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Bob Moran: Gatekeepers


Nick Dixon, the Daily Sceptic: A few days ago, Dilbert creator, and more lately contrarian commentator, Scott Adams admitted “the anti-vaxxers won”.

If you’re not that familiar with Adams, he sabotaged his highly successful career as a cartoonist and public speaker by predicting that Donald Trump would win the 2016 election.

He didn’t even say he was a Trump fan (in fact, his political views are largely Left-wing) but the prediction itself, and the idea that Americans might not be absolute monsters for voting Trump, was enough to lose him most of his living.

He then became popular in a completely different market, with his relatively red-pilled takes on the culture war. When it came to Covid, however, he strongly and repeatedly backed the vaccine, thus alienating much of his new, vaccine sceptic following.

However, in another twist, Adams has now admitted, unequivocally, though not without a touch of snark, that the ”anti-vaxxers”, as he calls them, have won.

Was Refusing the Vaccine Really Just a “Coin Flip?”


Charles wants ‘Jesus’ and ‘Mary Magdalen’ (Harry and Meghan – think about it) to attend his coronation:

Daily Mail: The King has asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to broker a deal to allow Harry to attend his Coronation – but has met resistance from William, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Charles wants Justin Welby to strike an agreement with his warring sons that would allow Harry and his wife Meghan to attend the Westminster Abbey ceremony in May, senior sources close to Lambeth Palace say.

Charles WANTS Harry to attend his Coronation: The King ‘asks Justin Welby to broker deal allowing Duke and Meghan to be at ceremony, but William fears his brother will use the event to stage a ‘stunt”… as ‘monarch mulls over giving his OWN TV interview’

A tangled web but there are superficial clues besides…the genes…and befitting of the Jesus in Britain and Grail legends. All Otherworldly and very inter-world.

Meghan Markle is MM. Meghan is a Venus name, a Mary name. Jesus’ ancestral ‘House’ and Harry’s fourth name, ‘David’ (supposedly after the 7th name of the relie they don’t like to talk about – the Duke of Windsor) means ‘beloved’ – https://biblehub.com/matthew/3-17.htm. H&M married on 19th May (the old time Julian calendar) Beltane date, sacred marriage (hieros gamos) time for the ancient Britons and equals 24 (6). He was born 15th September – also equals 24 (6) (This 16th birthday was marked by the 2000 Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony – a Friday (Venus day)).

The fore-warning (metaphorical) enchanted self-sacrifice of ‘Free Man’ rite at the Sydney Olympics, on 15th September 2000.

Christened (reborn) in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor on the Winter Solstice 1984, a Friday (Venus day): 21-12-1984 = 33 and 22 = 55. Numerosymbologically (the separations and moving to live abroad are destined). Winter Solstice is venerated as the return of the light and The Light. The ceremony (naturally) took place on a significant portal and power centre, one of the most sacred hills of the Ancient Britons – where the explosive conk had Windsor Castle built and other bar stewards that tyrannised after, St. George’s Chapel – and where the Knights of the Garter (inspired by England’s chief witch) hold their ceremonies. On Friday, 20th November 1992, a 16 date – so often a number (frequency) of Divine warning or retribution – a huge fire broke out there.* This was (the old time Julian calendar) Samhain date. Ancient Britons’ New Year and the other major thin time. Beltane and Samhain Eves are when the Wild Hunt rides out. At Windsor it is led by Herne the Hunter. In one of the state rooms, the Green room, there are statues of two fawns (pan-like creatures) either side of the fireplace and offering a baby to the fire.


This can’t be hurried.

I like Harry, always have. Something deep inside says, have patience, it’ll take a while. He’s battling demons and they really don’t like it. So I have great expectations that he’ll come through.

* Fortunately (Harry)  Henry VIII’s armour paid the bill – a guide there told me.

* Druid Ways and London’s Leys by Freddy Silva

– Ellis


John Hale, TCW: Have the battles we are in, for truth, for our freedoms, to assert our personal worth and value, originated in electrical sparks of the human brain, or are they spiritual in origin?

Part and parcel of being human is to have errant thoughts and motives. But we know when we stray from decent morality, or we agree to a lie, or subjugate ourselves to something we know we should stand against. We know that the excuses we use to cover for our behaviour are fraudulent, but use them anyway to persuade ourselves that, at the very least, we have made a reasonable compromise. It’s called conscience.

But what of the people who perpetrate the lies that we are often forced to agree with, or subjugate ourselves to? What makes them tick, and do things that adversely affect billions?

These are the people who go to annual conflabs in Davos, who advise governments, who run multi-billion-dollar conglomerates, who benefit from lucrative Big Pharma funding, who hide under the cloak of bureaucratic office, who are members of secretive globalist clubs. They steer the agendas and decisions that affect all our lives through the influence they wield over national and international politicians and political policy makers.

What makes this group of global influencers and their puppet politicians buy into the ideas of the handful of deviants who come up with trans-humanism, the 4th industrial revolution, the Great Reset, 15-minute cities, fraudulent global catastrophes et al?

Our spiritual battle against the globalists


Holy Grail


Childrens’ Health Defense: A five part documentary series by Vera Sharav called “Never Again is Now Global” premiers Monday, January 30th on CHD.TV. Vera Sharav is a Holocaust survivor and Founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection. This organization has been working to ensure that the moral right to voluntary medical decision-making is upheld since 2006. This documentary addresses the ominous parallels between the events between 1930 – 1945 and the repressive Covid government dictates. In this documentary holocaust survivors, children and grandchildren of survivors, as well as German freedom fighters express their shock at today’s fear-mongering and divisive dictates that are reminiscent of the events preceding the Holocaust. The film identifies the corporate and familial facilitators of the Holocaust who profiteered from the Nazi slave labor operations.

We at Children’s Health Defense Europe have worked with Vera on collaborations in the past. On January 23, 2022 Children’s Health Defense Europe hosted a press conference in Brussels with a panel of experts including internationally renowned lawyers, economists and doctors who were concerned by the recent policy decisions that resulted in the degradation of human rights. The panelists were concerned that the erosion of rights was going to increase and unfortunately, they have been proven correct. One of the panelists was Vera who gave a speech, where she drew comparisons to present day events related to covid-19 and the events leading up to the holocaust. At the time, many were shocked by the comparisons, but with the unfolding of events since that day, more and more people are starting to agree with her. On July 29-30, 2021 we facilitated the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium. Vera joined Sucharit Bhakdi and Catherine Austin Fitts to discuss “The Hour of Justice; Reviving the Nuremberg Codex”.

The world premier will be streamed on Children’s Health Defense. The first of the five segments will be streamed on Monday, January 30th, the other episodes will be streamed on the following four consecutive evenings

Holocaust survivors, children of survivors and grandchildren — as well as German freedom fighters — express their shock at today’s fear-mongering and divisive dictates that are reminiscent of the prelude to the Holocaust.

[TRAILER] (Hebrew Subtitles) Never Again Is Now Global


Tireroaster’s Garage “Tannor O’ Krane: The Freedom Convoy Anniversary Tribute – Don’t Cry…


Jacqui Palumbo, CNN: Shannon Taggart began photographing the mediums of Lily Dale, New York, in 2001, curious if members of the Spiritualist community could really speak to the dead. Two decades later, her project has given her more questions than answers.

Communing with the dead: A photographer spent 20 years documenting seánces




What with the latest bullshit – aimed at convincing people that there is a virus (aaaarrrggghhh run for the hills!) – that some mega-twat, working for Pfizer in some nebulous role (an actor) has outed the undoubted maniacs of this dosh slosh money-trough slop peddling hyenas of a company for fiddling with the virus (aaaarrrggghhh run for the hills!) to conjure new versions of the virus (aaaarrrggghhh run for the hills!) – something they know perfectly well doesn’t exist.

The reality of virus no show is getting too much traction for them…obviously.

Veritas and all you virus fans…You’ve been ‘ad!


Jon Rappoport has called them and out for years.

Jon Rappoport: I write this piece for those who ordinarily have their heads on straight, when it comes to understanding the basics of HEALTH—but now, because of the “coronavirus epidemic,” are drifting back into the medical model: FIXATION ON GERMS.

A correct reading of suppressed medical history reveals that the hypothesis of “one disease, one germ” is a modern con, moving down a blind alley at midnight. And when you add “one vaccine” to the formula, you get an even greater degree of lunacy.

But you also get a trillion-dollar commercial success.

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Continuing my “greatest COVID hits” articles. To read my introduction to this ongoing series, go here.

Damn! Will the Zombie Virus Apocalypse never come?


whatsherface clocked it too.

whatsherface: Damar Hamlin RETURNS after his COLLAPSE?! Pamela Anderson Outs Tim Allen?! Ant Project Veritas EXPOSES Pfizer?! Welcome to the WEEKLY ROUNDUP! Where we revisit the most ridiculous news stories of the week.



Amazing Polly:

Truth Has Nothing to do With Reality


The Corbett Report:

And now, from an undisclosed location deep beneath the Earth’s surface, it’s the 6th Annual Fake News Awards! Shining the spotlight of ridicule on the dumbest disinformation, the silliest smears and the most ludicrous lies of the mainstream media dinosaurs of the past year! Which presstitutes will walk away with a dino of shame? What mendacious government mouthpiece will commit seppuku after being exposed as a deceiving sack of excrement ? And who will walk away with the greatest dishonour of them all: the Fake News Story of the Year? Find out in this year’s exciting Award Show Extravaganza…

The 6th Annual Fake News Awards

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/fakenews6/


Edward Howard, TCW: Reform chief’s attack on Bridgen is a cowardly own goal

Reform chief’s attack on Bridgen is a cowardly own goal



Counterspin: The incoming New Zealand Prime Minister Chris ‘Chippy’ Hipkins may be a new face to many, but will he be any different, or is it simply a matter of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

Show notes: Episode 81: A Chip off the Old Block – Meet New Zealand’s New Prime Minister




Neil Hague: Since ancient times humanity has focused on opposing forces that shape the world. Many myths as told by ancient storytellers explore the dualistic aspect of life and our Universe. Battles between hero gods and demons (light and dark forces), found in most religious beliefs, relate to the principle of duality….read more


Chris Turner Films: In this clip taken form my upcoming documentary film ‘Don’t mention the Reptilians’ Ellis Taylor talks about one of many experiences with the ‘Reptilians’.


Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe: Many of you, I’m sure, have heard about Bob Lazar’s claims about “containers” and human souls. Well, I thought I would expand this controversy and demonstrate that Lazar was not the only one who found themselves in the heart of this strange situation. With that said, let’s have a look at the data we have. There can be very few people who are interested in the domain of supernatural phenomena who have not heard of the so-called alien abduction phenomenon. It’s a subject that has captured the attention of not just UFO enthusiasts, but also the mainstream media and the public, too. To demonstrate how the subject has become part of the mainstream, one only has to take a look at the story of Whitley Strieber’s 1987 book, Communion. In no time at all, Strieber’s book – which told of his very own encounters with abductors that he called “the Visitors” – became a New York Times bestseller.

More on the Matter of Bob Lazar, “Containers” and Stolen Souls: A Sinister Saga of UFOs and Demons


Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe: For most people any mention of Area 51 conjures up imagery of a vast, impenetrable fortress constructed and closely guarded in the middle of nowhere. That’s actually not the complete story though. For example, Area 51 is situated less than one hundred miles away from Sin City itself, Las Vegas. In other words, you can be within almost literal spitting distance of the base in a little more than an hour. What makes Area 51 so impenetrable, though, is the fact that it is heavily guarded – and not just at the base itself. It’s impossible to get within around ten miles of the facility. Armed guards patrol the desert land on a 24/7 basis. Motion-detector sensors are pretty much everywhere. Cameras constantly scan the vast landscape for any and all potential intruders. And if you try and penetrate the base you may well find yourself filled with lead. And, no, that’s not an exaggeration.

Area 51: From the Beginning of the Base to Lazar. What a Ride!


Lucas Ropek, Gizmodo: Last year, police violently raided the home of man who has run a small Area 51 blog for decades. What were they searching for?
When federal agents kicked in his door one icy morning last November, Joerg Arnu was still asleep. Roused by deafening bangs and shouts, the 60-year-old retired software developer stumbled out of bed to find a crowd of unfamiliar men in military gear standing in his foyer.

One of the half dozen men, he remembers, was visibly armed and pointing a gun in his direction. Another was holding a riot shield. “This is the FBI,” one yelled. “Put your hands against the wall!” Less than a minute later, Arnu was being handcuffed and led forcefully outside, dressed only in sweatpants and a T-shirt. His house, located in the remote town of Rachel, Nevada, had been swarmed by police vans.

The Enduring Mystery of an Aggressive FBI Raid Near Area 51


Jerm Warfare: Basically, what happened is that a commercial aircraft, flying between Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down while over Ukrainian airspace and everybody was killed. The official story is that Russian military – as usual – took it down with a Buk 9M38 surface-to-air missile.

Because, you know, Russian man bad.

And because, you know, official stories are always true.

Kees’s book, however, challenges the mainstream narrative, suggesting that the Ukrainian military was likely the guilty party.

Kees Van Der Pijl on the Malaysia Airlines MH17 false flag:


Gerald Celente: U.S. and Germany agree to send tanks into Ukraine. What comes next? Visit TrendsJournal.com

WWIII: U.S., NATO vs. RUSSIA…It Was Never a ‘Proxy’ War


Alex Tsakiris, Skeptiko: Investigative journalist Johnny Vedmore… Henry Kissinger and Klaus Schwab… Strangelove mutual destruction… globalism vs. US empire.

The president, I would not rule out the chance to preserve a nucleus of human specimens. Radio activity would never penetrate a mine, some thousands of feet, three, how long would you have to stay down there, bill? Let’s see now, uh, , 100 years.

Johnny Vedmore, Henry and Klaus


Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics: The entire theory of the Petrodollar dates back to the collapse of Bretton Woods and the subsequent oil embargo protesting US support for Israel and the price shock of raising prices. Those were the days when everyone was obsessed with gold and the whole idea of a floating currency that was popular to say will crash and burn for money had to be backed but some commodity. Those were indeed the days when that theory was very popular and it dominated the thinking process of the 1970s

The Petrodollar – Another Fake News Invention?


Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs: Church of England vicars Daniel French and Jamie Franklin sit down to give an alternative reading of the week’s big stories.

Coronating Wokery – Irreverend 110


Rev. Michael P. Orsi, Life Site News: Among the best known scenes from scripture is that passage in the Gospel of Matthew where Christ issues his famous challenge to Simon Peter and his brother, Andrew: “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

‘Choose the Mass, or choose hell’: Why we must heed Our Lord’s command to follow Him


Live performance on The Perry Como Show January 3, 1959. Phil Spector, Annette Kleinbard and Marshall Leib:


The climate scaremongers: Greta’s fake ‘arrest’

The climate scaremongers: Greta’s fake ‘arrest’


The Exposé: The year 2021 was one of hope and promise for Australia, as the world began to recover from the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

And if it were not for a monumental cover-up by the Government of Australia, that hope would have been quickly shattered.

Because secretive Goverment data confirms the first 38 weeks of the year saw a shocking 1,452% increase in excess deaths following the rollout of the Covid-19 injections compared to the same period in 2020.

BREAKING: Secret Australian Government Reports prove COVID Vaccination has caused a shocking 5162% increase in Excess Deaths compared to the year 2020


The Exposé: A peer-reviewed study published on 24 January 2023 estimates 278,000 Americans died in 2021, alone, due to covid injections. 243 million Americans had received Covid injections by the end of Dec 2021.  So, the study’s estimate suggests that 1 out of 874 vaccinees is killed by the injections.

BREAKING: Study finds COVID Vaccines have killed 1 in every 874 Americans


Glenn Hudson, John-Henry westen Show, Life Site News: The death of Pope Benedict XVI is shedding new light on the mysterious Garabandal apparitions, which speak of the end times: an urgent need for repentance, the coming wrath of God, and the overflowing cup of poison filled by corrupt bishops, priests, and cardinals. Has the death of Pope Benedict XVI unleashed this prophecy despite all the warning signs?

Listen to the Virgin Mary’s last warning as explained by Glenn Hudson, a man personally healed in connection with the Garabandal apparitions. With the death of Pope Benedict XVI, Hudson’s account of Garabandal may be the last warning given during these times — and into the final era of the Church.

We were warned: Pope Benedict’s death marks ‘the end of the times’


Garabandal: The small village of San Sebastian de Garabandal, Spain, was marked by the presence of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. In nearly 3,000 public apparitions between the years 1961 and 1965, she appeared to 4 girls, between 11 and 12 years of age: Conchita González, Mari Cruz González, Jacinta González y Mari Loli Mazón.

The Story of Garabandal




Andrew Lawrence:


Auditing Britain: Wellingborough Job Center | G4S Data Protectors


Rivetting series.





The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities:


James Bartley, the Cosmic Switchboard: The topic of Part 1 is “The Making of a Host.” James Bartley describes a number of factors that come into play in the creation of a host. James discusses how reptilian entities take over peoples mind and psyche. James also discusses the possibility of huge numbers of people being taken up as hosts. In Part 2 (Members only) James Bartley talks about Cannibalism. James also discusses the emergence of the “Pan Babies”

Reptilian Hosting and Possession of People


Maria Zeee: Clay Clark and Aaron Antis from https://timetofreeamerica.com/ join Maria to discuss CERN opening demonic portals, the increase in open Satanic worship in our society and the push towards CBDC’s which will usher in the Mark of the Beast.

Uncensored: Clay Clark & Aaron Antis – CERN, Demonic Portals, CBDC & The Mark of the Beast

Numerosymbologically: Shiva = 22+9+9+9 = 22-9  LHC = 22   CERN = 144

“Conseil Européen pour le Recherche Nucléaire” totals 22 (by way of its Saturnian and lunar 29 – a number strongly featured on the Shiva statue at CERN, highlighting his special connections to these bodies.)

Intensified Number, 22 is the number of The Master Builder…or negatively, The Great Destroyer.

9 relates to ‘worlds and interaction between them’ – 22-9 fits, as Shiva is the destroyer of worlds….suddenly, and without warning from outside this world, because Lord Shiva adds to 16 (through 44-4 4).  There is a symbolic ritual potential for Shiva’s destructive side to be summoned through inverting the 9s of 22+9+9+9 – see above.

Announcing its vengeful intentions to an unsophisticated too-trusting war-weary world, CERN was hatched by 12 states on St. Michael and All Angels Day, 29th September 1954. CERN’s total, 144 ‘the second power of the sacred 12 appears wherever 12 should be multiplied’ (The Mystery Numbers – Annemarie Schimmel). There are now 33 (23 plus 10 associate members).



The John-Henry Westen Show, Life Site News: From atheist to Catholic exorcist, Fr. Carlos Martins is a powerful example of faithful priests who are fighting to drive out Satan and forces of darkness. Fr. Martins chilling new interview with LifeSiteNews’s John-Henry Westen discusses everything you’ve ever wanted to know about exorcisms, including: human possession, the exorcism process, how Catholics can protect themselves against the forces of evil, what’s at stake in our spiritual warfare, and so much more. Satan and his army of demons are fighting for your eternal soul.


Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:



“Neil Hague transcends his calling by producing this kaleidoscopic chronicle to augment his piercingly exquisite visionary artwork. Rarely has a book given me goose bumps; this one did at times.”

Keys to understanding the nature of reality, astral worlds – exploring the ‘occult history of art’.





Chris Turner Films: An excerpt from a documentary based on the many lives of Ellis Taylor, writer, alien abductee, experiencer, tarot practitioner and maverick Numerosymbologist. This film tells of his encounters and interactions with the Otherworlds and the ‘Others’ that inhabit them. It also details Ellis’ determination to expose the Invisible Darkness that lies within the shadowlands and the shadow government organisations. Ellis is also featured in the upcoming series Don’t Mention the Reptilians.

Ellis has been interviewed for a segment in an upcoming Ickonic production (working title “Holy Grail”) where he speaks about the holy healing project he has been helping with for the past 7 years.


18th February – OXFORD:


Now you see it…Now you don’t: The Oxford Henge



Com-Cast Kegworth Hotel & Conference Centre, Derby, England

A weekend of stand-up comedy, interviews, live podcasts and afterparties. A mini-festival with market stalls, restaurant dining and workshops. We kick off Friday night and go through to Sunday lunchtime.

27th – 29th January, 2023




The film features Irene and Riley, a couple from New Jersey who had to “come out” to their families twice. First, in college, when they fell in love and each told their families that they were gay, to which they received congratulations and support. The second time was more recently, specifically Irene, when she informed her parents that she and Riley were unvaccinated. Riley had grown up vaccine-free, and Irene shared her opinion when it came to avoiding the flu shot and the mRNA COVID vaccine.

FILM WEBINAR: “Freaks”: Coming Out as Unvaxxed:



Why Net Zero is nonsense: a briefing document for opponents


UK Column:

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


Eureka Free Press: A “patriotic and pro-freedom Australians a news information source with credible content and reputable views that can be trusted.”

Gerald Celente & Judge Andrew Napolitano:


Neil Oliver:….but there’s a power beyond their reach and we need to remind ourselves no government has the right to change the way we live without our consent’

…they are trying to alter the fabric of our reality’




odysee.com/@ellisctaylor:1 • odysee.com/@TheSongofFfraed:d  youtube.com/user/otherworldjourneys



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