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Now you see it…Now you don’t

The Crucial Role of Recollecting Human History

Every time a piece of the people’s history disappears from our view the path to our heritage becomes more blurred. Who we are? What we are, and where have we come from? are vital questions because the answers to them hold the keys to our qualities, the reasons for our presence, and how the dire straits that beset this world came about.

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7th September

News and features
Early post


A disguised 7/7

Well, Doctor Who Series 9 is scheduled to begin on 19th September (a 9-date); and there’s a trailer out – coincidentally, you understand,  featuring Palmyra…Syria-sly. (And a significant date to the Syrians.)


palm-eye-ra 300x122Shame on you if you thought the Bibi See would have it on purpose.

Days between 21/12/2012 and 19th September 2015: 1001

What will the id star be up to this time?

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