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The following is an article from my previous website: Looking Into the Dark Places, on the disappearance and death of weapons expert, Dr. David Kelly, investigating the occult aspects – of which there were legion. Whilst writing it, at the time, I happened to draw the attention of an unmarked helicopter and a police helicopter, both hovered low on different days, directly above my house. I’ve mentioned this occasionally in my talks and interviews.

Slightly updated with some new links, photos and video.



Dr David Kelly was a man of honour. Accustomed to hairspring tempers and quick to spot bare-faced lies he became the world’s top WMD inspector. Finding almost nothing in Iraq he turned his attention to the real weapons of mass destruction- the forked tongues of Bush, Blair, their lackeys and lubricators.

Blessed with acute intelligence and perception he must have considered the deadly wrath he would be likely to unleash; for what is one more human life to mass murderers? So why did he take that lonely walk to that green hill far away?  Did a hit-man or woman lie in wait? Was he an unwitting victim of mind-controlled self-destruction? He talked of dark actors. Another name for an actor is an agent. Dark? Secret, sinister, evil – take your pick. It’s a peculiar term, and clearly code. Perhaps a dark actor could be a star, a constellation or star grouping, even a set who are known by the name of a star or troupe?  Who knows, but this man had integrity, he had enormous resolve which was frighteningly obvious to those who wished to silence him. To my mind he appeared a candidate for murder far more than suicide. As so many have remarked, he was angry, not depressed. Angry people get even or become more determined. People like David Kelly don’t wander down to the woods passing cheery hello’s along the way and then slice away the happiness and security of those they love and feel responsible for. Police say that no one else was involved; an extremely quick call that surely clangs loud alarms for anyone who is at least partially awake. It’s a piece of cake to wait around there -well off the beaten track. The hill is very close to the river, if not by road the killer could have even arrived by boat -or left by it. They may even have arrived or left by hang glider (there’s plenty of them around these days). Who’d notice in the dark? We’re only a skip from Brize Norton airbase here and I know numerous ‘retired’ senior, service personnel and government types live in the area. There is one house, apart from Longworth Manor (and St Mary’s bell tower – when is bell-ringing practice these days?) where I think a view of the scene might be had. It’s across the A415 on Kingston Hill, in the small wood (just to the right of the road number in the map), high up. I don’t think the view is good enough from the Maybush at Newbridge.

If Dr Kelly got to Harrowdown at about 4pm (1600) there may have been river traffic, fishermen, walkers etc. Did no one see anything? It is possible, is it not, and in character, that Dr Kelly just wanted to sit and contemplate his next moves in this inspiring spot? Did he fall asleep – never to wake again when out of the night an unsuspected visitor came calling. Did Kelly carry a mobile phone? It seems likely that in his job he would have to. If so, who did he call?

This is a strange place. I’ve known people who have witnessed UFO’s here. One terrified group of people had their engine stopped, with all their lights still on whilst a UFO hovered in front of their car. It was still light when a middle-aged couple were about to cross Newbridge suddenly another car sped over the bridge from the other side, straight at them and just disappeared into thin air. A friend of mine slowing down as he drove towards the bridge one night had to slam on his brakes when a soldier with a pike staff strode in front of him, stopped stared at him and then dematerialised. Yet another friend was driving up Kingston Hill when something grabbed his steering wheel trying to take control of his car. These kinds of incidents are regularly reported in places of high energy – vortices especially. Harrowdown Hill where Dr Kelly’s body was found is very likely to be at the centre of this spiral.

A few weeks ago I became aware of a hexagram pattern spread across the lower half of England. I’ve drawn it out. 3 of the points terminate at places where something nasty happened to young boys called Daniel. These 3 places form a perfect equilateral triangle – 3 angles of 60 degrees – 666. Each side is 176 miles long according to the map (1760 yards is one mile – (Latin, a thousand) which may indicate a link to an Age. If the distance is 175 miles, then numerologically this matches the letters A, G and E – AGE. Hexagram


Note: the southern tip of the circle does not leave the mainland.

The alignment (s-d) comes through Stonehenge, then drives through two White Horse hills, Blenheim Palace and a number of other key places. It also runs through where David Kelly lived in Southmoor, the Wagon and Horses Pub over the road, and may well snake its way through Newbridge, and most likely through the farm east of Newbridge – judging by its name (Stonehenge).

Note: Wagon and Horses is the Plough (harrow?) constellation (and also the war chariot), as may be the Blue Boar (a boar being a male bear too), the next pub Kelly passed on his fateful journey. He apparently favoured the Hind’s Head which was further away. All 3 animals are sacred to the woodland, war, medicine and wild hunt goddess Artemis, whose special night is 6th night of the New Moon (which was 4th July this month). the Hawthorn is sacred to her. The Tarot card “The Chariot” is associated with Mars. Although Mars is numerologically 6 (As is David Kelly – I don’t have his middle name)- it is associated with the number 9. Harrowdown Hill totals 9. The 9th card of the Tarot is “The Hermit“, he who goes alone in search of truth.

* In Numerosymbology, “Mars” has the value of 77. “David” is 66. “Kelly” is 91. “David Kelly” draws 22. His full name, “David Christopher Kelly” derives the code number of the Skull and Bones, Order 322, The Brotherhood of Death, amongst whose members were the sitting President of the United States, one George W. Bush.

And yet again Aquarius makes itself known:
Aquarius expresses the universal consciousness of the Great Bear



Headline Notes from this site:


18th July
Arms ‘mole’: Body found
“Dr Kelly was named as the possible “mole” for a BBC report claiming the Government “sexed up” its dossier on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.”
“If it is the body of Dr Kelly, we are looking at a full-scale Government crisis.”

Body ‘matches’ Iraq expert
Harrowdown Hill is an ancient site on a previously acknowledged ‘ley’. David means ‘Beloved’ Kelly means ‘war’ in Irish and also ‘wood’ in Scottish. Both seem pertinent. Forget about it being near Abingdon, it’s between Kingston Bagpuize and Standlake, near the River Thames. The local church is a St Mary’s – of course. In season Harrowdown is regularly used for fox hunting by the Old Berks Hunt. The British Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd, head of MI6, very nearly moved to the area. The Colditz escapee, spook and MP, Airey Neave, who they say was assassinated by the INLA, lived in the next village to Longworth, Hinton Waldrist, and is buried there. Margaret Thatcher unveiled a stained glass window in the church at Hinton Waldrist (St. Margaret of Antioch) that had been commissioned in his honour. map

New map (but check out the link please): https://getoutside.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/local/harrowdown-hill-vale-of-white-horse


19th July
Kelly told wife this wasn’t world he wanted
For a start Kelly was not in the Cotswolds. He didn’t like the world that he had a hand in creating so he decided to bail out and leave his 3 children and his grandchildren to deal with it -come on! This guy had ethics, was a kind and gentle man. He died under mysterious circumstances on a remote Marian Hill near the River Isis on that goddess’s birthday. But Mary is clearly code for the Goddess of the blood-red planet Mars, and Mars rules the Hawthorn tree, otherwise known as May; and this is May country with its St Mary’s at Longworth and the ancient “Maybush Inn” and “Rose Revived” on Newbridge nearby. Hawthorns will abound on Harrowdown. As most everyone knows by now, the planet Mars is closer to Earth than it has been for 73,000 years. Mars the god of war, a weapons inspector with a name that means war and he dies at the site of a civil war battle. We may be talking of a blood-sacrifice here. We await news.


20th July
David Kelly: From yesterday’s headlines: “We may be talking of a blood-sacrifice here. We await news.”
It seems that we are
“So they are saying he slit his wrists then. What where the painkillers for? To make sure that he died? or to kill the pain? Oh please do come on British media… insult me further!!!” ~ F.
Weapons expert had slashed wrist

Dr Kelly confirmed dead
“The defence official at the centre of the row over the Government’s Iraq dossier bled to death from a cut to his wrist, police have revealed.”

Also “the negative or left-hand come under the direction of Mars, ruler of emotions.” – Look, all it is is a recipe – a formula. There’s no hocus pocus to it. All of the requisite ingredients are combined to achieve a result. All of the elements attune. You bring together the required energies and according to the Law of Attraction – like attracts like. The result providing the elements are present is guaranteed. Even the name Harrowdown Hill fits the circumstances and media reports during and after relate how ‘harrowing‘ it had been for Mr Kelly, how ‘down‘ he was. He was ‘on a knife edge‘. All could be associated with mind-control programming too; but as the occult agenda uses both means then clearly they felt the need to double up on this one.
Harrow is also a term to do with spell-casting. ~ Ellis

Does it seem to be rather convenient that the approach of the planet Mars, symbol of war and the pervading presence of that god’s wife Maia (St Mary’s, Maybush, Rose Revived, her Egyptian counterpart, Isis -river and birthday, her Greek version Artemis in the names of the 3 pubs) come so neatly together in the tragic death of the senior weapons inspector, David Kelly? And then we discover that the woodland hill sits upon at least 3 sacred lines of energy.

So many of these tragedies reveal ritual cognition when they are held up to the light.

Two worlds collide as village mourns (yes I did notice the hairdressers is called Aquarius – and how the Beeb mentioned it.)
The David Kelly inquiry

From our forum, where there has been a lively discussion on Dr Kelly’s death:
Great collection of articles on Dr. Kelly from Aftermath News Roundup

It seems that ‘loose ends (and tongues) are being dealt with:
US: Saddam’s sons dead
Many observers are decidedly uncomfortable with the foxes choice for the head of the Kelly death inquiry, being a mason, and all that*:
Lord Hutton, the man in charge of the Kelly investigation

Also, the hunt for Kelly was called, “Operation Mason”


“He was a man who would show great care and concern for others.” ~ Ann Lewis, Neighbour of Dr Kelly

Ellis C Taylor
23rd July 2003


From the Forum in response to this article. Thanks Andy.

Hi Ellis, A few thoughts on your article. I have been following this *very* closely since it happened. Perhaps you could incorporate some of my ideas in your article, if they make sense.

He was under an MoD interrogation for 5 days before he appeared before Anderson’s committee. 2 MoD policeman sat behind him and made notes on what he had to say. During his very nervous questioning, he said he was NOT the mole alleged to have talked to Gilligan. This directly contradicts what the MoD said, and indeed leaked to 3 newspapers. Perhaps when he said this the alarm bells began, and the MoD and intel factions realised Kelly had a mind of his own. He knew “where the bodies were buried.”
After this he was taken to a safe house, for 1 night apparently, and left because “he didn’t like it.” He is alleged to have worn a flak jacket at some point. What minders would allow someone to leave a safe house on whim? Most safe houses are indeed not that salubrious or comfortable I would imagine, that’s why they are “safe…” !

To move on, the Sunday Mirror of July 20th (Stephen Martin, Alan Rimmer) made some *astonishing* claims, ones that have conveniently been buried by all other newspaper reports.

Quote: “An Intelligence source said: ‘People are starting to put 2 and 2 together and they don’t like what it is adding up to. There is absolute panic about what Dr. Kelly may have left behind. it’s ticking time bomb…they are desperate to find out what he has done.’

This fits with my theory that Kelly had rebelled, or at least dug his heels in. He wasn’t playing ball with the MoD. They probably believed he was a liability, unstable in their eyes. What would he say next? Would he go public and bring down Blair?

The Mirror goes on to say : ‘It is also thought that on the afternoon of his suicide (Andy: after 3pm, when he left his house) he MADE A CALL FROM A PAY PHONE TO A NATIONAL NEWSPAPER, FEARING THAT HIS OWN LINE WAS TAPPED.’

The above snu=ippet has been buried by all media everywhere!!!

Of course his phones, including mobile(s), would have been tapped. His house would also have been staked out by MI5 watchers. So he leaves his house on somewhere on his 3 mile walk to harrowdean he calls a contact at Canary Wharf. What did he say? Why hasn’t this newspaper come forward? Perhaps the contact was in the employ of intel, and tipped off the watchers that Kelly was about to do something rash…?

Whatever, we get to the murder itself.
The policeman that found him at 9.20 was quoted as saying it was a grisly find…GRISLY! This does NOT mean to my mind a simple suicide by one (LOL) slashed wrist. Grisly means multiple stabbing, perhaps the bullet shot to the head that rumours say were on initial radio broadcasts.

Further, the press keep saying he was found in a copse, i.e. in the woods. Well, suicides are private affairs, if he was going to do it he would have done it in privacy in the woods, not out in the open.Yet the SKY news helicopter shots show a white TENT about 20 yards from the woods, where Kelly’s body was found IN AN OPEN FIELD!

Suicide by bleeding to death is a long drawn out affair, especially with just 1 wrist slashed, and in many cases it would not have worked. Also, the painkillers just do not add up. Take them before slashing and you might fall asleep before slashing, and anyway you WOULD still feel pain. Kelly would have known this. Take them after slashing and it defeats the object, pain would have been felt, and the painkillers were not sufficient in number to guarantee death. 1 packet (open) was found. these packets I believe contain 10 tablets, not enough for death to succeed. And you need a liquid to ensure the tablets do not stick in the throat, or are vomited back up.

But above all you DO NOT do this in the open where you can be found by walkers or police dogs or helicopters.

None of this adds up.

Before the body was even confirmed as Kelly’s, the wires were saying how “depressed” he is, just like that **** Mangold. What a friend he turned out to be!!! Vince Foster was also “hugely depressed” just after his body was found murdered! SOP for the media whores.

Kelly regularly went for walks. Bide your time and it is indeed simplicity itself to lay in wait. Perhaps a meet was even arranged?

“Did Kelly carry a mobile phone? It seems likely that in his job he would have to. If so, who did he call?”

He called “Fleet Street”…



Dr. David Kelly. Suicide or murder?

“The home secretary, Jack Straw, is planning to extend government secrecy by introducing revised D notices requesting the press and broadcasters not to reveal details of homes and second homes owned by ministers, law officers and senior civil servants”…yawn…” to help the fight against terrorism.”

Dr David Kelly: The damning new evidence that points to a cover-up by Tony Blair’s government


More on David Kelly:

Heading For Harrowdown


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