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Give them an inch and they’ll take the whole earth and all of humanity



Well, you can’t say she’s been wrong so far….

Maria Zeee, Stew Peters Network:

Professor Dolores Cahill joins Maria Zeee for an in-depth discussion about Agenda 21, confirming that we are now in a “mass killing” phase of the agenda.
Professor Cahill predicts millions more will sadly die in the next 5 years due to the effects of mRNA from the injections in the body.
She also discusses the importance of becoming completely independent of the existing systems and how the people around the world are fighting back.

Uncensored: Prof. Dolores Cahill – We’re in the Mass Killing Phase of Agenda 21 & What People Can Do


Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek:

“If we cut up beasts simply because they cannot prevent us…, it is only logical to cut up imbeciles, criminals, enemies, or capitalists for the same reasons.” C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock

It was in 1975 that 140 genetic researchers gathered at Asilomar Conference Grounds, on beautiful Monterey Peninsula in California, to discuss the implications of being able to decrypt and reorder genes. It’s called “recombinant DNA,” or, DNA that has been formed artificially by combining constituents from different organisms, allowing scientists to manipulate DNA fragments in order to study them in the lab. Basically, it means altering the source code of life.

Techno Eugenics


An impressive address from the leader of the new Freedom Party that stands for decency – the exact opposite of those corrupt politicians and parties that have always been shoe-ins.

Victorians must come to and bowl the bastard Andrews out.

Freedom Party:

State Leader Morgan Jonas delivers keynote address outlining plan for Victoria. Topics covered: corruption, drug addiction, business, energy, debt, education, freedom plus more.

Morgan’s address from Freedom Party Convention



Marian Tupy is the editor of Human​Progress​.org and a senior fellow at the Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity. He specialises in globalisation and global well‐​being and politics and economics of Europe and Southern Africa. He is the co-author of ‘Superabundance: The Story of


Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek:

Extremely important information in this article. It is much shorter than my essays so I hope everyone will read or listen to it to the end. Thank you.

The United States of Schizophrenia


There won’t be a nuclear world war.


Neil McCoy-Ward:

It’s Too Late… (UK In Economic Free-fall)


We Are Change:


Gerald Celente and Judge Andrew Napolitano:

Jones Killed No-One, Pays Millions, Bush Killed Millions, Pays No-One


Avi Yemini

New Report Slams Covid Response:

Odysee: https://odysee.com/@AviYemini:6/%F0%9F%9A%A8new-report-slams-covid-response:5

The report: Scathing report into Australia’s ‘failed’ pandemic response slams leaders


WHF Entertainment:

The woke mob’s cancelling spree continues. This week’s victim? The thumbs up emoji.




Deborah Hatswell #BBR:

A stunned resident from a Nottinghamshire town has described seeing the two large cats in his garden after he woke up to distressed clucking sounds from his two chickens. Adam Archer, 60, said he peered out of his downstairs window to see a large animal standing over the body of his chicken, with another animal staring back at him with a mysterious pair of eyes. Mr Archer, who lives in Misterton in North Nottinghamshire and owns an engineering business in Gainsborough, said the sighting took place one morning at 3am between Tuesday, July 5 to Thursday, July 7.



The UK’s
EMF Protection

Australia: https://www.orgoneffectsaustralia.com.au/




St. Fridewide’s Day (A St. Ffraed’s Day)


Bom Moran: Shame


Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs:

In this special episode, the Rev’d Dr Jamie Franklin presents a talk on the subject of disenchantment. How did the world lose its sense of transcendent wonder during the Reformation and Early Modern period? What is it like to live in a “flat” secular age? And what can Christianity and the Church offer to the disenchanted world?
This is a message of hope and a call to action that will encourage church leaders and Christians and that will be of interest to anybody who is seeking to rediscover wonder.

Rediscovering Wonder – How and Why the Church Must Re-enchant Itself


The Conservative Woman:

The BBC at 100: Leading the push for totalitarianism

The BBC at 100: Leading the push for totalitarianism


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon Chronicle:

For those who do not know, the so-called JEEP cards are issued to muckety-mucks in the USSA alphabet soup and military agencies. They grant the bearer access to secure, underground bases and installations at times of “national emergency” — as in the case of imminent nuclear war, for example.

“JEEP Card Time In Four Days …”


Tims Truth:

Coming straight from Latin, de jure is a term used mostly, but not always, in legal writing. Sometimes it’s not enough to have something written into law; if a law isn’t enforced, it might as well not exist. And if ordinary people are too scared of what would happen to them if they exercised their rights, then they don’t really have those rights at all. The opposite is de facto.

Local Elections Fraud Contract, NOT De jure Government ?


Neil McCoy-Ward:

This Is Absolutely TERRIFYING!!!



For students of official propaganda, mind control, emotional coercion, and other insidious manipulation techniques, the rollout of the New Normal has been a bonanza. Never before have we been able to observe the application and effects of these powerful technologies in real-time on such a massive scale.

In a little over two and a half years, our collective “reality” has been radically revised. Our societies have been radically restructured. Millions (probably billions) of people have been systematically conditioned to believe a variety of patently ridiculous assertions, assertions based on absolutely nothing, repeatedly disproved by widely available evidence, but which have nevertheless attained the status of facts. An entire fictitious history has been written based on those baseless and ridiculous assertions. It will not be unwritten easily or quickly.

The Gaslighting of the Masses


The Corbett Report Official LBRY Channel:

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/musk/

Elon Musk is back in the headlines again (not that he ever really went away). He’s going to save free speech on Twitter (honest)! He’s going to end the war on Ukraine (that he supported with Starlink)! He’s going to give Taiwan to the Chinese (and not just because of Tesla’s Shanghai factory)! Yes, Elon Musk is a WEF Young Global Leader and a self-promoting charlatan who would have amounted to absolutely nothing without unrelenting support from government and his globalist pals, and he is the next white hat saviour that is being set up to mislead the masses with their next hopium fix. But as James peels back the layers of this technocratic huckster, you’ll find that it’s even worse than that . . .

Meet Elon Musk, Technocractic Huckster


Lifesite New:

A Christian teacher who refused to use a student’s transgender pronouns has been sent back to jail until February at the earliest after an Irish judge declined to expedite the hearing of his challenge to a court order preventing him from entering his place of employment.

Enoch Burke was jailed on September 5 after refusing to comply with a court injunction barring him from teaching at or entering the grounds of Wilson’s Hospital School, a Church of Ireland boarding school in Multyfarnham, Co. Westmeath.

At today’s Court of Appeal case-management hearing, the evangelical Christian reportedly told Mr. Justice John Edwards that he “shouldn’t be in that chair” after the judge refused to grant a hearing of Burke’s appeal sooner than February 16, 2023.

Irish teacher who refused to use transgender pronouns to spend Christmas in jail as court delays hearing


New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove:

Jacques Vallée is a computer scientist, venture capitalist, and UFO researcher. He is author of many books including Passport to Magonia, The Invisible College, Messengers of Deception, Dimensions, Revelations, Confrontations, Forbidden Science (in four volumes), Stratagem, and (coauthored with Paola Harris) Trinity: The Best Kept Secret. Here he describes his investigation, with Paola Harris, of a previous unknown UFO crash that took place shortly after, and in the vacinity of the very first atomic explosion in 1945 in New Mexico. The craft was observed by witnesses for ten days while the army worked to build a road, bring in a heavy truck, and haul it away. Only in recent years have the witnesses been willing to describe what they saw. Vallée provides historical context for this unique event and also sheds light on highly classified government efforts to make sense of the artifacts retrieved from UFO crash sites.

The Best Kept Secret in UFOlogy with Jacques Vallee


More later


Just a few posts today. Following the passing of an extraordinary and inspirational human being I had the good fortune to know, Ross Broadstock, founder of Britain’s Hidden History. (Also see yesterday’s posts.)

The lyric:

Nid wy’n gofyn bywyd moethus, (I don’t ask for a luxurious life)

Aur y byd na’i berlau mân: (the world’s gold or its fine pearls)

Gofyn wyf am galon hapus, (I ask for a happy heart)

Calon onest, calon lân. (an honest heart, a pure heart)

Calon lân yn llawn daioni, (A pure heart full of goodness)

Tecach yw na’r lili dlos: (Is fairer than the pretty lily)

Dim ond calon lân all ganu (None but a pure heart can sing)

Canu’r dydd a chanu’r nos. (Sing in the day and sing in the night)

(Many thanks to David C)

One of his little lads, Xavi, posted this. Your Dad, I’m sure, is so proud of you.


Sad important news

I awoke this morning thinking about a paragraph I wrote in my book, In These Signs Conquer, first published in 2006.

In loving memory of Ross :

Is life about being locked down and shut up? Where is the fun in that? Life isn’t about being safe it is about negotiating our way through an infinite array of experiences. As someone once said, we are not supposed to saunter up to the pearly gates, unblemished and immaculately groomed. The point is to arrive breathless, ravaged and knackered exclaiming, “Wow! What a ride!”

The full Chapter One

That…is how Ross Broadstock would have arrived.


Ross’s last episode of Sunday night Britain’s Hidden History (16th October 2022). The comments show how many lives he touched with his warmth, sincerity and example.

Recorded before he passed:

Show notes, links, sources and resources: Margam strange windows and glimpse at castle. Farewell to Dr P and friends.

Heddwch butt.
Nes i ni gyfarfod eto. Diolch yn Fawr


Dr. Sam Bailey:

Toxicology vs Virology – Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud:

Toxicology vs Virology – Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud


Andrew Lawrence:

Now even Obama condemns cancel culture.


The Crowhouse;

The World is at War



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Holy Grail

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