Now you see it…Now you don’t: Addendum

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“Salve Regina!”
“It is our Lady”
“Lo! it is Venus, and she sits upon many waters yonder.”

Cardinal Points:

In the newsletter, which I sent out (12th August 2008) to notify this new article to members, I wrote about
how other, obviously connected, significant workings are underway in this ancient city of Oxford at locations just outside the old city walls and at its cardinal points. (I’ve added more.)


Carfax, Oxford

The crux of the city known today, and for several centuries, is a crossroads known as Carfax (L. Quadrifurcus meaning four-forked). 7 roads filter into 4 roads which drive in and out along the four compass points north, east, south and west – deriving the height of the tower that defines Carfax – St. Martin’s, at 74 feet and gives the magickal  number 741, the number of Lucifer according to Rosicrucian and Qabbalistic doctrine. (1)  The architecture and geography of Oxford swarms with sun and rose symbols. As already noted in an earlier part of this article, the badge of the city is topped by the solar lion holding a red rose.

The truth about OXFORD itself is slowly being revealed; built and enriched by the fabulous ‘lost’ treasure of the Knights Templars hidden in plain sight and even more importantly that it is the sub rosa capital of the Priory of Sion. Opus Dei is also here.

Here’s what was written in the newsletter about wassappening by the Nines:

Recently authorities announced that archaeologists had unearthed an enormous henge less than a mile to the north of what is now deemed the centre of the city of Oxford. Archaeologists had first been called to the site between St. Giles (Street) and Blackhall Road in March when a number of human skeletons were discovered.

stgeorgestoweroxfordcastleoxmoundunderrepairoxfordcastlemoundtunnelundermoundAt some time before this the Castle mound, to the west, slipped and cracked which necessitated urgent repairs and an underground chamber, together with an integral well, was publicised in the local media as a “surprise find”. It had in fact been known about because the arrangement had been discovered in the 1790s by the then Governor of the (now) prison who’d drawn it for a book, “Vestiges of Oxford Castle”. This picture is reproduced in a book published in 2005, “Stories of Oxford Castle”. When I climbed the hill in 2006 I noticed a gated entrance that dives into the mound, at the top, which must lead somewhere. This gave material suggestion to intuitive suspicion that perhaps the mound was more than only a pile of spoil from the official moat digging story.

Before I bought this book I hadn’t ever heard anyone talk of a chamber under the mound – and I’d lived there for nearly 40 years – so I do suspect that for some reason knowledge of its presence was not encouraged. So, why now?
Tower found under mound (Original Oxford Mail link gone.)

theplainrepairtheplainscenerenoplainOn the 28th July 2008 work began on restoring another significant landmark: the Victoria Fountain at the Plain, a roundabout that funnels traffic from three major roads – St. Clements, Cowley and Iffley Roads – onto Magdalen Bridge. More than that though, the fountain sits on the site of an ancient holy well and a previous church – St. Clements.

Energy Leys feature very prominently in all three locations.

I await news of something of ancient import being rejuvenated to the south – maybe St. Frideswide’s priory – this will then close the circle.

I was speaking with a friend last night about these matters, and asked him to keep his ears to the ground for anything that might occur in these parts, when suddenly it dawned on me: “It’s already happened!” At that moment I recalled that I’d heard mention of a new fountain being installed at Christ Church college. I’d forgotten and knew nothing else about it, but intuitively I was sure that this was connected to events in some way, at the very least.

Such gifted monuments are rarities in the hallowed halls of Oxford, especially in these more mercenary days. Oxford understands magic – the manipulation of naturally occurring energetic (often electro-magnetic) activities, she always has. Every detail to do with any monument, including its donor, maker, location, material, size, and time of projected installation is scrutinized and the decision strictly adhered to before being allowed onto college property. So, this fountain had to be special…and it is: Actually it is a fountain and a carfax olive tree…and more.

Christ Church is also the location of Oxford’s cathedral, which was first called ‘Cardinal College’. It sits on the former site of the Priory of St. Frideswide. Binsey‘s church, St. Margaret’s, where Frideswide hid out and sprung the spring belongs to Christchurch. (I’ve a tale to tell you later about strange goings-on at Binsey.)

The monuments were officially dedicated on 19th June by the Dean of Christ Church (the day after Venus entered the sign of Cancer, which the sun entered the next day for the summer solstice), and attended by 9 worthies – according to their photo.

The entrance (and exit) into (and from) Cancer is significant, not least in Oxford; and this is marked at the Radcliffe Observatory (a portal), built in 1773, which sits in the environs of the Oxford Henge(s), having its main door marked by the sign for Cancer above.

radcliffe observatory oxfordradcliffe observatory entrance oxford





Cancer is anciently viewed as the womb of the Great Mother, from where souls are nurtured before birth and upon their return.


The inspiration for the Radcliffe Observatory‘s location, it is claimed, was the transit of Venus across the sun, observed by astronomer, Thomas Hornsby, in 1769, from the Radcliffe Infirmary (which was recently bowled over, revealing several sites of archaeological interest).


The Christ Church artworks stand on cross-of-Lorraine shaped paving on the bones of the Priory of St. Frideswide. The cross-of-Lorraine was/is a Knights Templar and Priory of Sion sign and attribute.

The work was carried out by a sculptor from Diss (fitting so pulchritudously with my offering of Frideswide as an aspect of Freyja – the Great Dis and the 9 Disir (2) – t’was the words forespoken, at the top of this page, that were said of Pulchritudo, who “raised her small golden head so that in the sun her hair seemed to continually flow down and down” and who claimed the city with the two spires and two towers spotted ‘betwixt the oak trees’ from Cumnor – i.e. Oxford, is her eternal home.

mercury- hermes in christchurchAnd that talented ‘letter sculptor’? One Mr Gary Breeze; so, a messenger whose work now stands in the college where fleet-footed Mercury floats above the pool in their (Wren designed) Tom Quad …oh, so Sapien is this University plan…For the sculptor’s breezy name suggests ‘air’ (like Wren) and ‘Gary’ means ‘spear carrier’, a spear an attribute of the Greek Goddess, Athena, to whom is devoted too the Olive tree, as was Francis Bacon and the rest of Oxford’s Secret School. Ah, the Olive, symbol of ‘peace’ – like Frithuswithe (Frideswide) – and a symbol of receding waters/emerging land…and Time. Fuel of fire ..O-live!



oliviachannonInterestingly, and tragically, (only just) 22-year-old, Olivia Channon, the daughter of former Trade and Industry Secretary (Mercury and Saturn), Paul Channon, was (reportedly) found dead in the Christ Church college bedroom of Count Gottfried von Bismarck (whose tabs in the town were quickly paid up – and over the odds at some establishments – the next morning, while he legged it out of the country). He (now dead as well) was a Bullingdon Club arse (like Cameron, Osborne, Johnson, amongst a devilish cord of other potty unworthies – see link…and how those Bullingdon boys love their pigs’ heads!: Obituary  … Cameron & The Pigs Head Photo). I suspect these are debauched rites aimed at desecrating the sacred feminine, or the Goddess (in Oxford represented as Frideswide, who hid in a pigs’ shelter in the forest).

frideswide at binsey

Whether Olivia died there or not it was reported so, which is all the Darkness needs. There’s a lot more covered up about this sad affair – as you may intuit when you read this, and its links: Olivia’s friend, Rosie Johnston, took the brunt of the rap. (Note the rose, and the John, and the stone). The surname, ‘Channon’, by the way, means the clerical ‘canon’. Gwendolen, one of her middle names, means ‘white’ and is attributed to Venus – see opening verse. Oxford, though cloaked in a Saturnian and Capricornian mask, is really the domain of Venus in Taurus.

The Oxford Henge(s) were built during the Age of Taurus.

osneyabbeyruinsOlivia was a Gemini, the house of Mercury. Who is it stands in Tom Quad, Christ Church?

The Cathedral of Oxford was, until 1545, at Osney. Olivia lived at Osney, and was found dead at Christ Church (it was reported). At Osney too is a church dedicated to St. Frideswide and in a Templar-like design. It’s a sister church to Binsey and a Christ Church foundation.

Fire, water, air and earth, these elements are all mixed in this cauldron where the spirit of Frideswide is being called forth again…as she was when their don, count Dodgson (a mathematician), took a punt and called her forth as a little girl named Alice.

The Cloister Fountain

The elements are invoked too at the other 3 points earlier mentioned – the trident of the Goddess; for at the west we have the castle mound with its secret well and tower exposed in May this year after remedial works following the furies of the February 2007 storms that cracked this egg.

From the void in the north the seas of Time expose another secret, an island surrounded by a moat – air, water and earth. An eye-land, for eyes are symbols of islands as islands are symbols of eyes, fountains are too. The Henge site, as we have heard earlier, is claimed by its revealers to cover the whole of Keble College (who had blamed the cracks in their chapel on trenches and tunnels bored during WWII) and the University Museum, straying into St. John’s College gardens. Though there are suggestions of fire, intellectual fire, I am, at this juncture, unaware of physical fire on this site – it’ll come to light though, for sure.

In the east we certainly do have fire as the saint connected to the location is St. Clement, the Christian version of the smith-god, Wayland, forger of weapons – spears, swords, and horse shoes; the son of a mermaid and the god of fire – Vulcan (Roman)/Hephaestos (Greek); who took a Swan – maiden wife. So, fire and water at the site where an ancient and powerful healing well stood. Now it is marked by a roundabout that fuses 3 roads arriving from the east, another trident, this time belonging to Poseiden the cuckolded husband of Wayland’s mother (though sometimes she is his
ol;dstclemchurchwife). The roundabout is where the churchyard once stood, and later a war memorial in the astonishingly life-like shape of a British Boer War soldier complete with pith helmet. I’m sure Cecil Rhodes was very grateful. It now  stands, I think, further along the alignment at the bottom of ROSE Hill. I’ll check that. Mistletoe drips from the trees high above the traffic on this busy junction and it is here, on the western side of the circle that the pile to Queen Victoria stands, at least that’s the cover story. The Jubilee Fountain was built in 1899, her Diamond Jubilee was in 1897. Photo

Renovation work on the monument is currently under way and due for completion in October (probably the 19th, I’ll guess) but this water-carrier will remain dry upon the advice of English Heritage, but the clock (time ) and the wind vane (air) will be in working order – Winds of Time, and a water carrier (Aquarius) with no water.

In the south there is fire in the heroin-dragon casting, mentioned earlier. George and the Dragon. Olivia was born in 1964; in Chinese Astrology, a year of the Wood Dragon – reminding us of Frideswide as Venus.

In 1964, 1st June was the 153rd day of the year. Number 153 is attributed to the sacred feminine by Margaret Starbird, John Michel and others. 153 is the sum of the numbers adding to 17. Numerologically it gives the letters O (15) and C (3), Olivia Channon’s initials.

It all suggests dark magick: spelling, elements, reversals, and familiars… In fact, Olivia Channon could well have died on this day. (3) Did something happen to her before midnight?


23rd September 2008 addition:
I came across a book in an Oxford shop t’other day; it’s called, “The Tribes of Britain: Who are we? And where do we come from?” written by David Miles, chief archaeologist at English Heritage from 1999 to 2004. Previous to this he was the Director of Oxford Archeological Unit, a Research Fellow of the Institute of Archeology, Oxford and a Fellow of Kellogg College, Oxford. One principal project of Miles’ was Stonehenge. The book was first published in 2005.

On page 87, David Miles writes:
“In an area like the upper Thames valley, for example, we can locate Neolithic ceremonial monuments regularly sited along the valley: henges and cursuses (long processional avenues) at Lechlade (Gloucestershire), Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire, POSSIBLY UNDER THE CITY OF OXFORD, north and south of Abingdon and Dorchester. By the early Bronze Age each one of these sacred landscapes became clustered with barrows, and there are also concentrations at new sites.” (CAPITALS MY EMPHASIS).


Ellis Taylor
25th October 2015

A 2008 article revamped with additional content, and republished.



(1) Lucifer’s number:

The energetics of the numbers 7 and four together (adding to 11) are prime portal/interdimensional references. Two well-known and recorded major energy lines (Alfred Watkins) running east-west and north-south, cross at Carfax (suggested scene of the dragon duel in the Mabinogion – but was it? We have another candidate at the Oxford Henge. The discovery of this henge challenges so much of ordained history and academic assumptions.)

(2) Freyja was known as ‘the Great Dis’ chief of the ‘Disir’, 9 women dressed in black and white who had the power to cause blindness in retribution – and return sight too, if they so desired.
(3) Olivia was born on 1st June 1964 and died on 11th June 1986. source


References and further reading:

Opening poem extract: A medieval tale repeated in OXFORD: Edward Thomas; Signal Books Oxford: First Published 1903:

A Tale Of Drugs, Debauchery And Death In The Halls Of Oxford (The proposition that drugs are a recent addition to the campus is of course B.S.. Thomas De Quincey, Oscar Wilde, Percy Shelley, are  just three known examples from the past.
Two Are Charged Over Heroin at Oxford
Super-wealthy but ruined by a life of excess: Tragedies of the rich and famous
Oxford’s Bullingdon boys: in a class of their own
A school in the marshes: a short story


An exhibit in the Museum of Oxford of known prehistoric sites:

prehistoric sites oxford museumhenge environs before the revealing





Parts:  1   2   Addendum

3 thoughts on “Now you see it…Now you don’t: Addendum

  1. Ellis, The Radcliffe Tower – “Tower of the Winds” is where the Royal Astronomers observed the transit of Venus to improve their navigational instruments to “extend the British Empire”.

    In 1934 William Morris was ‘persuaded’ to buy it for a medical centre, the proposed intention to study the human was emphasised as was cine radiology . Thousands of mammalian foetuses and mothers where studied, carved up and analysed – especially ways of controlling how much oxygen could be prevented from reaching the babies’ brain ultimately, by cutting the cord too soon, which became standard midwifery practice. Desecration of the divine feminine indeed.

    The scientists moved in whilst the astronomers were still there, and remained there for a year after which they moved to Bath in Somerset. The idea for the entire operation was attributed to Lord Farquhar Buzzard who was Physician-in-Ordinary to King George V between 1932 and 1936, and to Edward VIII in 1936. He was made Extra Physician to George VI in 1937. His son Anthony, born 1935 became head of Naval Intelligence. The Barclays of the banking family were also involved.

    How Morris – subsequently Lord Nuffield “was persuaded” was not specified. The initial £2 million he donated is £700 million in today’s terms. A very credible witness, now elderly has reported she was sexually abused by him at the time. It was around this time that he had the title Lord bestowed upon him and that he “was persuaded” to create several Nuffield medical establishments.

    The primary scientist / ‘doctor’ leading these studies was Sir Joseph Barcroft – tutor, then colleague to Lady Moran – who my mother said my grandmother often mentioned. It was the Nuffield Foundation that funded the NCDS longitudinal surveys that monitored my twin sister and myself from birth. I feel certain that the birth of my mother in 1933 and the removal (subsequently covered up) of her twin at birth is also related. The baby was reportedly alive . . .

    Information from The Rise of Fetal and Neonatal Physiology, Basic Science to Clinical Care by Lawrence D Longo


      • However it was a 1942 government committee headed by William Goodenough, chairman of Barclays bank that requested that Oxford University outline it’s long term commitment regarding the education of medical students.


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