No colour is this wind

I put to you a scenario that has been showing itself to me from the onset of this abominable deception…I’ve not wanted to encourage and make true its manifestation by talking about it on here but now these massive camps have been built and are being built all over the world, together with the clandestine announcement via the Omicron, I feel I cannot wait any longer, this needs to be told…


The ultimate purpose of the camps is to hold children.

Children in massive numbers, every living human child, removed from  their ‘unvaccinated‘, ‘antivax‘, and vaccine-damaged parents, and the orphans of those that have been exterminated by the pernicious pricks. It will be made so impossible for anyone to keep up with the ever-revamped formulae of vaccine impostors that every human being will fall foul of the mandates. All, ALL, ALL parents, Every parent, will have their children removed.


Note for the compliers and collaborators:

Including yours, even if you have been pricked to fuck. You’ll be gone, sharply, as soon as you’re not useful to them. The time for your disposal is already written…and the defaced, distanced you, will probably comply to the end, won’t you? Oh, and dissoulution will be visited upon yours, having demonstrated your inadequate qualities for the authentic custodianship of the Earth and Her dependants’ task you were blessed into incarnation for – and that includes the children you were charged with protecting. This is the winnowing.


But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Matthew 18: 6


It’s not too late for you, and humanity’s children, yet though, fingers crossed, to do the right thing. It’s never too late to acknowledge and shine one’s humanity.

Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. – Matthew 18: 4-5


All children, in school and out-of-school activities are being, and will be, observed, screened and divided, to cut out for ever more focussed and specialised attention and/or testing for desired talents, abilities and attributes – that which robots and A.I. cannot do (until they can). Gradually the less desired ones will be selected out. The ones that ‘pass’ will be food or ingredients, or short life entertainment, and/or engineered into the transhumans and whatever else diabolical cravings the are seeking to satisfy. WE HAVE TO STOP THEM.

Omicron: The latest variant (I prefer ‘revenant to variant) Yes, there is the much clocked ‘moronic’ anagram which is basically the blow-in saurian invader overlords’ summation of the current state of its circus-trained human herd.

Omicron is the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. Fittingly, as it always is, the tarot’s 15th card is ‘The Devil’, and here he is ⇐(left) with his chained and trained ‘processing’ human devotees, who like the vast majority of today’s almost empty vessels, could easily shake off their chains – but addicted to his thrall, they stubbornly and stupidly refuse to. Notice in his Nanu nanu right palm (underhand) is the number 17 and reversed, a figure for four, which is as bad as the ubiquitous designed incapacitor font 4 (which I do what I can to not use).

* A little on 17 here (bear in mind that this was also the year of the rise of Q Anon): Quo Vadis 2017?.

* I’ve written and spoken extensively on the figures for four. Here’s one example:  Literally

One could, I suppose, add together the 17 and the four, to arrive at 21, this current year; possibly predicting the unleashing of Omicron, the devil and its diabolical ambitions.



For all that, ‘Omicron’, I reckon, is, as well, or predominantly, a statement of their target, modus, and intent.

Omicron gives 77 in Numerosymbology. The term has been cast with dark intent, so it is necessary to interpret its  function accordingly in the negative. It still retains its deep and secret, under cover nature. It signals big changes, and activation. Searching. And much more. The Game has changed and it’s underway. Look to the meanings of 7, 11 and 5 and reverse. If they are permitted to have their way, freedom, variety, and choice, in every aspect, life itself, is for the chop. They aim to completely eliminate every aspect of free consciousness.

Omicron, capital O, is the revenant – omicron, small o, is the Greek letter and has the Numerosymbological value of 22-2, but this doesn’t apply, we’re talking about two different things.

A decipher of Omicron is ‘Zero micron’ – O micron   Zero micron is effectively as close to nothing as it is possible to be. We are talking deliberate human extinction. The demagogues have essentially unleashed their Demogorgon’s democide.

The term ‘micron’ again references (easily symbolises) children – it means ‘small’.

Or put another way: ‘No micro’.

Omicron = ‘co minor’. ..a minor being a child. ‘Co’ has many possibilities one of them, which fits, is assimilating. Assimilating with the child – technology, overshadowing, and also relates to inhabitation by demons. It is going on now with prominent and influential once (or never) humans, adults and children Co

Interesting it is, that the minions of this dark force claim African origins. This relates their Demogorgon, to the ancient Irish god, Crom Dubh (who is said to have arrived in Erin from Africa) and whose name appears in the letters of the conjured Omicron’, along with ‘ion‘. Together it is simple to discern that omicron hides the reinvigorated (reinstalled) dark god, Crom. Crom’s darker aspect is Crom Cruach. Children were sacrificed to him. His totem animal is the bull – you might recall how I showed the bull’s head in the street-scape of the Temple of Time Olympics in London 2012, where, at the closing ceremony, they proclaimed their victorious conquest of humanity.

A video I made and published in May 2011: (My apologies. Somehow the video did not upload. Fixed. – Thanks to I and M for letting me know. – late 6/12/21)


Published 2009 (I think):


At the time I wrote about the London Olympics I hadn’t considered Crom – though I did have a very vague knowledge of this dark god, I think from an episode of Robin Hood. Now what is very obvious about this deity is that he is a version of both Osiris and Saturn. Whats more, and this is the kicker for me, his feast day is 28th July – which probably more accurately means from sundown on the 27th to sundown on the 28th – though the London Olympics opening ceremony took place on the 27th into the 28th even in today’s calendar day-night schematic. The first full day’s competition was on the 28th.

You’ll know that the London Olympic opening ceremony was devised by Danny Boyle, of Irish descent and roots going back to the Crom stronghold of Galway.

The Irish, amongst the nations of the Isles, have been particularly tyrannised during this cromcrime and as all Irish know, severely beyond words, by Oliver Cromwell and his New Model army in the mid 17th Century.

Could it be revenge, because their ancestors rejected Crom for Patrick?


I wrote an article on the 2012 closing ceremony but I’ve not succeeded in locating it.  My apologies. I do remember this from it though: Immediately after the TV coverage of the closing ceremony this message was broadcast by thr BBC:

“As the sun sets on the Olympics, Darkness rises.”


2nd December 2021


6 New Mega Prisons Are Being Built in UK

Breaking: Australian Army Begins Transferring Contacts of COVID-19 Positive Cases To Quarantine Camps

Quarantine camps in Queensland, Australia will become internment camps for the unvaccinated

Being Fully Vaccinated is an Endless Destination

Crom Cruach

Crom Dubh the Black God of Ireland – Oguejiofo Annu

Bull of Crom Dubh*

*  Always bear in mind that pre-Christian culture does not keep to our current calendar that was installed by the Church. To keep dates like 1st Feb (sometimes 2nd), 1st May, 1st August (sometimes 2nd), and 31st October as Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain/Halloween is a nonsense to nature. They are Church calendar dates and therefore favourites of the opposite – which is why they are chosen for dark revelries.

The correct dates accord with our current sun and the stars, when the sun, from our perspective, is at 15° Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio, respectively. See here for true dates in 2022:

Cromwell in Ireland

How the Masses Were Hypnotized Into the COVID Cult


4 thoughts on “No colour is this wind

  1. Congratulations, Ellis. You are still an absolute Master. It all has to do with President Emmanuel Macron/Omacron and the child/Messiah/Omicron/Little Macron that he is to have with an African woman, a black Mary, if you will. In other words, it’s the Messiah or idol Jesus/Emmanuel fathering Christ or an improved version of Satan. That is, if Marcon isn’t purposefully destroyed by a sex scandal a la Profumo or Bill Clinton first.

    And you were absolutely right about the case of little Cleo Smith: the underlying scheme was a love story with mind-boggling ramifications, including the capture of a meteorite/Goddess, which would be too long to explain here. To put it briefly, it was a warning in disguise to heads of State and those behind them about what the evil things that are presently going on in the world. Let’s hope that, one way or another, all ends well, or it will be the annihilation of this world.

    Thank you for all your excellent work, it has allowed me to decrypt many occult secrets, and thank you for sharing it so readily with us. You are a bright light in this dark world and you channel messages very splendidly.



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