Anomalies noticed in Porter-Palmer video conversation

In Friday’s ‘Howling at the moon‘ (13th November) I posted videos of a conversation between Dr T J Palmer and Andy Porter (Dr T J Palmer and Andy Porter with a case of Tourette’s Syndrome being accessed by remote spirit release procedures).

There were some visual and auditory anomalies, which were noticed by nightavis, who occasionally writes for this website.


This is the email nightavis sent to me:


Hi Ellis.

Just watched the Andy Porter video.

On my laptop heard some evp  ( slowed down speech) up to screen freeze of Andy Porters Link at 3.50 12.29.

(It sounds like a man’s voice saying, “Hello” and other noises, but this could be background (perhaps chair wheels rolling on hard floor?) or tech interference? but keep listening, there’s more, and it is strange, dunno. Perhaps Steve Mera or Don Philips could enlighten? – Ellis)

But before this at 0.38 12.29 and while the evp type voice phenomena in the background this is on screen. LHS side Andy’s head:



I snapped this on my camera jpg . just slightly darkened as my screen is a bit bright at present because I was recharging the battery on my laptop.

I have cropped this:


What I noticed was that the dark zag appeared precisely at the moment that Andy Porter says “connect”. – Ellis


To me looks like someone is trying to block out two photo type images . the larger one looks like a face ?  or (like old photos of NicolasTesla.)

I hope I haven’t made the pics too big .

Incidently, when I met Casbolt with his first lady friend at Probe  I passed on messages about a lady I was ‘shown’  bending over  a cot with a baby and he refused to accept it.

I warned the lady then that she would have trouble with him Casbolt. This was from my helpers.




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