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8th December 15 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…

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Nightmares of the Future:


What’s the end game of late-stage capitalism? What provisions are The Powers That Be making for the Coming Collapse; for Climate Chaos and other Catastrophes? This is the Plutocratic Exit Strategy. In this series we’ll see how they plan on making their getaway, and how we can work to steal the future back.

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14th November 15 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…

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wolvesyellowstoneIn 1995 naturalists re-introduced wolves into Yellowstone National Park. These wolves were on their own initially but that soon spiraled into something much more amazing.
Wolves Introduced To Park To Revitalize Ecosystem


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me and sidhe wolf

Now you see it…Now you don’t

The Crucial Role of Recollecting Human History

Every time a piece of the people’s history disappears from our view the path to our heritage becomes more blurred. Who we are? What we are, and where have we come from? are vital questions because the answers to them hold the keys to our qualities, the reasons for our presence, and how the dire straits that beset this world came about.

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Kakadu in flames


This is heartbreaking.

Photo Ancient Aboriginal rock art at Nourlangie in the Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, some of which dates back 50,000 years, date unknown. (Martin Kwakwa, file photo AAP

An out-of-control fire that began in the Ranger uranium mine last week and spread into Kakadu National Park is threatening potentially thousands of ancient rock art sites, the Aboriginal corporation representing traditional owners says.

One of Kakadu National Park’s most significant cultural sites, Nourlangie Rock, featuring Indigenous rock art showing early contact with Europeans, as well as other art up to 50,000 years old, has been closed to tourists for a second day.
Ranger uranium mine fire threatening thousands of Kakadu rock art sites, Aboriginal corporation says

I was very fortunate to visit Kakadu in 1990 (I think). It throbs with the ebb and flow of the Dreamtime calling and the answers of those who can hear it. Look at the beings, painted millennia ago, with their tailored clothes and striking radiance. This is a tragedy for the Native Australians, and for all of humankind. Please, please, focus your psychic energy on stopping this devastation.  – Ellis




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7th September 15 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…

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Early post


A disguised 7/7

Well, Doctor Who Series 9 is scheduled to begin on 19th September (a 9-date); and there’s a trailer out – coincidentally, you understand,  featuring Palmyra…Syria-sly. (And a significant date to the Syrians.)


palm-eye-ra 300x122Shame on you if you thought the Bibi See would have it on purpose.

Days between 21/12/2012 and 19th September 2015: 1001

What will the id star be up to this time?

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