Where we are at in ‘God’s Dream’.

O.K. A little more on where we are at in ‘God’s Dream’:

Human beings were created FOR this world.

‘The world’ was invaded a very long time ago. (‘Invaded’ is a human point of view – not the correct term. Seemingly ‘illegal immigrants’ is better said.)

‘The world’ is not the planet.

‘The world’ is a frequency range, otherwise known as a dimension.

Planet earth exists in several dimensions, concurrently.

They are evolving reproductions of earth arrived at by something similar to binary fission but where the old remains in this frequency range while the new one starts afresh in another.

(There is also backward evolution, where entities unsuitable to the present and future worlds (and earths) are cast back into former ones.)

Presently our earth, this ‘the world’ is deep into that process.

During ‘the Change’ and increasingly as ‘the Shift’ approaches ‘midnight’, everything plays out in front of the current ‘dimensional custodians’ eyes (present humanity at this time). Nothing is hidden any more. Inversions, contradictions, war, crime, corruption, debauchery, lies, deceit, false witness, every evil. Macro and microcosm, pre-played to symbolise what is coming e.g. We are being shown by today’s waves of ‘illegal immigrants’ what is going on in the ether – and our attitudes and reactions to this are observed and noted. All this evil is being exposed to the unforgiving glare of Divine light – if you can’t see it, put your sunglasses on. One last chance for individuals in the current guardian species to come to their senses, to see and live honourably and truthfully. Only then are they adequately ‘together enough’ frequentially to transit into the ‘higher’ realm earth.

These are ‘the Last Days’.

This ‘the world’ is the frequency range that human beings were charged with being custodians of.

‘Human beings’ are spirits (aspects of Divine consciousness) made individual souls and ‘beings’ attuned to engage and thrive on earth in this frequency (manifested) and potentially the new earth (which is already created in another frequency range – dimension – world).

Some former ‘this earth, this world’ ‘human beings’ have already partially translated to the new earth, in the other (new) world. ‘Partially’? – Because there are ‘debts’, aberrations in their frequency patterns and previous circuits (transactional debts from their behaviour in this present world) that need to be corrected to cope in the new one.

Newly arrived former inhabitants of the old world (and others) live in a specially prepared environment in the new world until their ‘innocence’ is restored. (This is where memories of past lives are removed.) Nobody, no soul, is perfect. Every soul that has earned its place starts afresh. As well, a new earth can, and has, many times, involved being assigned a new guardian species. (‘This world’ could be the last shout for human beings, going forward.)



We must also point out that the population of too dark human souls in this world has exponentially increased in the past 50+ years (this world time), so partial transition has also been taking place back to a former world’s earth and elsewhere.

Abandoning one’s Divine post, lack of discernment and principle, and evil actions provide the open portals for the ‘illegal immigrants’ referred to previously:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12

911 was a portal event for a mass invasion of dark entities, among them ‘princes’ – high level demons (that have since directed world events through their take-over of religions, business, institutions of society, and their wheels and channels.

The Olympic ceremonies (in particular) obtained as progress announcements and stage declarations. Sydney 2000, the Millennial Olympics Opening Ceremony – Announcing the End of Free Humanity – and doing it to themselves. The Temple of Time (London) 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony, their Declaration of Victory.¹

But George Michael sang, “Freedom” at the ceremony.

A fly in the ointment, though wounded he stayed alive till Christmas Day, 2016. He was born on the summer solstice solar restart in 1963 and passed away on the winter solstice restart (both 25-day numbers) in 2016. Born on a 25-25, Numerosymbologically – which presages a major change of consciousness, a transition in life. It could be that he was a ‘walk in’, That this occurred when he was 8 supports this possibility too: George Michael: Bang of the head turned me to music

Now, look at the lyrics of his song, Freedom 90, with fresh eyes. Do you think he could be singing about something very different than “his past success with Wham”? …and why he refused to appear in the promotional video, released for the (maybe unbeknownst to him, discordant calendar’s Halloween thinning time misdirection, in 1990)? The numbers of 1990 fit this walk-in destiny suggestion as well.

The crucial moment of harmonious calibration in this world is when the sun’s position, from this earth’s perspective, is at 15 degrees Scorpio – usually 7th November.

George Michael passed 9553 days after the song was first released. 9553 days totals 22, which will mean a lot to those who understand the esoterics of numbers, but probably not to anyone else. Combined with the other occult factors, including the music’s and lyric’s allusions to the Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil”, well….


Why weren’t they there for the ritual Closing Ceremony, Thy claim politics, unpreparedness,  but I wonder? – Perhaps because Moss was there. A rolling stone gathers no moss. She was in the rammed with meaning video for his song, “White Light” as well. Arriving in a close shave with 666 (666-9) -Numerosymbology – reg. plate car, that had evolved into a 144 , to collect him to be one of the redeemed (Rev: 14: 1-5):

White Light was released to radio (consciousness allegory) on 2nd January (9), 25 days prior to the Temple of Time Olympics. 25, remember associates to his birth and death day number.

I think it is possible he knew he was in Dark sights, which would be why he slid the song into the ceremony, much to the bemusement of many and the chagrin of directing Shadows.




A performance of the troupe of dancing ‘smokeless fires’ (djinn) with Darcey Bussell ended with the descent of the flames

The closing song of the ceremony, “My Generation” (‘My Gene Ration’) by The Who – the W.H.O.: – two hints right there for the injection direction, which began 8 years later).

The Who London 2012 Performance | Extinguishing the Olympic Flame




Whilst writing the above, I’ve been sent a link to the video just below, and I have incorporated my own thoughts in what follows.

Drs. McCullough and Mercola talk in the same biblical language I have used – redemption, sin – during the interview.


As you may or may not have heard, I have a lifetime (lives-times) of interactions with Otherworlds and those that inhabit them. I’ve observed and been part of their activities between worlds. All the while I have been shielded to various extents (for learning) from any of them that wished to cause harm. These lessons continue to this day. The only thing I know is that I am a child in the scheme of things and have infinite amounts to learn… but for what it is worth, I have been cleared to offer my views, in my words, arrived at through guidance and experience:


Dr. McCullough points out the crimes but then ruins it all with his belief in the Wuhan virus, and any infectious virus. (Dr. Mercola’s the same – strange their names sound so similar – just an observation.)

Most anything he advises for prevention, protection or treatment regarding these make-believe infectious entities (physical disease-causing viruses), is unlikely to work, in and of themselves. This industrial age course, as any indigenous adept will tell you, directs people into potentially harmful, even lethal false confidence in material prevention and remedies. If ever they do seem to work, it is because they have been helped. (It was part of the physician’s and patient’s life journeys to learn something and to recover to the level they did.)

We are frequency beings attacked on frequency levels by unseen entities and their inhabited human and other agents intent upon preventing as many humans as they can from what Christians call, ‘Ascending’ – transferring to the new world and maybe, new earth. The same monsters have now gotten hold of technological weaponry through their inhabited human personnel. They need to be recognised for what they are, disarmed and defeated.

Best health is maintained through balance and harmony and is restored by returning our whole to this same harmonious state that the Divine designated for each of us to flourish on this earth, in this world. Everything for this is provided naturally.  Protection, repelling and withstanding these frequential, ethereal and driven physical assaults must be dealt with primarily on the frequential levels, the source and cause of all human mind, body, spirit dis-ease. Demonic attacks, techno attacks, chemical attacks in water, air, etc. cannot be vanquished by compliance, ‘positive thinking’ or looking the other way, either.

We are immutable aspects of the Divine and must never be persuaded, or assume, that infected ‘experts’ know it all, or even have our best interests at heart. We must be proactive, strengthen our frequency fields, our Divine communication ways,  and bodily protection – much of the natural world’s frequencies has aura strengthening capabilities for our health and well-being – as you know. We need to be going that way, and praying, and being sensible. We must reclaim and restore the holy places, the power centres and their Ways, on this earth, in this world. That is what I am doing and have been doing since 2016. It is my focus and my passion.

Many, maybe most humans now, are infected with entities and their quantum and ‘etheric’ ‘weapons’, installed, a great deal now, through injections and shed to breach the target’s auras.


Perhaps now we can recognise who ‘the meek’ are. No need for worthy word gymnastics. They are the go-along-ers to get along, the look-away-ers, the compliers, the faithless exposed by their actions.

…and what earth they will inherit.

“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5

All these things can be prevented and if they gain access, ejected, ‘starved’, ‘cast out’.

We all have work to do.

Thank you for reading.

With that, I take my leave for a while or a long while. I have a sacred dragon to walk.


All the best,

Love to you all,

31st August 2022

Updated 25th September 2022


even more…

* Update 25th February 2023:

Link to a video, received this morning.

George Michael performed and recorded this song, “Going To A Town”, for his album, “Symphonica” (an apt title, more than musically, as it happens), at the Palais Garnier Opera House in Paris, on 9th September, 2014. So fitting it needed including in this article – and I just realised today’s day number 25 (again)…and date, 16.

12th August 2012, the date of the Closing ceremony adds to 25, Numerosymbologically.

The date of this performance in Paris adds to 52, a reversed 25!


The year, 2014, was momentous in critical ways and a major stage in what is happening today. It was a 16-year!

Thanks to Paul for the link to the video.


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