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Well, the 13 and 4 struck again, and the 29…and the djinn in the city’s name is a signature (10 djinn):
Two explosions rocked the northern Chinese city of Tianjin late Wednesday, local time, killing dozens of people, according to authorities.

The first blast registered at a 2.3 magnitude quake and the second was larger at a 2.9 magnitude
At Least 44 Dead After Explosions Rock Chinese City of Tianjin

The first explosion (an 8 event – and a mushroom cloud to boot), this report says, occurred at about 11.30pm; on the cusp of the 13th, in China – we’re talking about field seeding here – something that Numerosymbology takes account of. China is an 8 country, the year is an 8, djinn are 8 inhabit-ors, and  ruthless bankers are inhabited by them. – Ellis

and dear old Blakey (“I ‘ate you Butler”) gets off the bus, aged 88.
It is when we first learn to count numbers for ourselves that we fall for the cast of numbers. A recent study summates that this begins for tots at around 18-months-old.

Before 15 months, their research findings state that the minds of human infants are dealing with abstracts and ‘with brains capable of daydreaming and introspection’. What they don’t say, but is clear, is that babies inhabit more ethereal, less ordered, undivided and uncertain, in-between worlds. From around 15 to 18 months the worlds are colliding; glimpses of the set up materialise and dematerialise, persistently surface and slip away. The baby struggles to make sense of it all but gradually, through repetitive behaviour and pressure by and from those around it, the free-roaming mind of the child locks on to the decreed tenets. It is add-here-in…adhering, from now on.
Spellcast: Characters: cast by numbers and spellbound by letters. Part 1


Earth AvalonAngels seems to have become out of fashion, on the account of other metaphysical realm entities such as ghouls, nature spirits, ghosts and other non-biological beings getting the majority of the attention.  I would like to bring them back on the table.

There is always a choice to be made: whether to describe their realms theoretically or as an experienced metaphysical reality.

Since I said in the last post: ´We need a lived spirituality´, I will go for the experienced, then into describing the realms,  but first some overall remarks. I basically use free flow consciousness to describe this, and it has its own way of straying.

Often, relating to these metaphysical realms and having different entities in one’s life is a question of seeing them.
Entering The Angelic Realms
When I wrote an article in January 2014 entitled, “Robots to Breed with Each Other and Humans by 2045,” it was met with some skepticism to say the least. Although some very influential and credible people in robotics and cybernetics were the ones making the claims, there was a bit of leap of definition required when talking about robots literally “breeding” and having “babies.”
Scientists Develop Robot That Can ”Breed’

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