The Invisible Friend

This article was originally published on my website, Otherworld Journeys, on 2nd October 2012


Samantha Carr is the author of “A Knights Journey: A Journey of self-discovery and awakening.

When we were young, many of us had invisible friends, for some of us the invisible friends were our best friends. They never lied or betrayed us, were always ready to play and sometimes told us secrets. I remember that I was really bossy with mine!! But were they real? Our parents told us it was just ‘imagination’ and eventually most of us began to believe them. But what is the imagination? Is it the doorway to our real selves, the part of us on the ‘other side’ where we truly belong and where we are whole?

I had a very active imagination as a child and loved writing stories. The problem was that many of those stories came true and that scared me. Likewise I had many vivid dreams and they also came true. I spent many years running from that – trying to be ‘normal’. Now, many years later I am still trying to understand what the imagination is and what it is capable of achieving.

As part of this journey I joined my local Spiritualist Church and attended many workshops run by mediums. In one of these workshops we were asked to do a visualisation – I can’t remember the specific instructions but I know that I was given a date, a name and a birthday cake. The workshop leader asked the group if they felt that the visualisation was just their imagination and asked people to raise their hands. I put my hand up – she replied, “Interesting Sam – You got the date of Mary’s birthday exactly correct.” I had no idea there was a lady called Mary there until then!

I had many other similar experiences at that Church, other workshops and in my dreams. I continue to love and be in awe of the power of the imagination. I still have invisible friends now but call them ‘guides’. I was even told, following a talk I gave, that I had ET visible next to me – I wasn’t the least bit surprised. Until recently I always thought that these guides were from the ‘other side’ i.e. spirit entities that resided there and were wiser than me. However, a message from a new friend changed this belief and led me to question who these ‘guides’ could be.

samandsophie200x266I should explain that in May 2010, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Sophia at 11:56 (11:11) am. Some months later, my good friend Sara suggested that I add a mutual friend Aelwen to my Facebook friends as she believed we had interests in common. I added Aelwen and awaited ‘confirmation’. A few days later Aelwen confirmed me as a friend, we chatted and she told me a funny story. She explained that when she saw my friend request she had her daughter sat on her knee. Her daughter, until recently, had an invisible friend called ‘Phia’. This friend had vanished around the time of my pregnancy. When Aelwen’s daughter saw the picture of myself and Sophia she asked if she could see more pictures of ‘Phia’.

Aelwen had not mentioned my daughter’s name at all – she was as shocked as I was to think that her daughter’s invisible friend could have been real. Interestingly, when my daughter learned to talk she referred to herself as ‘Phia’ although she could pronounce her real name. Sophia has never told me that she has invisible friends but she did tell her dad that she was playing with a little girl once whilst in an old Charity shop.

Without imagination we wouldn’t have art, poetry, fiction, films, design and fashion – a whole host of things that make us individual. However, I believe that there are many untapped aspects to the ‘imagination’. In our childhood innocence we accepted ‘invisible friends’ as normal but as adults we call them ghosts or guides. How do we know these ghosts aren’t future friends? Or children? More to the point how can we begin to understand our children without trying to understand their imagination? I know that Sophia took the trouble to visit here and make friends prior to her incarnation. I know that if I don’t take the trouble to listen to her dreams and stories I will have failed her – maybe, just maybe she might remind me of something I once knew.

Samantha Carr
24th September 2012



aknightsjourneyA Knight Journey by Samantha Carr

A Journey of self discovery and awakening. This book explains how we can all experience, rather than believe in multi-dimensional reality. The author describes dream recall and dream work techniques that have practical and spiritual uses. The author examines the Knights Templar, Goddess and the Holy Grail using multi-dimensional dream techniques.



2 thoughts on “The Invisible Friend

  1. This is such a lovely story! it really touched my heart. I have a daughter too and (mutatis mutandis) I would love to believe that, after some careful pre-reincarnation research, she chose me as her mum (mind you, not because she was in a hurry to expiate her previous sins!) And yet, sometimes I wonder who masterminds our reincarnations and why we are still so dependent on them centuries later (I refer now to Ellis’s “Misty” article too). Of course, Time might not really exist at all, but Father Time… (aka we know who) is surely still in office. There is an approx. 7 mins scene in an obscure but wonderful movie, “The Blue Bird” (between 3’50” and 11’30”) which, as a comment underneath the vid states, “breaks my heart”! Still, there MUST be some (divine) method in this madness 🙂


  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it Floria. The clip was very touching. I remember feeling that I’d been dropped off on the wrong planet when I was little!! My daughter now tells me that none of this world is real and that it is just someone else dreaming us, I hope one day she will tell me who so I can wake them up!!


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