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Christmas is coming and it’s time to roll out our true Christmas story again:

The Gifts of Friends, the Kindness of Strangers


Another exciting release, that you can watch now:

Every Country in the world has myths and legends, every culture tells of monsters that lurk in the unseen. Stories of a large hairy creatures with man like features have existed in various parts of the world for many centuries. In fact, the only continent not to have stories of “wild men” is Antarctica. In the Himalayas, it’s the Yeti. In Canada, it’s the Sasquatch. And in the northwest United States, it’s Bigfoot. What many people don’t know is that Britain has it’s very own monster legends, known traditionally as the Wodewose or Wildman, it is described by believers as being between six and eight feet tall with a large forehead and pronounced brow, like a cave man’s, and a rounded, crested head like a gorilla’s. Britain’s most famous ‘monster’ is the Werewolf, known world wide as Wolfmen or Dogmen, this creature has it’s roots here in Britain and throughout Europe.
The most shocking fact about these ‘monsters’ is that today, in modern times, there are over 500 sightings of creatures fitting these descriptions. The sightings are still coming in week after week. Film maker Chris Turner spent 2 years travelling the across Great Britain, interviewing witnesses, wild camping in hotspots all in an attempt to uncover the truth about these Elusive British Cryptids!




Must Listen! California GP Dr. Robert Rowen Demands Emergency Vaccine Safety Studies Now!…..

Richard Baldwin A Murder In Camelot Teaser Trailer (Kerry Cassidy Mark Richards)…..

Famous A.I. AlphaZero is Starting to Learn Intuition…..

Bases 93 Part One Introducing Alex Thomson…..

The Cheshire “silver-suited” man! An encounter with the Nordics?…..

What did they see? Could 63 witnesses be wrong??…..

Publish and Perish: The Mysterious Body Count of UFOLOGY and the Darker Side of Conspiracy Research…..

Sinister Christmas Encounters with the Supernatural…..

Taking a Look at the Djinn…..


Richie is joined by the extraordinary Dr. Robert Rowen MD. Dr. Rowen is affectionately known as “The Father of Medical Freedom” for pioneering the United States first ever law protecting alternative medicine in 1990, in Alaska. Robert is a very rare doctor. He is asking uncomfortable questions about vaccine safety from his family clinic in California. Dr. Rowen advises his patients on vaccine safety concerns, something that very few doctors have the courage to do. How does he do it? He explains how and why and also tells Richie why he hardly ever dispenses prescription drugs to his patients. Robert also expresses sympathy with the victims of the HPV vaccine Gardasil and says that he would never recommend the vaccine himself. This is jaw dropping stuff. Share widely.


Teaser trailer for The Docu-series Richard Baldwin A Murder In Camelot – The First Docu-series of its kind to go against A Fake Secret Space Program Whistle Blower. Website for the Documentary is www.richardbaldwinmovie.com



DeepMind is on the forefront of artificial intelligence (A.I.). The computer system it developed, known as AlphaZero, amazed (and terrified) the world in 2017 when it was able to defeat human chess masters at their own game, despite only learning it four hours previous to the matches. That machine has been tested numerous times by even more chess grandmasters, and now people are seeing it do something not yet seen within machines – it is improvising.
Famous A.I. AlphaZero is Starting to Learn Intuition


Alex has appeared on the UK Column for many years, and recently gave 2 presentations at the AV9 and AV9.1 conference events run by Ian R Crane (see his site for DVDs) He has also appeared on the Bases sister site Stepping Stones to Awareness with Caroline Stephens. Here we deal with a wide variety of issues, such as the Illuminati families, as we introduce Alex to the Bases audience. Bio: After learning what today’s British Establishment was all about at Rugby School and Cambridge, Alex Thomson served in a Christian mission in the former Soviet Union witnessing the planned destruction of a region of the world, before spending the rest of his twenties as a GCHQ officer. He moved to the Netherlands aged thirty in 2009 and has spent the last decade more quietly as a translator and interpreter and a researcher of networked evil. For the past five years, he has presented his emerging findings via UK Column and the British Constitution Group, where his specialisms are geopolitics, religious history and comparative constitutionalism.


In the summer of 1976 in the Reddish Vale area of Cheshire, England, three young children would encounter a mysterious humanoid figure in a strange silver suit. What’s more, this figure would simply vanish into thin air, not once but twice, right in front of the astonished children. The incident would eventually find itself into the MUFON records although it remains unexplained.

As bizarre as the details of “silver space suits” sound, there are relatively consistent reports of encounters with such attired figures. Encounters that are spread across the decades and around the planet. Perhaps, then, we should consider the apparently equally bizarre (to some) claims of the one-time Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer, who very publicly would state that anywhere from “two to twelve races of aliens” are regularly visiting the Earth. Or maybe we should consider NASA’s recent and discreet announcement that “aliens may have visited Earth” with a little more contemplation than we otherwise might?
The Cheshire “silver-suited” man! An encounter with the Nordics?




It is said there are two certainties in life, death and taxes. It is a conundrum all people face as we move through life. We are born, we live and inevitably we perish. Some people die of old age, maybe an accident, or in some cases we die by our own hand for whatever reason. Mortality as that certainty which propel many to achieve, knowing they only have a limit time on this here mortal coil. For others that drive to achieve something eventually costs them their lives.

For many years there has been a darker side to ufology and conspiracy research which is occasionally discussed and on occasion documented. The first real exploration of the ufology/conspiracy body count came in 1971 when the late Otto Bender, writing for Saga magazine, published an article called “Liquidation of the UFO Investigators.” In that article Bender, who would later meet his own untimely demise, researched the deaths of some 137 researchers, writers, scientists, and witnesses who had died in the previous decade under what some might call “mysterious” circumstances.
Publish and Perish: The Mysterious Body Count of UFOLOGY and the Darker Side of Conspiracy Research

John the Baptist isn’t one and the same as John the Evangelist but interesting article all the same.


It’s the holiday season, and everyone is looking forward to the festivities and the presents, right? While this season is certainly one of peace and happiness, or at least it is supposed to be, it is also sometimes the season of scary encounters with the unknown. Here I have dug up some of the creepier and at times most terrifying brushes with the supernatural at a normally joyous time of the year. Ghosts, specters, and perhaps more, here is a darker look at Christmas time.
Sinister Christmas Encounters with the Supernatural


Of all the entities of the supernatural variety, none are more feared and revered – in equal amounts – than the Middle Eastern Djinn. They are ancient and powerful beings that should be avoided at all costs. Although, at times they can be friendly and helpful, the Djinn are also dangerous and manipulative. Without doubt, one of the most learned researchers in the field of energy-based entities is Rosemary Ellen Guiley, whose books include The Djinn Connection. Rosemary says: “They can eat human food when they take human form, but our food does not sustain them.  It gives them pleasure. They can absorb the essence of food, and things like the molecules from tobacco smoke, which provide enjoyment. Their main source of nourishment is the absorption of energy from life forms. The best is the draining of a soul, but is difficult to do and is considered unlawful. It is, however, practiced by certain powerful, renegade Djinn. The vampiric absorption of the life force can be quite detrimental to people, and cause health problems.”
Taking a Look at the Djinn




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