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26th September

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lmh entitymanifesting“All of a sudden this woman (being massaged) turned into a very slender, very pale, kind of ash-skin alien with big eyes and a very big head.”

– Cindy Shilf, Professional Licensed Masseuse, Chicago, Illinois
Grey Non-Human “Floats Up” Out of Human Body On Massage Table

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The Invisible Friend

This article was originally published on my website, Otherworld Journeys, on 2nd October 2012


Samantha Carr is the author of “A Knights Journey: A Journey of self-discovery and awakening.

When we were young, many of us had invisible friends, for some of us the invisible friends were our best friends. They never lied or betrayed us, were always ready to play and sometimes told us secrets. I remember that I was really bossy with mine!! But were they real? Our parents told us it was just ‘imagination’ and eventually most of us began to believe them. But what is the imagination? Is it the doorway to our real selves, the part of us on the ‘other side’ where we truly belong and where we are whole?
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