrocThe World, at Large — We are in mourning. Again. Indeed, Paris is in mourning, again.

For the second time in less than a year, we are all de facto Parisians — with Facebook profiles, casinos, and whole buildings draped in the blue, white, and red of the French flag. Solidarity as sympathy, bien sûr — a most poignant message that humanity stands with Paris — and will act decisively to avenge the “carnage” unexpectedly wrought by those whose motives most will never fall victim to, much less comprehend.
America: Your Solidarity with Paris is Embarrassingly Misguided

This is the only article I’ve read that comes anywhere close to how I feel about the monstrous attacks in Paris. All over Arsebook people are shouting False Flag this and Israel <> Isis/Isil that. From my perspective every atrocity launched upon this planet and its inhabitants is a false flag. They aren’t even anything to do with countries or religions or any other dividing tactic they are wars upon humanity, all of  us, the whole species, and its charges, seemingly committed by people but in reality by demons that possess people, dark entities activating swathes of mind-control tactics and inhuman monsters masquerading as humans.

I’m not in the mood to repeat myself again. How and why people come to be possessed I and many others have written about for centuries, millennia. If you are sick of all this mayhem then the only person who can do anything about it is you. – Ellis


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