Halloween is not Samhain

All things are in God, and God is in all things. God and the Goddess are one. God has no gender.

In this piece I might refer to God as ‘God’, ‘the Goddess’, ‘The Divine’, ‘The Creator’, ‘All That Is’, S(He), Her/Him. I don’t feel comfortable with calling God, ‘It’

In The Beginning, after God had created everything else and had tried out different creatures to steward the earth, God created humankind.

Earth is not ‘the world’. The world is the ever-adapting theatre(s) – containing the constant earth…until it/they doesn’t/don’t.

Everything is frequency, vibration and energy and it is in constant flux, until the Divine says it isn’t so.  Between theatres (dimensions) are interconnecting ‘doors’. Most of the time they are locked. It is a beautiful Divine Order all activated and regulated by high frequency, dynamic ‘Light’, invoking specific frequencies in elegant and engaging patterns. With precision timing, acting like keys do in pin-tumbler locks. The patterns engage as they are Divinely designated to, to let the Light in; for purposes that include change, or for maintenance, for balance, for healing. (I’ve seen it. I’ve heard it. I’ve felt it.) At that exact moment everything that is connected is affected – and if something, or someone is present in situ and their frequency perfectly matches that circumstance, the veil will part. Sometimes they will observe, sometimes they will participate. Generally, it is fleeting…but not always.

Humankind, as Divinely assigned custodians of this earth, in this present dimension, are equipped to deal with every eventuality. They have senses beyond the 5; higher senses and sensitivities. Intimately, they are connected to the cosmos, engaging with ‘the stars’ every moment of every single day and night.

The Ancients, thousands of years ago, when they were taught by Divine communication, how to read ‘the stars’ and their motions were also advised how throughout the earth’s epic voyage around the sun there are 8 majorly important specific times when everyone’s psychic senses are to be serviced – Divinely charged and Divinely aligned. One of these, and according to the Ancients, the most significant, is at the end of summer, known as Samhain in Ireland – and most western cultures now too – other names having been taken from us through Dark oppressions. (We can retrieve them though.)

Samhain (as do the other 7) climaxes at exact moments. For Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh this is when the sun from the perspective of the Isles attains 15 degrees of their appropriate ‘sign’ – Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo. In 2022, in the Isles, for Samhain, this is 10.36am on 7th November but we have clocks, the Ancients didn’t.

They were master astronomers nevertheless, so they were able to design and build permanent constructions to mark the risings and settings of the sun, the moon, planets, stars, and the constellations for accurate forecasts (including eclipses). To ensure the moments were not missed and they were receptive they held gatherings in praise, honour and gratitude, often over 3 days and nights. It was during these holy times sacred unions, Hieros gamos, took place aiming for the blessings of Divinely charged exquisite energies.

This sacred pause in the wheel of life unfortunately devolved, through devilish enchantment and seduction into feasts, festivals, and games and the reason for the seasonal devotions was forgotten by nearly everyone. The reveries continued though, a tiny few with knowledge of the original gracing purpose, when they could, and some remembrance of these great essential rites held on.

When Christianity came to these Isles in AD37 ‘the Strangers’ came together with the Druids, their blood kin and for some, ‘teachers’, and without missing a beat became the legendary Culdee. Their creed was virtually the same and, it is said, the Holy Family and disciples brought with them a refinement that the Druids easily comprehended and absorbed.

The Druids became the first bishops, the Esgobion, and their Sanctuaries, Clas, Llan, were established everywhere.* There were female Druids too, some had their own sanctuaries. Known in Ireland as the Bandrui and Ban-Draoithe (in Cymru, possibly the Banwdrwys – or something like it). It is likely that some of the very early British saints were originally Druids, indeed some researchers have found evidence for this.

* The Druids educated the Early Church of the Britons about the sacred dynamic energies flowing through these Isles – the ‘dragons’ – and they ensured they sited their sanctuaries, cells and slips at least nearby and mostly upon them.

When the Roman legions tore through the Isles and Her people, with them came their gods and their calendar. And then, in the rear, its Church to disconnect the last vestiges of spiritual awareness and consciousness the wearied Britons had left. Their calendar, as it happens, has been far mightier than their swords.

For thousands of years, when the festivals mentioned previously were understood and even later, right up to when the Romans arrived, nobody in the Isles had any interest in their calendar, let alone the months of May, October and November.

Calendar dates for humanity’s Grace dates is a nonsense. None of our great Divine Services have anything to do with fixed calendar dates. They move with ‘the stars’.

Another very important discordance with the rhythm of Nature, with our sacred duty of care to this earth and everything dependent upon Her (and us), is our acceptance of ‘a day’ beginning at midnight. It should begin in the half light going towards the dark. A natural day in tune with nature is from sunset to sunset.

By not harmonising with God’s clock, ‘The Stars’, we are discordant with the earth, with Nature. It is a perilous path that has lead to a dull-sensed humankind, easy pickings for Dark agendas. To the nightmare of today.

Satanism is the inversion of Christianity. It relishes and revels on Christian Holy Days, corrupting them and stealing the powerful potential for good that they have. This is made all the more easy by human ignorance of who they truly are, what they are capable of, and why the Divine put them here.

Halloween is All Hallows Eve. A sacred day for Christianity and those purporting to be on the side of Divine Light, who have not only allowed the Darkness to capture but have joined with It to do so.

Now you know.

Halloween is not Samhain.



31st October 2022





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