Now you see it…Now you don’t

The Crucial Role of Recollecting Human History

Every time a piece of the people’s history disappears from our view the path to our heritage becomes more blurred. Who we are? What we are, and where have we come from? are vital questions because the answers to them hold the keys to our qualities, the reasons for our presence, and how the dire straits that beset this world came about.




Every site uncovered, every folk tale told, every artefact found, is a potential breadcrumb on the path back to our origins.

The dates and their details, of wars and other blood sacrifices, pressed by kings and queens and conjured by warlocks, are less important than the wonders of human folk’s courage, creativity, and resilience. Such accomplishments are attested to by the architecture, treasures and everyday items that have been left behind for us to re-discover. All of them dreamed and crafted through the unique ingenuity of humankind, and all of them sacred sites and precious objects. That we are here, in our moment, to awaken to, and find them, is a magnificent tribute to every one of our forebears. They overcame immense odds and hardships for each of us to be here, now. Recognising that is enough to spur every functional human being into not letting them (us) down, surely.

Human beings are the most gifted of all divine creations; the most sentient, psychic, compassionate, practical, creative, and multidimensionally active beings that there has ever been. Throughout our galaxy the signs of our star-cast species are inexorably being made visible to us.

There, and on and in other worlds, jealous and devious entities perverted our positive qualities to their advantage unrelentingly turning and occluding our natural sympathetic dispositions with false scenarios and feigned dependence, causing dissonance and divisions. Casting pretension, elitism, covetousness, deceit, and contempt until all but a tiny few (our shill-ing refusing ancestors) became the agents of their and their home’s destruction.

Escaping, the ancestors of every human here terraformed this then forbidding planet to be so nurturing and beautiful that humans would never fall for the wiles of the Darkness again; never relinquish their responsibility to look after her, this jewel in the crown that some of us call Earth.

What happened? Why are we back where we started all that time ago?

The reptile never left…it never left the human mind, and it never left this planet. It was here before us, embodied as saurians, until it was blown sideways into another dimension, to evolve at a different pace, under a Saturnian sun. Sun’s are portals through time and to other dimensions. Saturn, though relegated in this one remains in that role from where it still Lords it. Meanwhile, while the terraforming took place and gradually the DNA of collected fauna and flora species was introduced to Earth, humans resided on Mars and in their satellite orbiting it, formerly a Pleiadean moon.

Several attempted settlements of Earth took place; some lasted for quite a while. Assaults from natural and directed comets and asteroids, and constructed weaponry, cut short these early attempts until an invisible shield transmitted via the heavily armoured Moon, was psychically projected all around the planet by especially skilled and trusted human beings linking together. They were also the only ones, and only if all connected, who could penetrate it, or cause a passageway to open.

The only way that the shield could fail was if one, or more, of these people succumbed to the unremitting viral and psychic bombardments coming from the reptilians, other predatory races, or through human beings who had been taken over. It was only vulnerable outside Earth’s psychic shield, in space, on the moon, or on Mars. The utmost secrecy regarding the personnel and the process was vital; nobody outside ‘the Corr’ knew who was in it, or where they were, in fact nobody but them knew they even existed.

Tragically, they don’t any more.

You’ll find allusions, references, even re-enactments, of similar story in spells rited in ordained history books and the made public ancient texts and legends, as the dark invaders continue their agenda to hide our history from us and sweep our race into oblivion. They have to tell us the stories, give us a peek, because that is the immutable and unpardonable Universal Law; but they are not required to make any decisions for us nor explain their own decisions. Life or death, pleasure or pain, may not be much of a choice, but they are a choice.

Yet, they are never the only choices until they are the only choices.

We are special, they know it. We, well most all of us, don’t. Our ability to see and sense beyond limits, to call up hitherto sleeping yet immense capabilities and specialities, to bond in unconquerable clans terrifies the bile out of them. This is the real ‘War on Terror’ they drone on and on about. The War is on us and on Terra, our unique and beautiful home that we, the human species, worked with Nature to create. Now is the time to remember who we are and put as much effort into reawakening and practicing our gifts as we possibly can. When we accomplish that, and we all can, that choice we talked about will never have to be made, and our children and grandchildren (and us, if we choose to come back again), will live in a world that those courageous human beings of long ago put everything they had into making it a possibility.

Since they could and we let them, the predators have hidden our history from us in vaults and fictions, and demolished or submerged what they can’t carry.

We found the original womb of Oxford University…What did the agents of Darkness do?


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