Lewis da Costa

A tribute to the amazingly erudite scholar and author, Lewis da Costa. From my previous site: Looking Into the Dark Places.

I have just received some more sad news…

My old friend Lewis da Costa, who wrote under the pen name R. Lewis (Reg Lewis) has died very suddenly from a heart attack at 61 in Australia. He was the author of the legendary book, The Thirteenth Stone.

Lewis was an extraordinary and lovely man. He was witty, charming, insightful, extremely intelligent, generous, and just a delightful human being. Born Lewis Reginald da Costa in London he called himself Reg Lewis because his Italian nanny couldn’t say ‘Lewis’. Lewis spoke at the very first conference I organised in Western Australia. He was brilliant.

Lewis talked to groups of all creeds and colours and earned their respect in the same way that he himself respected everyone else. He joined the Freemasons in order to ascertain for himself whether there was anything to the sinister reputation it had. He didn’t find anything untoward but decided that the whole thing was too tedious. The extent and depth of his research was phenomenal. Courageous he was too. Born into family with a Sephardic Judaism background he told me that only about 1% of the Israeli population had a right to claim ancestral rights to the lands they now occupy in Israel. He came under tremendous pressure for his thoughts and his book was blacklisted. He mentions the Jewish situation very briefly in ‘The Thirteenth Stone’, the rest is an amazing journey into the history of the Knights Templar, the origins of the U.S.A. and his ideas on the Age of Aquarius and what that means for humanity. I never met an intellectual who set eyes on “The Thirteenth Stone” who didn’t want it. Some book shop proprietors I have met begged a copy from me but would not sell them in their shops because, “it mentions the holocaust”. How perversely synchronous that Lewis has died during the same time that Irving has been imprisoned! Lewis wasn’t a holocaust denier but he did dispute the numbers and he felt that his ancestral people were being used to further an agenda that did not benefit them. He was entitled to his views. Lewis was passionate about free thinking and free speech. He refused to stay still in his opinions and considered the only way forward for present humanity was to exchange and express their own individual thoughts without fear or condemnation. He was not optimistic regarding the present state of our species but remained hopeful. The new humans he wrote about, and I and others talk about, he hoped would be the saviours of our race, the human race, and our world.

I have not spoken to Lewis for a long time he may have changed some of the ideas I have mentioned. (If he had then it would only have been through thorough personal investigation, and not threats.) I don’t know. What I do know is that his book is one of the few classic books of our time. A real masterpiece. He did say to me once that he sometimes wished that he hadn’t mentioned the holocaust thing because through this the other 99.99% of his work had been denied (by the ignorant and malicious) the light of day.

Bless you Lewis. It was a pleasure to know you.

If we only realised what we had when we had it.

There is another star in heaven.


“It is my conviction that writings such as Scripture are not primarily historica, but that the story they tell is prophetic of evolutionary events that are about to occur. In the case of the Bible, this more highly evolved species is called ‘Israel’ or ‘Jews’, which terms have absolutely nothing to do with the religionists known by those titles. I propose that these biblical names prophetically describe a new species of humanity which I refer to as Homo Novus.”

~R. Lewis, ‘The Thirteenth Stone’


Lewis actually put his entire book up on the net for free (I linked it from the Harrowdown article):

“The complete text of The Thirteenth Stone has been made available on the Internet for a number of reasons, not least of which is my conviction that attempts will be made to prevent its distribution by other means.”

~ R. Lewis

They were. (It has of course disappeared from that location too now.)


At the moment I do not have any further details on Lewis’s passing. When I do I will let you know. Unfortunately at the moment I am missing my copy of “The Thirteenth Stone” having lent it out and can’t recall who I lent it to. It is a tangible link to a marvellous man I was fortunate enough to meet. It is a difficult book to get hold of but well worth the chase. If you want a copy then try Tad at Open Eye Books Perth 416 Fitzgerald St, North Perth. Tel. 00618 9227 7787.


Ellis Taylor
5th March 2006


Lewis was the author of several books. They include the magnificent epic: The Thirteenth Stone and its offspring, ‘The Secret Diaries of an Alchemist’.

He wrote ‘The Thirteenth Stone’ under his pen name, R.Lewis and ‘The Secret Diaries of an Alchemist’ under his real name: Lewis da Costa.


Ben Fairhall reviews: ‘The Secret Diaries of an Alchemist’

The Secret Diaries of an Alchemist

The Egyptian Mysteries Revealed

by Lewis da Costa

ISBN: 0 9578530 68

Publisher: Fountainhead Press


I lent somebody my copy of the The Thirteenth Stone, and that was the last I saw of it. However I have just discovered digital copies https://silo.pub/the-thirteenth-stone-second-edition.html. With a mixture of trust, trepidation, and excitement I downloaded a copy. It’s fine. I can’t see Lewis would mind, he wanted the info out, which is why he eventually gave it away free.

Remarkably, the proper book is available from the National Library of Australia:


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