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Britain’s Hidden History:

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The Delingpod: Sonia Elijah

“James catches up with Sonia Elijah, who is an investigative journalist for Trial Site News and TCW (as well as her own substack). They discuss the incredibly poor state of journalism and medical coverage (propaganda)”

– and the outright criminal negligence and greed, cover ups and intentional harm.


Psybo the trickster:


Mark Steyn speaks with Lois Perry of CAR26 – a group with a mixture of common sense and none – e.g. They recognise the climate change scam but supports smashing the planet up and injecting her with nasty stuff. Frackin’ Hell!

‘UK Government has been taken over by sleeper agents’ says Lois Perry


Aldi selling the bugs


The Exposé:

Dr. Shimon (or Simon) Yanowitz joined The Stew Peters Show to expose the dangerous formations he found in the thawed Covid injection vials. He found nano worms, circuitry, and Bluetooth signals coming from the injections.

Dr. Yanowitz is an electrical engineer and independent researcher based in Israel.  He has done extensive research on the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.  He argues that the Spanish flu pandemic was caused by injections administered “to prevent meningitis.”

Dr. Yanowitz has not had any Covid injections however he has seen these nanostructures in samples of his own blood.  He is unwell as a result. “I have good reason to assume this is [due to vaccine] shedding through skin contact,” he said.

Dr. Shimon Yanowitz Discusses Covid Injection Vial Contents – We are in a Genocidal War


Epoch Health:

A funeral director from New Zealand says that 95 percent of the corpses he has been seeing had received a COVID-19 vaccine within two weeks of their passing away.

“Ninety-five percent of the people who have passed away through the work that I’ve done have been vaccinated within two weeks,” Brenton Faithfull said.

Faithfull has been working as a funeral director for the last 41 years and has been running his own mortuary business for the last 26 years. He recently spoke out about the apparent relationship between the COVID-19 vaccines and the deaths he has been observing.

“It’s very obvious, they die within two weeks of receiving the vaccination, a lot of them … almost appear to have died from anaphylaxis, almost a reaction straight away to the booster.”

Anaphylaxis is an acute reaction of the body to an antigen, such as that of a bee sting, or an injection.

“They die the same day, the following day after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. This isn’t a one-off case, this is the majority of cases that have come through our facility,” Faithfull said in an interview.

95 Percent of Corpses Had Received COVID Vaccination Within 2 Weeks of Death: Funeral Director


The Conservative Woman:

THE Parliamentary debate on Covid-19 vaccines safety which was scheduled for the day of the Queen’s funeral will now take place tomorrow in Westminster Hall. It’s the outcome of a petition to open a public inquiry into Covid-19 vaccine safety that achieved the requisite number of signatories last June.The petition pointed to the significant increase in heart attacks and related health issues since the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines began in 2021, stating ‘This needs immediate and full scientific investigation to establish if there is any possible link with the Covid-19 vaccination rollout’. The subsequent months have seen no let-up in reported fatalities and deaths resulting from the vaccine that never protected us.

Debate on Covid vaccine safety tomorrow – let’s hope for some action at last

They’ve played for time. Don’t hold your breath.


The AJ Roberts Show:

Dorset based pensioner Joan Bye joins us on the AJ Roberts Show to share all the details of her 44 year battle with the authorities for accountability for her daughters death from the controversial drug Epilim.

Joan and her family have faced extreme persecution in that time from police, the courts, paparazzi, all in pursuit of justice. Not just for her beautiful girl, but for children all over the world who have been, and are becoming guinea pigs for big pharma!

A truly inspiring story from a truly inspiring mother, fighter and warrior!


All I want is justice for the children – with Joan Bye


CBDCs – A song by Angry North & Boris’s Bitches:


The Daily Sceptic:

A Conservative peer has complained to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) after a private hospital was accused of refusing to treat a patient who asked for an all-female nursing team. The Telegraph has more.

The Princess Grace Hospital in Marylebone, in the West End of London, allegedly told a patient she could not have complex colorectal surgery after she asked for single-sex accommodation and said she did not wish to use pronouns.

The patient, a retired lawyer, told MailOnline that during a clinical pre-op assessment, which involved intimate procedures, she believed she had encountered a transgender woman in a blonde wig and make-up who had made eye contact with her.

Hospital Refuses to Operate on Sex Assault Victim Who Asked for Single-Sex Accommodation, Telling Her it “Does Not Share Her Beliefs”


The Daily Sceptic:

In my capacity as General Secretary of the Free Speech Union, I went to Speakers’ Corner on June 27th to celebrate its 150th anniversary, only to discover that the Christian preacher Hatun Tash, a member of the Free Speech Union, had been arrested by the Metropolitan Police the day before. In a scandalous miscarriage of justice, she was arrested after being robbed – you read that correctly – and taken into police custody for 24 hours where, among other things, she was strip searched. She was later told by the police that the reason she’d been arrested was because she was wearing an ‘offensive’ t-shirt – it reproduced one of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Free Speech Union Helps to Secure £10,000 Damages and Apology to Christian Activist Arrested at Speakers’ Corner


Rebel News:

When she was campaigning to be the new premier, Danielle Smith had promised to do so. Today, Selene asked her when she’d actually do so.
And Premier Smith’s reply was amazing.

“I can apologize right now. I’m deeply sorry,” she said. She proceeded to give a heartfelt apology “for anyone who was inappropriately subjected to discrimination as a result of their vaccine status, I’m deeply sorry. For any government employee that was fired from their job, because of their vaccine status, and I welcome the back if they want to come back.”

Full account and comment: https://www.rebelnews.com/huge_alberta_premier_apologizes_to_unvaccinated_citizens_considers_dropping_all_lockdown_prosecutions

HUGE: Alberta premier apologizes to unvaccinated, considers dropping all lockdown prosecutions


Calgary Herald:

Alberta premier Danielle Smith Speaks To Supporters At UCP AGM:


Tim Dwyer, Tims Truth:

Your Answers will determine what you will do. Is Deception a character trait that you as an Australian Admire ?

Is Stealing a Skill that You as an Australian Admire ?

Should Defrauding People of Their Money, Property and Basic Rights be admired & Rewarded by society ??

Rogues’, Thieves, Scoundrels


More to come



The thing about the truth is that it always comes out. It may take years, decades or even centuries but reality has a way of asserting itself. Lies inevitably fall apart.
And so more than two and a half years after Covid-19 first came to Australian shores the truth has finally emerged about our various governments’ response to it and the lies have been exposed.

Lockdowns were wrong. School closures were wrong. Border closures were wrong. Poor people were hurt the most.

More than two and a half years after Covid-19 first came to Australia, the truth has finally emerged and the lies have been exposed.

Australia’s huge Covid lies finally exposed

This is very, very, welcome but the inept and scumbags are still relentlessly pushing the evil Covid 19 and its ugly sister, the completely fabricated testing lies. When does that get investigated and exposed well enough for even the most tranced terrorised humans to see? Till then these demons and wannabees, intent on carnage and take-over, won’t stop. The death jabs must be stopped unless you are a fan, or one of the drug makers, dealers, pushers  and assailants, then you can have them all till the stocks run out. You can spike each other. What fun you’ll have! You’ll have to pay for them of course, out of your own ill-gotten gains. Bastards! Good riddance.


Reignite Democracy Australia:

There is now undeniable proof that the lockdown measures were political and over-the-top.

Why are people still going through the magistrates court to fight COVID fines?

We demand that ALL COVID-related fines in Australia be abolished immediately.

We also demand refunds for those who already paid their COVID fines.

This will be the first step to start mending the relationship between the police, the justice system, and everyday Aussies.

Abolish Fines Immediately!

Aussies you need to go for every single one of the scumbags that pushed this, personally sue them, their profiting families, their dogs.  We must ensure the like of this never happens again. Every State ‘leader’, every Hell Minister, every AWOL opposition leader must be first in the docks.




OTHER Prime Ministers have made disastrous mistakes but none has been forced out of office in barely 40 days by their own side. Certainly there was a run on pension funds after the now reversed Kwasi Kwarteng mini-Budget, and some remedial measures were called for, but the overthrow of a new PM?

John Major and Norman Lamont survived the calamities of the ERM and Black Wednesday in 1992 to stagger on for a further five years. James Callaghan and Denis Healey survived the IMF bailout needed in 1976 to rescue the British economy for a further three years, and could conceivably have won another General Election if they’d held their nerve to call one in 1978.

Something strange is going on


Dr. Vernon Coleman:

I haven’t been invited (or allowed) to discuss vaccination on the radio or television for many years. This is largely because the medical establishment (having lost a long series of debates) will no longer agree to debate any medical topic with me or, indeed, to appear on any programme which has invited me to be a participant. For decades now I have been regularly lied about by people who have been frustrated by their inability to find errors in the claims I’ve made on a variety of health topics – including vaccination.

Vaccines: The Suppression of the Truth


Counterspin New Zealand:

In this second part of our interview with U.S Dr. James Thorp we dive deep into the data around the Covid-19 jab & why fertile or pregnant woman should not take it.

Dr. Thorpe shows the Pfizer documents MSM refuses to acknowledge and government advice from the U.K for pregnant women, not to get jabbed.

The evidence is damning with an unprecedented number of neo natal babies dying and mothers experiencing miscarriages.

Dr. James Thorp is a Board-Certified Obstetrician Gynaecologist with over 43 years’ experience.

What he states as an undeniable fact, is being backed up our conversations with midwives working here in NZ.

Part 1 of this interview: ‘Episode 75: ”Dr Nikki Turner, you are murdering people! … Now debate me.” – Dr James Thorp MD’ can be found here: https://theinfowar.tv/watch?id=634b5706f9e7b90ad5085284

Episode 76: Murder by Vax Must Stop Now! – Dr James Thorp MD Interview Part 2

Link to doc: https://phmpt.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/5.3.6-postmarketing-experience.pdf


Anna Brees:

Well done Eamonn Holmes OBE, Alison Hammond and Bev Turner. As for the others, apologies anyone? How many deaths and injuries are your ignorant rantings responsible for:

ITV This Morning, Eamonn Holmes OBE, Alison Hammond, Bev Turner recorded in 2020 and 2021



HURRICANE Ian left 131 people dead, but according to the BBC that disaster was nothing compared to the few days of hot weather we had this summer!

BBC report last week claimed: ‘As the UK endured record high temperatures of 40C this summer, there were around 3,000 more deaths in the over-65s than usual in England and Wales – the highest figure since 2004. Many happened during the hottest days towards the end of July and in early August.

‘The data comes from a report by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA). Experts say it shows just how dangerous hot weather can be. “These estimates show clearly that high temperatures can lead to premature death for those who are vulnerable,” said Isabel Oliver, chief scientific officer at the UKHSA. “A warming climate means we must adapt to living safely with hotter summers in the future.”

The climate scaremongers: Another example of BBC gross misrepresentation


Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs:

Join Church of England vicars Daniel French, Thomas Pelham and Jamie Franklin as we discuss the big question of the day. Should the governments of the West not be trying to prevent nuclear war? As the Prime Minister fires her closest ally and hires a CCP-inspired man with a mad stare, what are to we make of the absolute mess that the government has got itself into? In Twits on Twitter, we analyse a video of two young thinkers whose creative use of tomato soup has caused one heck of a stir. And in Question the Rev, we touch on everything from the Rapture to Cathedrals for entry. All that and much much more in this week’s episode of Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs!

Frisking for Soup – Irreverend Episode 98


Scorpion Media Group:

Major David McBride (former SAS Australian Army Major and war crimes whistle blower) reflects on his upcoming Court case that involve potential penalties of life imprisonment. He also discusses his recent interview with Liam Bartlett and his motivation that was inspired by Ghosts of the Anzacs. Interview of 21 October 2022. Also see INTERVIEW with 6PR – Liam Bartlett:

EXCLUSIVE: Aussie war crimes whistleblower rejects ‘traitor’ slur:

Maj. David McBride : Whistleblower – Reflections on Upcoming Court & the Ghosts of the Anzacs.


Bob Moran: Tranzilla



Psybo the trickster:

Tim Dillon Nuclear Rant!!! (Satire)



The Daily Sceptic:

Stop Press: Dr. Malhotra has tweeted that he’s “been informed from a very reliable source that the current Tory party plan on the unprecedented mRNA product harm data which they know about is to try and bury it. We will not let this happen. The truth will out and the longer they delay action the greater the political damage.”

I’ve been informed from a very reliable source that the current Tory party plan on the unprecedented mRNA product harm data which THEY KNOW ABOUT is to try & bury it. We will not let this happen.The truth will out & the longer they delay action the greater the political damage.

— Dr Aseem Malhotra (@DrAseemMalhotra) October 21, 2022

Aside from lobbying for changes in Covid polices, a key purpose of the 50-plus open letters that the U.K. Medical Freedom Alliance has written to Government, regulators, decision-makers and individuals over the last two and a half years has been to create a paper trail of accountability.

When the day of reckoning eventually arrives, these publicly published and dated letters provide evidence that those making and implementing destructive and unethical policies cannot claim that they were unaware of the potential harms of their actions.

Time for Doctors and Politicians to Stop Ignoring the Devastating Data on the Vaccines and Change Course


The Daily Sceptic:

The Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART), an expert group of medics, clinicians, scientists and academics, has published an article reminding the U.K. drug regulator, the MHRA, that it initially set out a solid plan of how it would monitor the safety of the Covid vaccines it had approved for emergency use. It asks what happened to that plan and all the vaccine safety reports promised under it.

Where Are All the Vaccine Safety Reports the MHRA Promised Us, Ask Doctors and Scientists


The Daily Sceptic:

“Until Proven Otherwise, it is Likely Covid mRNA Vaccines Played a Significant Role in All Unexplained Heart Attacks Since 2021” – Renowned Cardiologist

That’s according to Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a renowned British cardiologist who once endorsed the vaccines on TV but is now raising awareness of their dangers. In September his twopart, peer-reviewed analysis of vaccine efficacy and safety was published in the Journal of Insulin Resistance.

“Until Proven Otherwise, it is Likely Covid mRNA Vaccines Played a Significant Role in All Unexplained Heart Attacks Since 2021” – Renowned Cardiologist


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Florida Surgeon General BLOWS OPEN The Truth About Deadly Covid JABS


The Conservative Woman:

Last night I took my opportunity alongside Harvey Proctor on Mark Steyn’s GB News show to say what I think about the latest act in the Tory revenge drama, in which none of the dramatis personae will be left standing on the fake stage that is the Conservative Party. Their coup in the making is heading them for electoral suicide and the country for the IMF.

Mark Steyn lets me have my say on the Conservative Party’s death throes

Mark Steyn lets me have my say on the Conservative Party’s death throes


Dr. Vernon Coleman:

The biggest and most significant research into long covid, involving 26,000 individuals, concluded that long covid is largely a psychological problem.

In America there are 12 million people off work with this imaginary disorder. In the UK there are two million long covid sufferers signed off sick – unable to work.

The truth is that people who had taken a year off work on full pay didn’t want to go back to their offices.

The evidence shows that long covid is a combination of hypochondria and malingering. (Don’t forget brainwashing, Vernie – Ellis)

The Fake Long Covid Plague – Another useful confidence trick


Dr. Vernon Coleman:

The obscenely reckless mini budget introduced by Kwarteng, the most idiotic buffoon in British political history (aka Twat of the current Century and the last one too) was not dreamt up without the approval of that woman Truss.

Truss Mugged Millions of Pensioners Who Will Now Live and Die in Abject Poverty


Dr. Vernon Coleman’s articles: https://vernoncoleman.org/articles


Neil Oliver – ‘…something bad’s coming & it might be coming for you’


James Bartley

Steve LaPlume – Rendlesham to Redemption ½




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