Fourth September 2017: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…

Probe International October conference details – 21st/22nd October 2017

Cornwall UFO Research Group Conference details – 7th October 2017


The Hidden Truth about North Korea…..
Confusion, Memory and Identity Loss and Other Odd Symptoms of Awakening…..
Socialism: opiate of the masses…..
Invisible Predators in the Woods. Unexplained Disappearances. author Steph Young….
The Price for Criticizing Israel…..
Child abduction, poltergeist sightings, crop failure and haunted building sites blamed on sinister work of fairies…..
If It Weren’t for those Meddling Squids…..
Mysterious Captured Cryptid Fish That Disappeared Into History…..


The result of our growing awareness and rise of consciousness is a complete overhaul to our “identity” (or what we had come to think was our identity). For anyone who is completely submerged in their awakening process, the person they knew themselves to be 5 or 10 years ago is vastly different from the person they are today.

Although most people can say that who they are at 30 is different than who they were at 20 years old, this evolution of identity is something that takes on much deeper implications for the awakening soul. Those awakening in consciousness will feel something quite a bit more jarring to their psyche than just “I got a lot calmer (nicer, less judgmental, respectful, etc..) as I aged.”

When one begins to completely integrate their entire idea of who they thought they were only to replace it with a sea of “nothingness”, describing it as a simple shift of perspective does it no justice.

The process of integrating our egoic attachments to identity, physical reality/material possessions, and judgments is one that can be not only confusing but quite frightening especially if our awakening process has spontaneously ignited and our rise of frequency has happened at a swift rate.
Confusion, Memory and Identity Loss and Other Odd Symptoms of Awakening


Let’s get something straight. There is no pure form of socialism, where “the government owns the means of production.”

The means of production own the government, and vice versa. It’s always collusion. Elite power players stitch themselves together like a walking Frankenstein corpse.

Socialism can be done with a smile or with guns and jails. Styles vary.

In 1966, Carroll Quigley, author of Tragedy and Hope, wrote: “The Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] is the American branch of a society which originated in England [and] believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established.”

You could call the CFR’s agenda socialism or Globalism or fascism or dictatorship—it doesn’t matter. For the sake of brevity, I’ll call it socialism.
Socialism: opiate of the masses



There are very few journalist in the U.S. or Europe who have the courage to report fairly on Israel’s seemingly endless illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. Personally, as a Jewish-American, and the grandson of a revered Rabbi, I have been roundly denounced by pro-Israeli representatives and their Zionist lobbyists in the U.S.

Palestinian boys prepare to welcome Women’s Boat to Gaza, which was intercepted by the Israeli naval blockade on Oct. 5, 2016.
I’ve stopped counting the number of vicious personal attacks that have labeled me a self-hating Jewish anti-Semite. Here’s one that got my attention and the attention of journalist Robert Fisk of the Independent of London, who I introduced one night for a lecture in Berkeley, California, and who then wrote an article about the plight of Jewish journalists and activists in the U.S. who dare to write or speak honestly about Israel’s brutal and illegal occupation of the Palestinians:
The Price for Criticizing Israel


Child abduction, poltergeist sightings, crop failure and haunted building sites blamed on sinister work of fairies


When we think of the Kraken, most of us envision a many limbed nautical behemoth, scraping sailors off the deck and crushing ships with mighty tentacles.  This is a nice piece of public relations for cephalopods designed to put us terrestrial critters at ease, imagining if we just have the wherewithal to stay on shore, our contacts with inky, head-footed leviathans can be kept to a minimum.  Such precautions serve most of us well.  Unless of course, you happen to be in the ancient Mediterranean pickled fish business.
If It Weren’t for those Meddling Squids


The oceans of our world are a vast, untapped trove of new species lurking in the briny depths, the likes of which we have only begun to uncover. It never ceases to amaze the fantastic creatures that have been brought up into the light from the inky darkness of the abyss, yet looking into old newspaper accounts it seems there have been rather sensational, groundbreaking discoveries of new sea creatures that have, well, just seemed to have fallen off the map. As an intrepid researcher of the unexplained I spend quite a large amount of time perusing newspaper archives looking for interesting topics, and one that I have uncovered is the surprising amount of inexplicable creatures that have been pulled up from the watery depths of our seas, sometimes even claimed to have been exhibited and examined, yet which have ultimately melted away into obscurity and the relentless passage of time, to slip away through the cracks of history. Here are some of the weirder that I have found.
Mysterious Captured Cryptid Fish That Disappeared Into History

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