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For and from the camp of the saints.

WELCOME to the  22nd August – 31st August 2021’s edition of Howlin’ at the Moon.

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Howlin’ at the Moon provides counter intelligence from exemplary human professionals via first class clearly divinely pre-ordained warrior platforms.


Not suitable for Truth Deniers

Are you a now liable to patent, genetically modified human organism, who will be breaking the law if you attempt to have children without written consent (if you are still physically capable of it)? It’s not too late to inform yourself, without indoctrinated prejudice, for the sake of alerting other spirits, who, like you, were divinely gifted the experience of being human, but who are still as unadulterated as the divine intended, to not take the blighted path to di-soul-ution that you were tricked into taking. 

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News and Features

3rd September 2018: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com


Honest Government Ad | Anti Encryption Law…..
How to be human: the man who was raised by wolves…..
Brazil museum fire: ‘incalculable’ loss as 200-year-old Rio institution gutted…..
600 police stations are axed: Crime soars as some forces close half their sites under Tory austerity…..
The Who – Baba O’Riley (Charlton ’74)…..
Goodbye Hugh Fitzcairn…..
Roger Glover – Made in Wales…..
Intellectual charlatanry: TED doesn’t know how to distinguish between good science and bad science…..

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