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Not suitable for Truth Deniers


Jon du Toit: Act of War



This satanised world


Come on Humans…Take it back

The Divine gave it to you…NOT them

Hi everyone, these amazing and indefatigable champions of the world’s children’s health, well being and rights to be unmolested, headed by Robert F. Kennedy Jnr are appealing for funds.

Joss Wynne Evans, Blue Tara: The case against Gates and Fauci and their backers is succinctly stated by Robert F Kennedy Jnr in this interview abount his book the Real Anthony Fauci.

In massive detail, with over 2000 footnotes referencing his statements, RFK sets out what is happening. His book, shunned by the media, has been for several weeks at the top of the best-seller lists, and all proceeds are going to Children’s Health Defence. The headlines of his analysis are set out here.

RFK Outlines the Threat to Us and The Solution


Another reason to thank God for this Apocalypse:

Awaken With JP:

The Left is Normalizing Pedophiles? A Special News Report


John Waters: Welcome this weekend to hundreds of new followers who joined us during the week after my latest appearance on the Richie Allen Show.

Richie and I discuss our coming appeal to the Supreme Court; the meaning of the Omricon development; the seemingly frozen grip of mass formation; the rumoured takedown of the global money system and the connection with the continuing totalitarian rollout; the loss of empathy, desire and even optimism under the lash of lockdown; and the psychology of revolving doors.

Is all this a rehearsal? If so, for what?

(27 mins in)

Podcast: ‘Don’t Leave Us With Nothing to Lose’
Covid and the attacks on human empathy, desire and optimism and other matters.



Ramola D: Discursive and exploratory conversation on the failings of the UK Law Society and Justice system with Dave Davies, a justice campaigner, Anthony Stansfeld, former Police and Crimes Commissioner of Thames Valley, London, and Michelle Young, financial crimes and bankruptcy fraud whistleblower, in light of the recent case against David Green, President of the Law Society who had earlier represented Dave Davies’ company, lost their case, and lied in court, costing Davies while escaping prosecution on count of a network of corrupt judges, solicitors, and an inept SRA–Solicitors Regulation Authority–similar to cases of bank fraud, as Anthony Stansfeld attests to from his investigations of the HBOS case and major banks engaging in fraudulent practices, where auditors and regulators avail of an expedient revolving door and Lords in Parliament just happen to be former chairmen of the big banks.

News Panel 25 | Report 272 | Uk Law Society and Justice System Corruption Enables Global Corruption


Andrew Johnson, Richard D Hall, Rich Planet: Anyone who is awake enough to realise that the so called ‘pandemic’ is just a scam with ulterior motives, by now will also have worked out what the likely motives are. Much tighter control of the human race, the introduction of a technocractic monetary system, human enslavement and an as yet unknown amount of injury and genocide. But where does the real power lie? Where is the focal point of this agenda? Is it even on the planet? In today’s show we discuss the probable motives about why the mainstream media has shifted its position on the UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) issue. This includes detailed statement analysis of a prominent ‘UFO whistleblower’, which concludes he is comprehensively deceptive. We also discuss the possible reasons for the flood of mainstream mis-information about UFOs, and how this relates to todays fear based agenda, which is being thrust onto humanity.

In four parts

Who Controls The Planet?


Dave Cullen, Computing Forever:

The Struggle Has Always Been Worthwhile


Dr Roger Hodkinson destroys Covid in 4 mins.

Great stuff – Except there is no evidence of a deadly virus they are calling SARSCoV2, or its revanants


Health Impact News, via Daily Expose, via Australian National Review: A prominent Canadian politician who was fully vaccinated against Covid-19 has passed away from “covid”, according to government officials.

Josée Forest-Niesing, 56, suffered from an autoimmune condition that reportedly affected her lungs. After getting vaccinated, she fell sick and had to be sent to the hospital, where she remained for a month undergoing treatment.

Eventually, Niesing was sent home on November 14th, only to have her condition deteriorate even further. One week later, she passed away due to the vaccine-induced illness from which she had suffered.

Fully Vaxxinated Pro-Vaxxine Canadian Senator Dead at the Age of 56


via Philosophers Stone:

Italy: Demonstrators Gather With the Photos of Their Relatives Killed by the Bioweapon Aka Covid Vax


Dollar Vigilante:

Old PSYOP Games & New Wargames: The Art of Fear


MDH _ via Australian News Review:

Massive must watch to the end: Was on 1st September – 30th September 2020 Howlin’ but the link I shared is no longer available on youtube – of course. surprised this is still available.

Reduce the Population Scene From ‘One by One’ Rik Mayall’s Last Film Release Before His Sudden Death


Children’s Health Defense: A federal court on Monday temporarily blocked the Biden administration’s COVID vaccine mandate for health workers at hospitals that receive federal funding, providing a temporary reprieve for healthcare workers in 10 states who faced having to be fully vaccinated by Jan. 4, 2022, or lose their jobs.

Huge Win! Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks COVID Vaccine Mandate for Health Workers in 10 States


Joss Wynne Evans, Blue Tara: The District Judge issued an interim injunction against the vaccine mandate in respect of Federal workers in the state.

The Daily Wire states that The Lexington Herald Leader reported (my highlights):

U.S. District Judge Gregory F. Van Tatenhove, who serves the Eastern District of Kentucky, issued the opinion and order Tuesday afternoon. It came in response to a challenge from Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who joined many other state attorneys general in challenging the mandate.

This is not a case about whether vaccines are effective. They are,” Van Tatenhove wrote. “Nor is this a case about whether the government, at some level, and in some circumstances, can require citizens to obtain vaccines. It can.

He said the case was about whether Biden could impose vaccines on the employees of government contractors.

Gregory F Van Tatenhove, District Judge in Frankfort, Kentucky, is a Good Example of Where Things are Still Stuck in the Minds of Good Men


Red Union – Finally, a union that actually represents the people


Faithful readers of my blogs and websites may recall Dan Green, who used to post many of his great articles on them (Still available on Wayback Machine – some here). Anyway here’s a Dan article featured on Dead but Dreaming – along with a podcast interview. Great stuff:

Deadbutdreaming has discussed the case of the 1979 Wollaton gnomes incident previously, but I have only recently come to know Dan Green, who has been carrying out further investigations for some time now. Lately, Dan has been involved with a dowsing project at Wollaton, which is discussed in this article. The 1979 episode is a fascinating incident, and clearly there is something numinous happening at this location, which involves manifestations and encounters with faerie entities, from at least the beginning of the 20th century through to the present day. The original article can be found here, and thanks to Dan for allowing it to be republished at deadbutdreaming.

Revisiting The Wollaton Gnomes by Dan Green 


Beach Combing, Beachcombing’s Bizarre History Blog: Take three children, an adolescent, a score of dancing elves, an unnerving chase and a stile. What do you get? Perhaps the scariest British fairy encounter.

It was summer 1757, and about midday. At Lanelwyd House to the south of Bodfari (Wales) four children decided to play outside, as the adults prepared for lunch. The children came from two families. There was Barbara Jones (15) and her sister Ann Jones (11); Edward Williams (7) and his sister, Jane (10).*

The children climbed over a stile into a nearby field, Cae Caled, and set to their games when one of them noticed a group of small humans dancing about seventy yards away. At this point things began to get very strange, very quickly.

The Scariest British Fairy Encounter? The Elf Dancers of Cae Caled (&Podcast) 




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