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While all around the world governments are having to admit that their (alleged) vaccines are non-vaccines – they don’t protect and they don’t prevent transmission ‘infections’. They are also having to reveal they grievously harm and kill. Yet they still hawk their murderous snake oil and stupid and/or stupoured humans line up for more, and then, unforgivably, they do no less than step aside while their kids are sacrificed to the insatiable god of these cruel and vile concoctions unleashed on them.

Time to admit to yourself that you have been goaded into taking part in, and supporting, something extremely dangerous to the human race, and do something to stop this evil in its tracks and from ever happening again. I don’t care who it was that told you they were safe – they were wrong and need to be made to explain themselves in an authentic court of justice.



According to Table 11 of the latest Medicines and Health products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) ‘Coronavirus vaccine – summary of Yellow Card reporting’ update, it appears that six children have died from the vaccine. 

The MHRA slipped out these shocking figures in a new table last Thursday without any explanation or highlighting in the accompanying text. Nothing about when these children died or what age and sex they were, or what the catalyst was, for example myocarditis or a thromboembolic event and no indication given as to whether there have there been inquests into these Yellow Card reported children’s deaths.  All that appeared to be communicated was contained in one new, inadequate and confusing table, copied below, from the sub-section Reports with a fatal outcome:

U.K. Child vaccination must be halted until MHRA clarifies its confusing new under-18 fatality reports


Epoch Times:

The antiviral medication remdesivir has played a controversial role in the COVID-19 treatment protocols used by hospitals that many families allege resulted in the death of their loved ones.

Among the drug’s potential side effects is acute kidney failure, which many physicians argue is the source of the same symptom reported by the medical establishment to have been caused by COVID-19.

Dr. Bryan Ardis, CEO of Ardis Labs and host of The Dr. Ardis Show, said he watched his own father-in-law die in a hospital in February 2020 after being taken through the same hard-wired, standard-of-care protocols he would eventually witness playing out in the lives of others.

“It was the most traumatic thing I’d ever experienced in my whole life,” Ardis told The Epoch Times.

Controversial Drug Remdesivir Plays Key Role in COVID-Related Hospital Deaths: Dr. Ardis


Liberty Tactics:

Kids are under attack from every direction and in every country.

Again it’s the warrior women rising against the tyranny of slugs like Drakeford. Ask yourselves Wales… seriously: How did a moronic Fuck Face like Drakeford get to be in the office of “First Minister”?


Podcast-athon Fundraiser for PCP Wales:


Andrew Lawrence:

Circus of Empty Promises.


Jerm Warfare: Really great questions by Jerm, that everyone asks. Mark Bailey answers them.

Is there any evidence that viruses exist and cause illness?

Dr. Mark Bailey on virus hunting:

FULL DESCRIPTION: https://jermwarfare.com/tnt/mark-bailey


The book recommended in the video:

Dissolving Illusions: https://blackwells.co.uk/bookshop/product/Dissolving-Illusions-Disease-Vaccines-and-The-Forgotten-History-by-Bystrianyk-Roman/9781480216891


Ickonic, Right Now:

‘Why are the medical establishment sitting on their heels and not speaking out?’

“Institutional refusal to look at things that are happening right in front of their faces.”

…”Malfeasance on a massive level….They must be held accountable.”

…“We battle bogus science.” We do! Science should really be considered a verb, not a noun.

Right Now talks to Neuroscientist (Professor) Dr Christopher Shaw about the ‘Covid’ jab and increased neurological disease



Dr. Christopher Shaw is a neuroscientist at University of British Columbia and has been focusing his research on neurotoxicity of aluminum and ALS-parkinsonism dementia complex. Aluminum adjuvants are found in many vaccines, including Gardasil.


Dr. Chris Shaw: Aluminum in the Body – One More Girl Excerpts


Dad Calls Pharmacist Who Gave His Son Myocarditis


Epoch Times:

Ten percent of Americans who received the COVID-19 vaccine regret having done so, according to a recent poll.

In addition, 15 percent of the 1,038 adults that took the survey said that they have been diagnosed with a new condition by a medical practitioner, weeks or months after taking the vaccine.

…“The fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports more than 232 million Americans ages 18–65 have taken at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and 15 percent of those surveyed report a newly diagnosed condition is concerning and needs further study,” said Laura Bono, CHD’s executive director.

10 Percent of Americans Regret Taking COVID Vaccine, 15 Percent Have a New Medical Condition After It: Poll


Dr. Peterson Pierre, America’s Frontline doctors:

Daily Dose: ‘A Prescription For Propaganda’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre



The law of unintended consequences tells us to ‘check out all possibilities emerging from an action, because no matter how well intentioned, it could come back and bite you where it hurts.’

Scotland’s SNP administration, an outfit rarely accused of joined-up thinking, has never managed to learn from experience that it should think things through. The past few weeks have thrown up two reports highlighting the unintended consequences arising from this failure.

How Sturgeon’s policy posturing ended up penalising Scots




The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities Sufi Meditation Center:

00:00 What to do in the face of oppression?

03:49 How to follow tariqah (spiritual path) under a Wahabi head of the house.

04:43 What happened when a person went against Shaykh Nazim (Q)?

07:00 Should we also keep quiet in the internal struggle against the satanic whispers?

14:18 How to remove black magic and blockages in life?

17:32 Can meditation be done in a room where there are toys, show pieces, animal, human faces?

Reptilian Shape Shifters & Excessive Tattooing



Info Wars:

On this emergency Saturday transmission, Alex Jones sits down with constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes to break down the verdict of the Sandy Hook show trial. They also discuss the future of Infowars and where we go from here.

Alex Jones Responds To $45 Million Show Trial Sandy Hook Verdict & The Future of Infowars



TIPS Media:

The big picture view as outlined from a Retired Canadian Sargent – Must See!


Grandpa 90


Psybo the trickster:

Pure Fiction 6


BritainsHiddenHistory Ross

BHH LIVE 115: How and why history was written:

Surely it is impossible to separate history and politics.


Mail Online:

  • Hampshire Constabulary ran sessions for people accused of racism, sexism, misogyny and transphobia
  • The restorative justice scheme was funded out of the force’s Police and Crime Commissioner’s budget
  • But it faced controversy when an army veteran, 51, was offered the course after retweeting a meme
  • He was told he could avoid prosecution if he took part before police had conducted any investigation
  • PCC Donna Jones revealed she is ending the contract with the company which manages the programme

Police SCRAP hate-crime ‘re-education’ courses after storm over army veteran arrested for a tweet – as free speech campaigners slam officers who ‘think it’s their job to be political guardians’




British Fairies:

So, as promised, a report from Aberfoyle. For me, it was the highlight of a trip which included plenty of historic and prehistoric sites: stone circles and castles, mainly. Reverting to a previous posting, we also visited Doune Castle (not far from Aberfoyle) which stood in as Castle Leoch in the Outlander series (as well as starring in Monty Python and the Holy Grail). Additionally, we visited the royal Scottish palace at Falkland, and discovered that the market place of the village was used as another scene in Outlander.

Away with the Faeries on Doon Hill, Aberfoyle



“The Stolen Child” was released in 1988 on The Waterboy’s album, Fisherman’s Blues. The song includes lyrics by Yeats and a beautiful lilting melody….making for one of my favorites on an album chocked full of classic Waterboys tunes! The lyrics are mystical and strange…it’s lovely the way they string together….how amazing are the images and flow of this poem? Remastered audio!






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