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Looking for something to share with those you love and care about, that they might even watch and listen to? This is potentially the most effective video around today, not only because RFK Jnr knows what he’s talking about, but because of who he is, with the humanitarian respect his courageous family deserve – Ellis

Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 Aug 2020 OneSilentJoy: On the eve of the historic LARGE DEMONSTRATION on August 29, 2020 in Berlin, the nephew of the murdered US President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. *** Am Vorabend der historischen GROSSDEMONSTRATION AM 29.08.2020 in Berlin trifft sich der Neffe des ermordeten US-Präsidenten John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy jr. *** Aan de vooravond van de historische GROTE DEMONSTRATIE op 29 augustus 2020 in Berlijn, de neef van de vermoorde Amerikaanse president John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

I discovered that this video had been removed from this blog – it has been reinstated.


A proclamation from the Prince of Darkness…..

Ladies and Gentlemen, religions; the Prince of the world is grateful for your reverence, your compliance, and your assistance. You have made my new world possible. From this moment and forever it will be called Pandemonia, for it honours both my legions within you and the means by which this entertaining finale, the 66 vi-ruse assault so easily slew your sovereignty.

Is his confidence warranted? That’s up to each and everyone.

This is humanity’s chance to turn the tables. It’s in the numbers. – Ellis





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All of life

including (of course)

the TRAUMATISATION of the informed & Awake

by the Stupoured & Evil


The invasion! You’re game.


Who is behind your mask?


30th September 2020

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A BIG Thank you to you all. – Ellis


David Gilmour – 3 D…..

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here (Recorded at Live 8)…..


Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned To Usher In The New World Order…..
Billy Te Kahika Te Tai Tokerau Debate on The Hui With Vinny Eastwood…..
Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Discusses Explosive New Book “Corona False Alarm?” with Richie!…..
Dr Heiko Schöning, libre! Free!…..
Covid Crimes… 1) No Virus, 2) No Test, 3) No Contagion…..
UK COVID Tests producing 93% positives…..
TK Tuesday Censorship of Advance NZ, Candidates Not Invited, Agenda 21 explained Vinny Eastwood Show…..
Covid Conspiracy Circus…..
Message from John Bishop COVID 19 testing…..
INFURIATING VIDEO: Sydney police ARREST father of six for exercising outdoors — Help us fight back!…..
Dr. Heiko Schöning Arrested At Trafalgar Square London…..
A Message from Dr. Bodo Schiffmann about the Covid19…..
Near Future Events Have Long Been Planned By the Major Players…..
USSA Aircraft Carriers Going Right Back To Sea…..
Revealed: How the BBC is Deliberately Suppressing the Truth…..
Why I Support Anti – Lockdown Protests by Dr Colin M Barron…..
What kind of a country have we become when arrogant bullying is seen as the proper function of Ministers? Ex-Supreme Court judge LORD SUMPTION denounces No10’s rule of muddle and authoritarianism…..
Premier ‘bad news’ Andrews blaming everyone else is ‘cowardice’: Matthew Guy…..
‘Criminal’ ban on hydroxychloroquine based on ‘faulty’ study…..
Laurence Fox is launching a new political party after raising £1million from former Tory donors to fight ‘culture wars’ as he slams mainstream politicians for ‘losing touch’ with the people…..
David Icke London protest…..
Interviews at Live London Protest Trafalgar Square- 26 Sept 2020…..
Spitting Image Official Trailer | There’s Something Funny About These People…..
Responding to Richard Dawkins’ Tweets on Covid Restrictions…..
UK Column News – 25th September 2020…..
The Richie Allen Show Thursday September 24th 2020…..
David Ellis Report: Paramilitaries…..
The Richie Allen Show Wednesday September 23rd 2020…..
Open Letter from Medical Doctors and Health Professionals to All Belgian Authorities and All Belgian Media…..
UK Column News – 23rd September 2020…..
The Richie Allen Show Tuesday September 22nd 2020…..
Alan Jones, SkyNewsAustralia: ‘Australians must know the truth – this virus is not a pandemic’…..
The Richie Allen Show Monday September 21st 2020…..
Separating Truth From Illusion with John Waters…..
Filer’s Files 39, 2020 Roswell UFO Crash…..
H U N G E R G A M E S – (documentary)…..
One By One (2014 Film) Rik Mayall…..
London Protest, Trafalgar Square, 19th Sept 2020…..
Anti-Lockdown, Kate Shemirani, Police Scared Away…..
Sunday View With Richie Allen – September 20th 2020…..
Bill Gates Briefing to CIA 2005?…..
Bill Ryan From Project Avalon Owes $224,030 for Art Fraud | Update on Captain Mark Richards Doc…..
FREE AUSTRALIA! Truth Warrior Firecast…..
Trafalgar Square Protest 19-9-20…..
Dr Vernon Coleman: Now on BrandNewTube…..
Looking Back into the Matrix…..
Away With The Fairies…..
Welcome to the public pages of The Song of Ffraed…..
Andalusian Tales: The Humbling Power of Holy…..
UK Column News – 18th September 2020…..
The Richie Allen Show – Thursday September 17th 2020…..
Tucker Carlson Tonight – 17 September, 2020…..
The Michael Prince Material…..
Richie From Boston with Dr. Carrie Madej…..
“If masks don’t work, then why do surgeons wear them?”…..
Daniel Andrews has sold out Victoria to the Strong Cities Network (SCN) with PRIVATISED POLICE…..
COVID-19 Fatality Rate “Worst Miscalculation” in Human History – PhD Student in Epidemiology…..
The November Election Has Already Been Rigged…..
I’ve taken the Australian state of Victoria to the Supreme Court — the highest court in the state…..
Cuties and Useful Idiots…..
Is There A Flu Shot / COVID Link? – Questions For Corbett #068…..
The Richie Allen Show – Monday September 14th 2020…..
Just Ignore Him by Alan Davies review – a life derailed by abuse…..
Against All Odds, England’s Massive Chalk Horse Has Survived 3,000 Year…..
On the Hunt for the Lost Wonders of Medieval Britain…..
Filer’s Files 38, 2020 Genetics of Blonde Hair Prove Alien Visits?…..
Who started the Great Fire of London and plague? with Author Robert Shaw – BHH Live! 17…..
UK’s coronavirus response is being led by a ‘Dad’s Army’ of well-paid people with no experience, top scientists say as they call on Boris Johnson to stop panicking and scrap the rule of six…..
The cure is worse than the disease: Dr JOHN LEE argues that the coronavirus lockdown could cause more long-term harm than the illness itself…..
This ridiculous rule of 6 poses a real danger – Britain losing its faith in its leaders: KAROL SIKORA says the government has been successful at spreading fear, and not much else…..
The Coming Red-White-and-Blue Dictatorship…..
How the Government is wading into the swamp of despotism – one muzzle at a time…..
Conspiracy? Our Subverted History, Part 5.1 – The Oera Linda Book…..
Yanni – Aria – Royal Albert Hall…..
Yanni – “Aria” Ode to Humanity… Live At The Acropolis, 25th Anniversary! 1080p Digitally Remastered…..
COVID19 DOCUMENT – RED FLAG – Brand New Tube…..
COVID diagnostic test: worst test ever devised?
It’s Over For The USSA…..
Rio Tinto CEO and senior executives resign from company after Juukan Gorge debacle…..
Rio Tinto blames ‘misunderstanding’ for destruction of 46,000-year-old Aboriginal site…..
Living in a Chevy Van Great Nomad Job: Selling on eBay from a Beautiful Chevy Van…..
The Fairy Podcast Episode 5 – Fairy Sightings, Missing People and Bigfoot…..
It’s Time To Wake Up…..
COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless…..
Professor Richard Ennos – 11 September 2020…..
Consultation document: changes to Human Medicine Regulations to support the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines…..
Viral Issue Crucial Update Sept 8th: the Science, Logic and Data Explained!…..
Watch This Doctor Destroy the Hoax of Mask Wearing and Explain the Risk Associated With Prolong Use…..
Important message from Dr. Vernon Coleman…..
Coronavirus: Face masks to be made compulsory in shops and indoor public spaces in Wales…..
Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace : 1958 (Full)…..
A Coup in the Making…..
Journalist Avi Yemini: This is how I got ARRESTED at the protest on Saturday
I Can’t Believe They Did This To Grandma!!…..
Muhammad Ali 1973 UFO Experiences Discussed in Live TV Show MUST WATCH…..
This Fraud is Now Blindingly Obvious…..
The Richie Allen Show – Wednesday September 9th 2020…..
Jon Kirby twitter…..
Doctor who served 35 years in Shantallow, Derry, speaks out about systematic killing of old people, doctors, nurses and administrators watching Netflix, doing knitting and catching up on paperwork during ‘pandemic’, fake death certificates, suicidal patients seeing a big rise, and Bill Gates…..
The Richie Allen Show – Tuesday September 8th 2020…..
BBC Radio Interview with Professor Richard Ennos, University of Edinburgh, September 2020…..
Perth Vaccine researcher Dr Judy Wilyman gives incendiary speech on the steps of Parliament House…..
Bases News Piers Corbyn Report from Sheffield Arrest…..
Dr. Vernon Coleman: I’m Back! (September 6th 2020)…..
Tucker Carlson: Our leaders: life will never go back to normal…..
Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 Aug 2020…..
Max Igan in Conversation with Riccardo Bosi…..
55 Very Eventful Days and Counting…..
How To Read The News…..
Have You Realised the Lockdown is Here to Stay Yet?…..
Silenced Frontline Doctors Hold Capitol Hill Press Conference to Challenge Big Tech…..
Pandemic Pandemonium: the Battle of Covid v Influenza with Special Guest John Cullen…..
Peaceful Rallies Around the World to Champion Freedom…..
Mark Dolan cuts up his face mask live on air: “Wearing a mask is the new woke”…..
CV19-Evidence of Fraud, Medical Malpractice, Acts of Domestic Terrorism & Breaches of Human Rights…..
No more heroes anymore – 2007 – The Stranglers – live…..
Message to Australia for Saturday. Time to look fascism in the eye and show who really has the power…..
You have been Served!…..
Mobilising the 7s and 1s combinations…..
How to respond to the bullying threats of criminal psychopaths…..
This New Government Overreach Is INSANE And Must Be Stopped Immediately…..
Are You Awake Yet?…..
The Malicious Mask Masquerade…..
Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?…..
It’s Just an App Bro!…..
39 CHILDREN SAVED: Federal Marshall’s Announce MAJOR Development In Georgia…..
Discussing the Growing Pushback With John Waters…..
Brees Media: London Protest – 29th August 2020…..
First ever attack from my former employer the BBC – the Editor of BBC Trending Mike Wendling 2.9.20…..
My reaction to the media reporting of the London Protests – 30.8.20…..
Richie Allen Show 1st September 2020…..


Neil Hague’s work is endorsed by Ellis


Comes in ‘black’, ‘white’ or Navy fitted or unisex




Hey, Haw-Haw media, when are you going to accept Dr Vernon Coleman’s, Professor Dolores Cahill’s, and Professor Richard Ennos’, and numerous other experts’ challenge to debate with your medical champions on this ‘pandemic’? It’s your opportunity to do the right thing.

For readers who don’t know, here is the mainstream media model: Lord Haw-Haw: The Story of William Joyce



Roger Waters:


HDPinkFloyd: Live from Royal Albert Hall 2006 3 D – David …David…..David…. Graham


Pink Floyd:


Edward Morgan, Humans are Free, Prepare for Change: Packed with factual information in one place, and links to even more.

1. Medical Doctors Declare That The Pandemic Was Planned
A group of over 500 medical doctors in Germany called ‘Doctors for Information’ made a shocking statement during a national press conference: (1)
‘The Corona panic is a play. It’s a scam. A swindle. It’s high time we understood that we’re in the midst of a global crime.’
Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned To Usher In The New World Order


John Bishop gets a taste of YouTube censorship:


….and, more and more, as the cornered bastards who know they lie and slowly realise that the gig is up, and that their masters will shortly be throwing them under the bus, they double and triple down on their psychopathy. As if that will help them. – Ellis


Vinny Eastwood Show:

Notice how the Labour party career poli, Kelvin Davies (who said he marched FOR sexual violence by the way – so clearly not as confident as he tried to portray), tried to twist what Billy Te Kahika was saying. On the ball host, Mihi Forbes, quickly put him right.


Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Richie Allen Show: In June 2020, Corona, False Alarm? exploded into the German market, selling 200,000 copies and 75,000 e-books in six weeks. Now it has been translated into English. The book tackles the challenges around lockdown: Were the protective measures justified? Mandatory mask-wearing: Does the science support it? Does the race for vaccine development make sense? What are the chances of success? Will the vaccine be safe? Will people accept it? Corona, False Alarm? provides you with sound information and substantiated facts-and encourages you to form your own opinion on the corona crisis. Co-author Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi joins Richie to discuss the book.



Dr Heiko Schöning, libre! Free!


Courtenay Heading: You will have noticed that there has been a massive disruption to life and livelihoods during 2020.  To aid uncensored truth, please see three topics which require an urgent, public, ‘covid’ discussion:
Covid Crimes… 1) No Virus, 2) No Test, 3) No Contagion


The Dark Side, yanking the despicable harridan, Jacinda Ardern, is attempting to shut out the hopes of the New Zealand people with every nasty trick. Don’t let them Kiwis:

Billy Te Kahika, Vinny Eastwood Show:


Dominic Raab, Kay Burley, enlightenedprophets:


Dr. Vernon Coleman, Dr. Stuart Waiton, Richie Allen, Richie Allen Show: Dr. Vernon joins Richie every Monday at 5.30 to provide unique and in-depth analysis of the latest Covid-19 related news. Today Vernon discusses the astonishing confession of a BBC radio presenter, that the BBC doesn’t debate so called anti-vaxxers, whether they are right or wrong. Proposed new hate crime legislation in Scotland is terrifying. To discuss this, Richie is joined by Dr. Stuart Waiton, a respected criminologist, author and national newspaper columnist. Stuart also has his say, on the draconian measures used to fight Covid-19.


Mark Windows, Jane, Windows on the World:


Rebel News: Victor Tey is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. He’s a pastor, a father of six, and like many Australians he had his life locked down by politicians during the pandemic.
So Victor thought he’d engage in a form of peaceful protest — in the most gentle manner you can imagine. The lockdown rules permitted people to leave their homes for exercise. So Victor decided to go for a jog around the Parliament building wearing a headband that says “liberty”.
He complied fully with the law. But because of that headband and a small sign he carried with him, he was repeatedly arrested, fined, and he now faces criminal charges too.
INFURIATING VIDEO: Sydney police ARREST father of six for exercising outdoors — Help us fight back!


Plandemic TV: Dr. Heiko Schöning Arrested At Trafalgar Square London:


Dr. Bodo Schiffmann, Yogi: Why, A Message from Dr. Bodo Schiffmann about the Covid19:


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon: Osher, the astrologer, is calling this October the month of Divine Judgment. This is reminiscent of a recent ayahuasca session of a friend of mine that also featured the Divine Judgment theme for the world.
In October and November Mercury and Mars are both retrograde for significant periods of time. Mercury retrograde has to do with failure of communication, lost messages, undelivered communications, faulty data, failed negotiations, etc. Mars is the planet of war. So add aggressive, war-like, military, violent energies to communications, data and negotiations difficulties and you have the worst of combinations.
Near Future Events Have Long Been Planned By the Major Players


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon: I was perusing the military news today, and what do you know? — it looks like the Pentagon has something up its sleeve. Big surprise, right? Please read the following two news items.
A few months after getting home, the Theodore Roosevelt is about to deploy again
After a grueling deployment, the carrier Eisenhower gets set for a dubious ‘double pump’
The USSA Navy aircraft carriers, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower, are both getting sent right back out for new deployments in the near future. The articles report that crews are stressed, both ships have major maintenance issues and needs, and yet they’re going to go to sea right away again after comparatively brief periods in port.
USSA Aircraft Carriers Going Right Back To Sea


Dr. Vernon Coleman:


Another champion for the right side. Welcome Dr Barron.

Dr. Colin M. Barron: Why I Support Anti – Lockdown Protests


Lord Sumption, MailonSunday: We are witnessing the slow demise of one of the great conceits of the modern world: the notion that the big-hearted State can protect us against every misfortune and that human beings are mere tools of State policy to be pushed about like pawns on a chessboard according to the changing impulses of its ministers.
The attempt to control the spread of Covid-19 by coercion has failed. It has failed in Britain. It has failed throughout Europe and North America.
It has failed in Israel. It has failed in Australia. The measures which these countries have taken have varied in their severity, but not in their outcome.
What kind of a country have we become when arrogant bullying is seen as the proper function of Ministers? Ex-Supreme Court judge LORD SUMPTION denounces No10’s rule of muddle and authoritarianism


SKYNews Australia:


SKYNews Australia: What was it that a stream of physicians, including Professor Dolores Cahill, have been saying – and being censored, banned and sacked for promoting (Trump too)?  Lackey Media, government ministers and collaborators, this is another reason to hang your heads in bloody shame. How many people have your actions and inactions killed this year?


Like I said…Evil


Peter Hitchens, the (evidently) Bipolar Mail: The Prime Minister is like a man who finds a wasps’ nest in his house – and burns the house down to get rid of it.
The wasps, having more sense than him, flew off as soon as they felt the heat. But the house is gone.
Now he stands by the smouldering ruins, blaming everyone but himself for this futile catastrophe.
I suspect that some of the things he said on Tuesday night will bring him down, especially the outrageous threat to use troops. If we have been as well-behaved as he pretends to believe, how can such things be justified?
Boris’ great idea? Burn down the house TWICE to get rid of a wasps’ nest, then stand in the ruins and blame everyone but himself for this futile catastrophe


Jack Newman: MailonSunday: Laurence Fox is launching a new political party to fight the culture wars named Reclaim, and he has already raised more than £1million.
The actor, 42, has received substantial sums from former Tory donors and hopes to stand dozens of candidates across the UK.
The Lewis star says he wants to provide a movement for people who are ‘tired of being told that we represent the very thing we have, in history, stood together against’.
Laurence Fox is launching a new political party after raising £1million from former Tory donors to fight ‘culture wars’ as he slams mainstream politicians for ‘losing touch’ with the people


Targeted in Ireland: David icke London protest


Brees Media:


Spitting Image:

Dave Cullen, Computing Forever:Responding to Richard Dawkins’ Tweets on Covid Restrictions


UK Column News – 25th September 2020: Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s UK Column News: Brass-neck conflict of interest: Vaccine fan and in the pocket Patrick Vallance… Also, listen to Dr. Scott Atlas (one of the heads of the U.S. coronavi-ruse task force) and how the bought media try to hinder his factual report and exposure of crooked data…whoever or whatever is impersonating the Grime Sinister…..and more.



The Richie Allen Show Thursday September 24th 2020: Richie is joined by Sarah Westall. Sarah is a partner at Galex Consulting and the host of the national syndicated show, “Business Game Changers”. Her show features leaders in Business, Government, Society, and Science. Her significant experience and knowledge in technology, systems engineering, business, and entrepreneurship provides insight and depth unparalleled in the media. Sarah discusses evidence that planning is underway for a military coup in the US, how the lockdown and civil unrest has destroyed businesses across the country, the Breonna Taylor protests, QAnon, Epstein, the Global Reset and more. www.sarahwestall.com


David Ellis Report: Paramilitaries:

As armed, law-breaking police assault peaceful protesters, armed only with facts and big-hearts, all around the world, intentionally trying to provoke good people to defend themselves ( a perfectly lawful thing to do). The police (and other collaborators) don’t have the wit to realise it, but in their evil actions they condemn themselves and their families to the agenda that craves the utter destruction of humanity. – Ellis


Mark Windows, The Richie Allen Show Wednesday September 23rd 2020: Richie is joined by the geopolitical analyst and broadcast journalist Mark Windows. Who and what is behind the Covid-19 pandemic and the life disrupting measures to tackle the allegedly deadly disease? What is the 4th Industrial Revolution? What about The Global Reset or the Technocratic society agenda? Mark Windows has been painstakingly researching this for years, which he discusses with Richie today.

Nice one Mark…Agreed. The virus is an excuse, a false premise….not the reason. This is an attack on human beings – There is no room for them, except for a few slaves for entertainment purposes. BUT, to get people to start realising this they have to grasp that they have been terrorised by lies and brainwashing. It is so important to stop listening to corporate media news. – Ellis


394 medical doctors, 1,340 medically trained health professionals, and 8,897 citizens (at time of article publication 20/9/20), American Institute for Economic Research (AIER): The following letter has made an impact on public health authorities not only in Belgium but around the world. The text could pertain to any case in which states locked down their citizens rather than allow people freedom and permit medical professionals to bear the primary job of disease mitigation.
So far it has been signed by 394 medical doctors, 1,340 medically trained health professionals, and 8,897 citizens.
Open Letter from Medical Doctors and Health Professionals to All Belgian Authorities and All Belgian Media

Over 900 medical professional now, I’m told.


UK Column News: Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s UK Column News.
UK Column News – 23rd September 2020


Tony Gosling, Max Igan, The Richie Allen Show Tuesday September 22nd 2020: The UK has reached “a perilous turning point”, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said, as he set out a raft of new coronavirus restrictions for England which could last for up to six months. Shop staff will have to wear face masks and weddings will be limited to a maximum of 15 people, under the rules. Fines for breaking laws on gatherings and not wearing a mask will increase to £200 for a first offence. He also warned “significantly greater restrictions” could come if necessary. Tony Gosling and Max Igan are two vastly experienced researchers and broadcasters and here they provide unique analysis of what’s happening not only in the UK and internationally, but more importantly, where it’s all heading.


Alan Jones, SkyNewsAustralia: ‘Australians must know the truth – this virus is not a pandemic’ Sky News host Alan Jones says he has warned time and time again the political leaders who are the architects of this coronavirus response will not be able to escape the criticism that is now finding its way into the public place. It comes as an economist in the Victorian Department of Finance and Treasury, Sanjeev Sabhlok, on Wednesday penned an article in the Australian Financial Review announcing his resignation from his position. Mr Sabhlok wrote he resigned “so that I would be able to speak out against the state’s management of the COVID-19 infection”. “I made a number of criticisms of the state government on social media. The head of human relations at Treasury asked me to remove them. “I resigned on the same day, the only honourable course for a free citizen of Australia,” Mr Sabhlok wrote. Mr Sabhlok continued to note a number of his other criticisms over the response to the virus. “One question remains, how many others have been silenced across all arms of government, including in Canberra,” Mr Jones said. Mr Jones also reiterated his call for a national advertising campaign to “tell the public the truth about the fact this virus is not a pandemic”.


Dr. Vernon Coleman, Richie Allen, The Richie Allen Show Monday September 21st 2020: Richie is joined by Dr. Vernon Coleman. The government’s scientific adviser today warned that there could be 50,000 new coronavirus cases a day by mid-October, without further action. He later claimed that this would result in 200 Covid-19 deaths a day in the UK. Best-selling author, national newspaper columnist and former GP Vernon Coleman tells Richie why this is nonsense. Vernon hosts the brilliant “An Old Man In A Chair” show on Brand New Tube.


John Waters, Dave Cullen, Computing Forever:


Filer’s Files: In special reports, this week’s files cover: Secrets of the German UFO Scientists, PAPERCLIP, Roswell UFO Crash, Texas FBI Memo about Roswell Disc, General Ramey is holding His Message, Wilson: Telework May Be a Post-Pandemic Norm, India Found Ancient Drawings with Aliens, Mars Ancient Casket and Save Four to Five Million Lives when You Vote
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, New Jersey, New York, and Tennessee.
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, and England in the United Kingdom.
Filer’s Files 39, 2020 Roswell UFO Crash


Reupload of below (Will be taken down too – Don’t see why they don’t put it on another platform.), Anyway: https://youtu.be/NVK0TFwkU_8


Hibbeler Productions: Won’t be up for long:


Support The Truth, One By One: Please send ’em a quid.


Alan Moral?, Anna Brees, Brees Media: London Protest, Trafalgar Square, 19th Sept 2020


James Scott: Trafalgar Square, 19th Sept 2020



Sunday View With Richie Allen: Richie reviews the UK Sunday newspapers and brings you the highlights of the Sunday morning political talk shows.


The truth will Set you free 2: Bill Gates proposing to the CIA a project called FUNVac to Inject the world with “respiratory viruses or corona viruses”:


Kevin Moore, The ISNN:


David Whitehead:


Filmed for BrandNewTube Live: Trafalgar Square protest against Tyranny 19-9-20


Dr Vernon Coleman: Now on BrandNewTube:

The FULL video of the title on BrandNewTube: https://brandnewtube.com/v/BeGxfB


Collette  O’Neill, Bealtaine Cottage: Nothing is what it appears to be in the contorted world of the Matrix…and yes, it’s real! We are poorly served…but, if we step out, which can be terrifying at first, and look back, then all will be slowly revealed!


Collette  O’Neill, Bealtaine Cottage: Our past is held within the stories, myths and legends from long ago, yet, more often than not, historians dismiss these as being of no relevance in our eternal search to understand the present. These are times of chaos…is it little wonder that we feel adrift in a foreign place and time.


Ellis Taylor,The Song of Ffraed: ‘The Song of Ffraed’ is my journal of a journey tracing a mysterious presence; that of a weaving Dragon, a dynamic, seemingly autogenous, swirling, mass of energy that’s internal patterning is constantly changing into shapes that we can recognise in the art of our ancestors, and the fractals of modern mathematical awareness. That isn’t a guess, it’s what I’ve seen. The only to-ing and fro-ing is within itself; ‘Herself’ because this mighty life-energy is a She.
Welcome to the public pages of The Song of Ffraed.


Soren Dreier: In the town where I live there is a very beautiful church. I like to go there now and then for a God talk or just to be in a holy room, mediating on the golden colors that are dominant there. It gives the soul a boost. The altar and the crucified Jesus are covered in gold. The Virgin Mary is Azure blue.
The gold and the azure color is what I see in the celestial and are the colors of high frequency realms.
Andalusian Tales: The Humbling Power of Holy


UK Column News: Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s UK Column News.


Richie highlights more extremely significant insights from a medical professional; today this is Professor Tim Spector chucking truth grenades into the chook pen of mainstream media (A MUST LISTEN & SHARE):

Richie Allen, Spiro, Ryan Cristián, The Richie Allen Show – Thursday September 17th 2020: Spiro has a hugely successful YouTube channel and is working with www.activistpost.com Ryan is the man behind the equally successful YouTube channel and website www.thelastamericanvagabond.com. The guys discuss the latest Covid-19 restrictions, Trump’s claim that a vaccine is imminent and will be rolled out by the military, social crediting, culture wars, gun ownership and much more.


Tucker Carlson Official: Tucker Carlson Tonight – 17 September, 2020

Extrapolating this…it is likely to be a similar state of affairs in your State, city, town, county etc, wherever you are in the world. Ask the questions. Demand the answers. Oaths, Statutory Declarations and such. Lawyers where are? – Ellis



justsaynotolooshcommodity: Something Was Awry. I must say that I do not put much stock in (the “personage”of) Michael Princes’s material published in 2013 and later.  There appears to me to be social distraction tactics involved, along with the use of clones exhibiting heavily scripted/programmed behavior, and no doubt other shenanigans of which I couldn’t possibly imagine at this time.  Most notably, for me at least, there was the forewarning that convinced me the most that something had been awry with all this…
The Michael Prince Material

Pre-2012 Michael Prince Material


Dr. Carrie Madej, Richie From Boston: This is a must LISTEN…!!!


Jim Meehan, MD: A response to people who use the classic fallacious argument, “Well, if masks don’t work, then why do surgeons wear them?”
I’m a surgeon that has performed over 10,000 surgical procedures wearing a surgical mask. However, that fact alone doesn’t really qualify me as an expert on the matter. More importantly, I am a former editor of a medical journal. I know how to read the medical literature, distinguish good science from bad, and fact from fiction. Believe me, the medical literature is filled with bad fiction masquerading as medical science. It is very easy to be deceived by bad science.
Since the beginning of the pandemic I’ve read hundreds of studies on the science of medical masks. Based on extensive review and analysis, there is no question in my mind that healthy people should not be wearing surgical or cloth masks. Nor should we be recommending universal masking of all members of the population. That recommendation is not supported by the highest level of scientific evidence.
“If masks don’t work, then why do surgeons wear them?”


Constitution Watch: We came across this website on Twitter, https://australianvoice.livejournal.com/. (Twitter link.) Its latest blog, which we’re republishing below, makes a very important connection between its OUTSOURCED police force and the Strong Cities Network, funded by globalists like Soros.
[Grime Sinister] Daniel Andrews has sold out Victoria to the Strong Cities Network (SCN) with PRIVATISED POLICE


Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:
The Facts:Ronald B. Brown, Ph.D., from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada says, based on his research, that the coronavirus fatality rates we were/are given represents “Worst Miscalculation in Human History.”
Reflect On:Why do perspectives and evidence that are presented in this article never see the light of day in big media? Why are we beamed with a specific perception/narrative when so much other information and data clearly opposes it?
COVID-19 Fatality Rate “Worst Miscalculation” in Human History – PhD Student in Epidemiology


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon: What is going unmentioned by almost everyone is that most votes in the upcoming November election in the USSA will not be counted fairly — or at all, in many cases!
There is an apocryphal statement attributed to Joseph Stalin that goes something like: “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
It doesn’t matter if Stalin ever said such a thing or not. The truth is that the thrust of the observation is accurate.
Ever since the publication of “Votescam: The Stealing of America”, by James and Kenneth Collier almost 30 years ago, those who have wanted to know have understood how modern elections are rigged and the outcomes decided by corrupt, hidden hands.
The November Election Has Already Been Rigged


Avi Yemini, Rebel News: Just over a week ago, I was reporting the news from a peaceful protest in Melbourne, the most locked-down city in the world.
I had all of my permits and papers in order and I had even been inspected and approved by a roadside police checkpoint. (That’s how crazy Victoria is these days — lockdowns, curfews and police checkpoints.)
I was reporting on an anti-lockdown protest by citizens fed up with China-style infringements on their civil liberties.
I wasn’t there to protest — I was there to report, with my camera crew. We were standing with other journalists and I was clearly holding my Rebel News microphone.
Suddenly, a police commander walked up to me, jabbed me in the chest, and ordered his troops to arrest me. You’ve probably seen the video — I was picked up, smashed to the ground and arrested, and led away in handcuffs.
For no reason whatsoever.
WITH VIDEO I’ve taken the Australian state of Victoria to the Supreme Court — the highest court in the state.

The $50,000 target has been SMASHED…and there has been a no confidence vote tabled in the Victorian House against the criminal Dan Andrews and his despicable government.

See here

No, it’s not good enough just to sack the vile bastards their actions and dictates are akin to war crimes – a war they have unleashed against the people of the state of Victoria. To everyone who has stood up against this tyranny, you are heroes. To future generations, you are legends. God bless you. Goddess bless you. – Ellis


…And where’s the queen in all this murderous mayhem? She must know that these insane maniacs are imposing a crime against the people of the realm that is so monstrous that it defies adequate articulation.

Every one of these bend-overs and stand-overs, government ministers, police officers etc, in the Commonwealth have sworn an oath of allegiance to her that can, if not abided by, have the ultimate consequences.

The monarch, the one office bearer in this system that can halt this atrocity at a stroke. As usual, when it comes to her true divine task, her only raison d’être, caring for and defending the well being of her charges, nowhere to be fuckin’ seen.

Archbishop. Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel?

Queen. All this I promise to do.


This 6 thing…It’s not arbitrary, a number pulled out of a hat. It’s programming. I wrote a little about it on 6th September. See lower down this page. – Ellis



***SORRY ABOUT THE RANDOM ADS – They’re nought to do with me

(unless I state that I endorse them).




Amazing Polly: The Cabal of Global Oligarchs is losing control of the narrative they’ve kept under wraps for so long and the cover-upperers have gone berzerk in their effort to hide what they are doing. In this video I look at the latest anti-anti-human trafficking pieces from the media, as well as the reaction to a new, revolting Netflix film.


James Corbett, The Corbett Report: Today on Questions For Corbett, Corbett Report member Scott asks about a potential flu vaccine / COVID link. James demonstrates how even the mainstream science shows that such a correlation does exist, although it isn’t being trumpeted in the Big Pharma-funded corporate media.


A most powerful interview/presentation by an exceptional human being, a real hero of our time, the wonderful Dr. Vernon Coleman:

Vernon Coleman, Richie Allen: Richie is joined by Dr. Vernon Coleman. Vernon joins Richie each Monday to dissect the latest nonsense from the UK government on coronavirus. Today, Vernon also looks at the health impact of the lockdown and the so called new normal on our children. This is very important. Do share far and wide. Vernon’s brilliant “An Old Man In A Chair” series can now be found on Brand New Tube. www.vernoncoleman.com


Fiona Sturges, The Guardian: Alan Davies’s first memoir, My Favourite People and Me 1978-1988 (later republished as Teenage Revolution), was a wry look at his suburban adolescence and early career in comedy. Each chapter was organised around one of his idols from the era, among them Paul Weller and Barry Sheene. While there were allusions to a difficult period prompted by his mother’s death when he was six, the tone was generally light-hearted and jolly.
Just Ignore Him, his second memoir, is a very different book. There are no arch diversions into popular culture, nor is it a knockabout look at teenage life. Focused on Davies’s childhood, it is fiercely honest, sometimes upsetting, and tells of the deep secrets that he has carried “in every molecule of my flesh and bones and in every thought and action, in my hunched, splayed-footed walk, my lisping Essex accent, and my lack of belief in God”.
Just Ignore Him by Alan Davies review – a life derailed by abuse


Emily Cleaver, Smithsonian Magazine: If you stand in the valley near the village of Uffington in Oxfordshire, England, and look up at the high curve of chalk grassland above you, one thing dominates the view. Across the flank of the hill runs an enormous white, abstract stick figure horse cut from the chalk itself. It has a thin, sweeping body, stubby legs, a curiously long tail and a round eye set in a square head.
This is the Uffington White Horse, the oldest of the English hill figures. It’s a 3,000-year-old pictogram the size of a football field and visible from 20 miles away. On this July morning black specks dot the lower slopes as small groups of people trudge slowly upwards. They’re coming to clean the horse.
Against All Odds, England’s Massive Chalk Horse Has Survived 3,000 Year

Site article: The White Horse Hills


Sarah Laskow, Atlas Obscura: The day was departing when we arrived at the old, gray church and its graveyard of tilting headstones. Beyond, the forest hid the ruins of a Norman castle along with—we hoped—one of the Wonders of Britain.
A tall, tidy man with a cap appeared, out with his dog for an evening walk, and Andrew Evans, wearing a dark, swinging overcoat, approached him. “Can I ask you… do you live around here? We’re after the Bone Well… .” The man offered no sign of recognition. “It should be a spring under the castle somewhere.”
“A natural spring?” he replied, unfazed by the suggestion of a watery catacomb filled with skeletons. “There’s a track leading down there on the left. It’s a good bit of a mile.”
On the Hunt for the Lost Wonders of Medieval Britain


One of the most prevalent alien descriptions is of Nordics with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Numerous people have claimed to see the Nordics such as the former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, and numerous abductees. Nordics are found all over the world and claimed they are our ancestors – and not the apes.
Filer’s Files 38, 2020 Genetics of Blonde Hair Prove Alien Visits?


Robert Shaw, Ross Broadstock, Britain’s Hidden History: The records of the 17th Century show that the Great Fire was considered deliberate. Was this and the plague, wars and famine also part of a Biblical revenge being reaped on the City of London by the Stuart dynasty? Special guest – author Robert Shaw talks us through this and other things from his forthcoming book – “Architecture of Power”


And another!!!…I’m gonna have to take to me bed:

Luke May & Stephen Matthews, Mail Online: Britain’s coronavirus response is being led by a ‘Dad’s Army’ of well-paid people with no experience, two leading scientists have said as they called on Number 10 to stop panicking and scrap the controversial ‘rule of six’.
Professors Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson, from Oxford University, accused Boris Johnson of making a series of ‘catastrophic’ errors since returning to work in April, following his own battle with the killer virus.
They said the country’s pandemic response has suffered because it has been led by Government officials inexperienced in controlling public health.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock, they pointed out, has had the job for only two years; chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty was appointed in 2019; Boris Johnson was elected last year; and the Joint Biosecurity Centre is run by a spy.
Professor Heneghan and Professor Jefferson warned the government’s new move to limit gatherings – which came into force today – was ‘disturbing’ and had ‘no scientific evidence to back it up’.
UK’s coronavirus response is being led by a ‘Dad’s Army’ of well-paid people with no experience, top scientists say as they call on Boris Johnson to stop panicking and scrap the rule of six


I’ve just seen this before publishing today’s offerings…another factual piece from the DM – Well, I’ll go to the foot of our stairs – that appears to be realising it has been batting for the wrong side. ‘Appears’, I say, it’s too early to be sure…but anyway this is another good article. Good stuff, Dr John Lee.

Dr John Lee, MailOnline: The supposed cure for coronavirus is turning out to be worse than the disease. As analysis by the Mail reveals today, more lives are being wrecked by the official response to Covid than by the virus itself.
In a bizarre paradox, ill-directed efforts at protecting public health are creating a public health disaster.
When the outbreak began, the Government decided to shield the NHS, with the aim of maintaining its capacity for the imminent tidal wave of cases. All resources were focused on this goal.
From March, the treatment of other conditions and illnesses was put in abeyance for three months. And to this day, the NHS has not resumed anything like normal service. But the predicted Covid deluge never materialised.
Even now the fiercely disputed current Covid death toll of 41,628 is barely half the total fatalities of the 1968 flu epidemic in the UK.
The cure is worse than the disease: Dr JOHN LEE argues that the coronavirus lockdown could cause more long-term harm than the illness itself


Buried…so you might not have seen it:

Mail Online: Expert advisers have deep and very specific areas of knowledge, but can only offer a selective view of the facts – in this case a recent and modest rise in coronavirus infections in young people – to ministers.
The ultimate decision, based on a balanced assessment of the competing opinions, has to be a political one that convinces the public.
And I am afraid that the ‘Hands, Face, Space’ slogan, crowned with the Rule of Six – a ban on gatherings of more than six people indoors or outdoors – fails miserably on that count.
This ridiculous rule of 6 poses a real danger – Britain losing its faith in its leaders: KAROL SIKORA says the government has been successful at spreading fear, and not much else

(Thanks for publishing it though DM, one suspects that someone else on the paper, besides Peter Hitchens, has a sense of balanced reporting, and is on the ball.

This 6 thing…It’s not arbitrary, a number pulled out of a hat. It’s programming. I wrote a little about it on 6th September. See lower down this page. – Ellis


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon: Well, speak of the devil. In my last blog post, mere days ago, I predicted that the end game of the current, violent chaos and mayhem that is convulsing the USSA, would be to impose a harsh, authoritarian, totalitarian police state or martial law regime to quell the unrest by both the Left and the Right; that, in fact, both sides are being played, and set at each other’s throats, in order to usher in a ruthless dictatorship that shadowy controllers behind the scenes have long wanted. Now they see their opening and they are moving swiftly. Here you go:
The Coming Red-White-and-Blue Dictatorship


Ellis Taylor: I’m not a religious person, by that I mean I have no affiliations to any organisations that dictate and impose spiritual dogma. I am however sensitive and spiritually aware; and I do my best to live my life considerately and ethically. I’ve improved as I’ve gone along but I’m a long way from perfect; mostly because I don’t assimilate with the contradictions and thoughtless attitudes that are encouraged and legislated everywhere, and struggle to comprehend their attraction. Why do people wear masks?
Into Un-being…I met a man


Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday: The Government has no legal right to impose the severe and miserable restrictions on our lives with which it has wrecked the economy, brought needless grief to the bereaved and the lonely and destroyed our personal liberty.
This is the verdict of one of the most distinguished lawyers in the country, the retired Supreme Court Judge Lord Sumption.
How the Government is wading into the swamp of despotism – one muzzle at a time


Asha Logos: One of the most striking discrepancies between how we currently understand our history, and how it was understood and presented by those of previous eras, is in the extent of the connection between the ancestors of modern western mankind to ancient Mesopotamia, Persia, India, Greece and Macedonia and Troy, the Steppes.. and one could go on. Nearly every source authored prior to the mid 1900’s that touches on the subject matter and the origins of European peoples, stretching back to Homer and the Vedas, speaks of these strong connections, and implies frequent travels and migrations. I’ve come to believe such connections are stronger than most might imagine.  In these videos we’ll examine what may be one of the most important sources of such history – authored from within a ‘seed’ or ‘nest’ population, quite possibly a key origin point of the *waves* of migration that seem to have taken place over the past few thousand years.  Some final notes: In our age, with examples of the healthy feminine almost completely lacking, and opposite examples to be found everywhere, I think its difficult to envision just how positively this deep love and devotion might have manifested when springing from a healthy and well-oriented mind, directed exclusively towards one’s kin, nation, and extended family.. as opposed to a chaotic dissipation in 360 degrees – on cats, refugees, characters on TV, and everything in between. The vestal-virgin/burg-maiden conception makes more sense, in this light. Lastly – though kindly, noble, and just, this wasn’t a pacifistic population. Much like the Spartans or Goths, they don’t seem to have *sought out* wars, or fought them lightly – but their martial prowess seems to have been legendary.. aided by a far larger stature and frame than neighboring populations, mandated military training for every male at least once every seven days, and a prudent hierarchical structure which we’ll cover in the next videos. Their mastery of the high seas may well be inextricably linked with the later British, Dutch, and Nordic dominance.


Two very relevant performances (in so many ways) of the same song, to lift these dark times and remind us of what the Darkness and Its’ agents, aided by Its’ ill-favoured human shells, the clamouring jabbers and maskers, are going full bore to eradicate – human beings performing and attending such golden moments of life and joyous free expression.

Lynn Davis, Fran Durham, Yanni & his symphony orchestra:


Darlene Koldenhoven, Lynn Davis, Yanni – “Aria” Ode to Humanity… Live At The Acropolis, 25th Anniversary! 1080p Digitally Remastered:



BNT Hub: A VERY disturbing document put out by the UK dictatorship:


Jon Rappoport: The need for the COVID test is being hyped to the skies. More tests automatically create more case numbers. This allows heads of state and national governments to whipsaw the public:
“We were re-opening the economy, but now, with the escalating case numbers, we’ll have to impose lockdowns again…”
This wreaks more havoc and economic destruction, which is the true goal of the COVID operation. Its cruelty is boundless.
In this article, I present quotes from official sources about their own diagnostic test for the coronavirus, the PCR.

Spoiler alert: the admitted holes and shortcomings of the test are devastating.
COVID diagnostic test: worst test ever devised?


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon: Here’s the way I see what is happening in the USSA.
Although at a superficial level it may not seem like it, the same forces behind 1)  the left-wing, BLM/Antifa rioting are also playing 2) the law & order right-wing. From what I have seen, a very complex, satanic A.I., self-aware program is ultimately behind this demonic, virtual reality in which we are embedded.
This is a multi-century or even multi-billion year program, that is rapidly being rushed to violent completion. And it is a program! This whole reality is heavily programmed. The broad brush program at work right now in the USSA operates something like this:
It’s Over For The USSA


The Guardian: Mining giant BHP Billiton was poised to destroy many more significant Aboriginal sites in the central Pilbara, Western Australia to expand its $4.5bn South Flank iron ore mining operation, even though its own reports show it is aware that the traditional owners are deeply opposed to the move. Photo left: 46,000 year old Rock Shelter site which was destroyed in a blast to expand the Brockman 4 iron ore mine.

In documents seen by Guardian Australia, a BHP archaeological survey identified rock shelters that were occupied between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago and noted that evidence in the broader area showed “occupation of the surrounding landscape has been ongoing for approximately 40,000 years”.

BHP’s report in September 2019 identified 22 sites of artefacts scatters, culturally modified trees, rock shelters with painted rock art, stone arrangements, and 40 “built structures … believed to be potential archaeological sites”.
Rio Tinto blames ‘misunderstanding’ for destruction of 46,000-year-old Aboriginal site

Megalithic Portal article


The Guardian: The Rio Tinto chief executive, Jean-Sébastien Jacques, and two other senior executives are leaving the global miner after its board bowed to intense investor pressure for strong action over its decision to blow up 46,000-year-old rock shelters at Juukan Gorge in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

…Despite leaving the company all three would continue to be entitled to long-term bonuses, Rio Tinto said.
Rio Tinto CEO and senior executives resign from company after Juukan Gorge debacle…..

The Queen’s company running roughshod again. What a surprise!
The ‘Royal’ Trillions – Where Does it ALL Come From?


Cheap RV Living: Today we meet Jimmy, who is a retired trucker who just sold his house and moved into a van! He sold his Semi in 2017 and started make a living by buying and selling on eBay. Based on the tremendous success he had selling from his home, he decided he could easily make enough selling on eBay to pay for his cost of living in a van—so here he is!! He built his van himself and while it is very simple and easy, I think it is so beautiful and practical it’s one we can all learn from.


Dan Baines, Fiona Maher, The Fairy Podcast: A bumper episode in which we cover listener fairy sightings, the Missing 411 series by David Paulides, UHFs (Unidentified Human Forms) in the landscape and even Bigfoot gets a mention and how he could be more fairy than hairy.
The Fairy Podcast Episode 5 – Fairy Sightings, Missing People and Bigfoot


Dave Cullen, Computing Forever (Bitchute):


Though the whole world relies on RT-PCR to “diagnose” Sars-Cov-2 infection, the science is clear: they are not fit for purpose
COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless


Professor Richard Ennos, Anna Brees:


The consultation period will run until the end of Friday 18 September 2020

Consultation document: changes to Human Medicine Regulations to support the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines


Ivor Cummins: The ultimate update on our viral issue, bar none – Sept 8th 2020 . Get educated guys and gals – or keep your head in the sand while your errant leaders destroy society around you… 😉


Philosopher’s Stone: Watch this doctor destroy the hoax of mask wearing and explain the risk associated with prolong use. (Bitchute)


You (Tube) can’t keep a good man down.

Verney Coleman’s BrandNewTube channel: https://brandnewtube.com/@DrVernonColeman


The feckin’ farce continues in Wales:

Face masks are to become compulsory in indoor public spaces in Wales from Monday.
First Minister Mark Drakeford announced the new rule on Friday morning ahead of his press conference on lockdown easing at 12.30pm in Cathays Park.
Wales is also bringing its own rule of six from Monday to limit the number of people who can meet indoors to six.
Mr Drakeford said: “We said back in August that if coronavirus reached a certain threshold in Wales we would revisit it and today we will go to a position in Wales where 20 people in 100,000 in Wales are suffering from coronavirus, having reached that threshold we will be making the use of face coverings mandatory.”
Coronavirus: Face masks to be made compulsory in shops and indoor public spaces in Wales



someoddstuff: Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace : 1958 (Full): Aldous Huxley shares his visions and fears for this brave new world.


Amazing Polly: This might be the most important story out there right now. Deep State is openly planning how to subvert the election results and they are planting the seeds of the narrative as we are distracted. The second half features a retured army Colonel and JAG officer giving a warning of the dangers he sees.


Avi Yemini: Please WATCH & SHARE the full story of what happened to me on Saturday.
Shame on Victoria Police for abusing their State of Emergency powers and the mainstream media for REFUSING to hold them accountable.


We Are Change:


Pete ESi


Dr Vernon Coleman:


Richie Allen: Richie is joined by Dr. Marcus De Brun and Jon Kirby. According to the Irish Sun newspaper; “An outspoken GP who quit the medical council over the State’s handling of nursing homes during the Covid-19 pandemic is now under investigation by the same body. Dr Marcus De Brun was reported after an appearance at a recent protest.” Dr. De brun sets the story straight on The Richie Allen Show. Jon Kirby is an English businessman living in Stockholm. Jon’s Twitter video, where he demonstrated a vibrant, lockdown free Sweden, went viral. He tells Richie the truth about Sweden, how it didn’t lockdown and yet didn’t have more deaths per capita, than any other country. Don’t miss this.






The Richie Allen Show – Tuesday September 8th 2020: Richie is joined by Mark Collett and Meria Heller. Mark Collett is a nationalist commentator, author and broadcaster. Mark tells Richie why he believes we are living through a “scamdemic.” He discusses who he thinks has orchestrated it and ultimately the reason for it. It’s compelling listening. www.thefallofwesternman.com Meria Heller has the longest running podcast on the net. She joins Richie from Arizona to talk about the fires devastating the US Pacific Coast and how they play into Agenda 21/Agenda 2030. Meria also discusses Donald Trump’s culture wars of distraction and how they prevent people from coming together to fight the Orwellian agenda unfolding in front of our eyes. Unmissable. www.meria.net


Professor Richard Ennos, Science Policy Debate: Risk and Safety, via Anna Brees:


Bitcoin Basics: Dr Judy Wilyman stepped up to the plate and gave the speech of the day at the Perth Freedom Day rally in front of supposedly 9000+ people gathered at Parliament Place. What an amazing speech. Freedom advocates and Critical Thinkers exposed the hypocrisy and lies of our Premiers and Democratically elected leadership who are doing nothing for the people they supposedly represent and everything and anything they are told to implement from their unelected bureaucratic puppet masters in the WTO, IMF, and their corporate owners in big Pharma and with the cover and complicity of the bought off and paid for Mainstream Media. Sept 5, 2020. The beginning of the fight back. Specifically Dr Wilyman exposed the corruption and usurpation of our Government Health system for doing the bidding of these elite tyrants over decades and creating the health crisis we all face today, mass toxification leading to chronic illness among our children, not to mention the cancer epidemic sweeping now almost 1 in 2 people. The Public Health act of 2016 changed the laws around our medical system allowing this progress towards mandatory vaccination and exemption from prosecution for vaccine making companies if their product damages you or your child. There are no repercussions, only payouts.

Dr Vernon Coleman, who has studied vaccines for 50 years, has challenged anyone in the UK Government and any and every doctor they can muster, together if they want, to publicly debate vaccines and their dangers. He has further bet Faucci and co, including Bill Gates, that they cannot give any assurance that the vaccine will  be safe for human beings. Not one of them has accepted the challenge. It is designed to genetically modify human beings forever. Check Dr. Vernon Coleman’s videos below and on other pages on this blog.


Miles’s Bases Project: Piers Corbyn:


Dr Vernon Coleman: I’m Back! (September 6th 2020) on BrandNewTube:


Richie Allen Show 7th September 2020:


Ellis Taylor: Vital public information.

It is obvious to everyone that the vast majority of people are held in complete enthralment by mass media promoted, government enabled, terrorising ‘coronavirus’ propaganda.
Every day I talk to or hear of people, nearly all of them the kindest and most caring of us, who are so scared witless they will not leave their homes for any reason at all – “until they get a vaccine”. These are among the prime target demographic of the crazed maniacs that are driving this depraved psychic and psychological assault, the 6s, because 6 is the frequency that is programmed to trust in authorities: the teachers, the carers, the servers, the home makers, the good neighbours, the vaccine takers, and yes, the police.
This premeditated relentless vicious intimidation of the people that everyone relies on is calculated to disturb and destabilise every single person. Countless lives are blighted forever, destroyed.

So is the vaccine the promised saviour?

Hats off to Tucker Carlson.
There is only one way to convince a 6 that they are being used, lied to, or cheated by an authority, and that is for what or who they believe to be an even higher authority to enlighten them to the fact. Only they, or that, will do. As Tucker Carlson is a voice from a prominent mainstream media organisation, he has the credentials, fulfils the role of an authoritative voice, for some people. Ask your loved ones to watch this and you are in with a shot, and you might then be able to get them to listen to the top physicians who they have never heard of from the BBC, ABC, CNN and the rest of the monster’s global maws.

2 is another compliant or serving frequency, and of course 2 and 6 together – e.g.26.

The most entrenched of the number programmes are found in the birth dates – day number, day and month, or total.

For 2s and 6s:

E.G. Numbers 2, 6, 15, 20, 24

11, 22, 29, 33, 38, 47, 66 are, or become, Intensified frequencies that are, or add/reduce to, 2 or 6. In birth dates, once these people are awake to their potential, it is an inherent trait for them to challenge conformity and authority – and publicly. (They are also capable of being the tyrant they rail against.)

Some people are here to learn to be submissive, or about being compliant. In this case the same numbers are found in the names.

a = 1 to z = 26

A = 27 to Z = 52

Which brings us to the other strongest area of personal frequential programming, what I call ‘the Pulse’. With this Numerosymbological calculation we add together the names totals and the birthdate total.


The frequencies of 2 and 6 seek balance, they crave it, which is why this dark destabilisation operation is particularly injurious and debilitating to and for them. Offer them that balance.

Do you know what means more to them than anything?

It’s Love.

For more visit www.nowtobeyou.com

– Ellis


Riccardo Bosi, Max Igan, The Crowhouse:


Things are about to get real serious.
They already are serious, but they are about to get real serious.
I wrote last year (in 2019) that 2020 would prove to be such an eventful, impactful year that even if you were to live for 1,000 years you would never forget how momentous this year was. I had many reasons for saying that, but instead of going into them, suffice it simply to say that so far that has proven to be a completely accurate prediction. To this point, 2020 has proven to be a very historically significant year.
However, the last 115 days of this year will be even more spectacularly eventful and impactful than the first 250 days, not because I say so, but because that is simply the way it’s going to be.
55 Very Eventful Days and Counting


The Corbett Report: Shocked? I thought not. But let’s really interrogate what this means.
All of us (presumably) would agree with the observation that “the news is lying to you.” But most people hearing that statement immediately interpret it to mean that the news is lying by commission, i.e., deliberately spreading information that they know to be untrue.
While this is certainly true sometimes (and we can all think of examples of the news outright lying about the facts of a case), blatant lies about verifiable facts represent only a tiny fraction of the media’s mendacity. Most of the time, the talking heads of the corporate mouthpiece media are not telling fibs, per se; they’re just leaving out vital pieces of the story.
How To Read The News


Max Igan, The Crowhouse:


Conservative Politics and NWO (Bitchute):


Children’s Health Defense: It was a historic weekend for freedom activists around the world. Saturday, August 29th, one million true citizens of all walks of life united to stand against unscientific lock downs, government totalitarianism, and medical mandates.

Children’s Health Defense’s Chairman, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke to an estimated one million ( arial video ) in Berlin, Germany calling for democracy and free speech in the face of the current massive, world-wide power grab and violation of human rights in progress.
Peaceful Rallies Around the World to Champion Freedom


Jason Goodman:


At last another msm bod sees the ass and the arse in masks.

Mark Dolan, talkRADIO:


Unlike these two very dangerous disinformation peddlers:

Don’t lose the glasses, Mark Dolan.


Andrew Johnson, Check the Evidence: In recent days, I have been busy compiling a new report, which I am going to send to the at least organisations listed below (and in the report). I am interesting in who would be willing to add their name as a “signatory”/supporter of this report. As it is written from a UK perspective, it is more appropriate that UK people sign it. I am not so naïve as to suggest this will have a noticeable effect – as it is “just another email” (or posted letter) to these people. However, it is about taking a stand and appealing to the good conscience of people. It is also an effort that can be made without any financial backing etc.


maxrock01: Live and powerfull – The Stranglers ARE heroes! The Stranglers, live in the Roundhouse London, Nov. 2007, 30 years after their first concert at the same place


David Icke: I’ve got no idea who it is that has stepped forward to broadcast the Ickester, because, as is often the case, whoever posts the interviews, doesn’t reference them. Anyway, it’s a good interview with 100% checkable factual information.

The Anzacs gave everything for you, you bastards. What are you doin’, hiding behind your excuses, your real masks? RISE THE NEW ANZACS: WARRIORS OF NEW LEGENDS – your children, your descendants, humanity everywhere, needs YOU.

Blokes from my family were among the 40,000 horsemen too. Not a mask in sight:

It’s not the killing. It’s the courage.

Come on Aussie!


yogi 4thelord:


Mobilising the 7s and 1s combinations:

“the hour is come” – ~ John 17:1


The WHO declared a pandemic of 11th March 2020. It was the 71st day of the year.

The Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony declared to the world: This is the end of Free Man as Cathy Freeman lit the ring of fire around herself at the top of a stepped pyramid. She symbolically (self) sacrificed, with fire, Free man. So much symbolism.

From Sydney Olympics Opening: 15th September 2000 to 11th March 2020 = 7117 days = 88 = 16 = 7
From Sydney Olympics Closing: 1st October 2000 to 11th March 2020 =7101 days

Cathy’s name derives from Catherine, equating her with St. Catherine of Siena: “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

Cathy = 11  Freeman = 7
The date: 15 = 6 + 9 + 2 = 17
Olympics last 17 days
17 is q and Q
Q is injection

– Ellis


Richard Grannon via Max Igan:



We are Change:


The CrowHouse:


John Thor:


Linked before, in Communing with saints. Calling for warriors

Read what the Nobel Prize winning scientist Kary Mullis, the inventor of the test that has been used to terrorise the world (and other hyper-league scientists and physicians) have to say about this vi-ruse and Squeaky and Slime’s diabolical agenda. Great quotes. A must read and share:

Celia Farber, UncoverDC:  Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?

Kary Mullis was a scientist. He never spoke like a globalist, and said once, memorably, when accused of making statements about HIV that could endanger lives: “I’m a scientist. I’m not a lifeguard.” That’s a very important line in the sand.  Somebody who goes around claiming they are “saving lives,” is a very dangerous animal, and you should run in the opposite direction when you encounter them. Their weapon is fear, and their favorite word is “could.” They entrap you with a form of bio-debt, creating simulations of every imaginable thing that “could” happen, yet hasn’t. Bill Gates has been waiting a long time for a virus with this much, as he put it, “pandemic potential.” But Gates has a problem, and it’s called PCR.
Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?


Dave Cullen, Computing Forever – Bitchute:


NewsNOW from FOX:


Dave Cullen, John Waters, Computing Forever – Bitchute:


Brees Media, via Philosophers Stone – Bitchute:


Anna Brees:


Anna Brees: “The BBC are irrelevant, and out of touch”.


Richie Allan: Richie is joined by Dr. Vernon Coleman and Brian Silvester.

Multiple best-selling author and former GP Vernon Coleman, who hosts the hugely popular “Old Man In The Chair” YouTube channel, returns to the show to discuss the latest covid-19 measures, the utter failure of the BBC to hold the government to account and the breathtaking censorship of the many doctors and academics who have dared to speak out. Cllr. Brian Silvester has served the people of Crewe for nearly five decades. Brian is rare these days in that he’s a politician prepared to take on the government and criticise the lockdown and the effect is having on people and their livelihoods. Brian tells Richie that he never gave vaccines a second thought before the pandemic and that he even had the flu jab last year. Now though, Brian believes that the real agenda of the lockdown is to coerce everyone to take covid vaccines and to make mandatory vaccination a reality.


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