Service, Surveys, and Sir Vice


I’ve banged on about this before, and obviously it’s not something that most people want to hear, judging by the responses that apart from thank you’s, range from ignoring it to outright threats but I’m saying it again, because it’s now past one minute to midnight, and the hammer is about to hit the bell.

What you are about to read, if you can be arsed, is continuously emphasised to me as I walk this healing journey along this most significant of energy currents in Wales. I’ve been calling it an Earth Energy current, but that isn’t quite what She is. Yes, She is intimately linked with our precious planet, and is here to nurture and nourish the Earth and every consciousness (everything has consciousness) that is dependent on this beautiful creation for their existence in this experience;  but this Dragon is not a dependent, She is a presence with a specific route and purpose, that thrives on respect and acknowledgement. Humans don’t do that but the wild animals do; I see evidence of that frequently, every time I am out with Her. Humans don’t do it because they’ve been indoctrinated not to; even though miles and miles of roads are built on Dragons’ backs, coastlines are preserved by them, and many of the places we are born, marry, and depart physicality from  are purposely sited on their presence by the very few who do know of them.

Humankind has foolishly deserted these life-enhancing and preserving currents, not least to their own detriment, and increasingly they reap the consequences of their present and ancestral denial.


Finding Ffraed

This actual journey, surveying Y Ddraig’s course through Pembrokeshire, began at a little-known holy well hidden behind a tall hedge on a single-track road to the village of Llanychaer. The well has no saintly dedication, though it sits below a church, St. David’s, that is now derelict. Y Ddraig goes through the holy well and the very large original oval enclosure, the Llan, but Her flow does not enter the church or its yard, which is built in the Llan’s southwest corner.

I first visited the well in early August of 2016 and noticed, on a flat rock inside the stone chamber, a fading silhouette and inscriptions that were wearing; they included circles and a horse’s head. The silhouette was drawn on the inscribed circle so accurately that they just had to be related. It was hard to tell if it was concentric circles or a spiral, even perhaps some other design within it; however concentric circles and spirals are perfectly fitting designs for the mystical environs of watery otherworld places such as holy wells.

The silhouette, it was clear to me, is of Sant Ffraed, the Welsh name for Saint Bride, the accoutrements drawn with the figure are an arrow and a bundle of rushes, which are unreservedly Her symbols. Ffraed is also known by many other names including Bridget, Brighid and Brigit. Before she was a saint she was a goddess. Not just any ol’ goddess either, She was the Great Goddess of the Isles, the lands we now refer to as Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England and the many islands that lay off their modern shores.

All but forgotten by humankind, beset by other influences, and its source spring’s inner flow crushed by heavy farm machinery and the like, the well had become dry.¹ Apart from a few other visitors, it had become merely a quick tick on an admirable jaunt devised as something for tourists to do, called ‘Pilgrims from the Sea‘, one of the routes on the Saints and Stones trails. The people involved in setting up this tour knew nothing of the silhouette and carvings in the Holy Well’s chamber, they don’t mention it. The book that was written to accompany the tours doesn’t reference it either. The authors didn’t know about it – they do now though, because I’ve told one of them.

I’ve since informed archaeologists, the council, the library service, the tourist bureau, an academic Wells and Springs forum and numerous other people, including every local I’ve spoken to – they didn’t know about it either. How easily our history is forgotten or buried by distraction, academic ego, artifice, and time!


The Folly of Sir Tainty

In my view, the most ignoble of these is academic ego that refuses to discard ingrained beliefs, and they are beliefs. Academic ego refuses to entertain the notion that our Ancestors designed their environment with skills and intentions that lonely indoctrinated and insensitive intellect is incapable of.


Divine Earth

Our forebears in ancient times attuned with the rhythms of Nature, not Roman calendars and term times, they processed life differently, life in all its myriad free flowings and forms. They felt life, they didn’t just study it, they were part of nature, not apart from it. They understood that all around and within them, literally, consciousness wove its patterns into them and designed the world they lived in. This is why they built where they did, the perfect structures for the sites. It was all about harmonising their compositions to fit their intentions. Everything had to flow without fault and resistance. They sensed Nature’s weaving currents (Dragons) and designed their structures to fit His or Her character; mostly, they knew, the currents were best let alone and so built nothing on them. Where they did build it was where they were allowed to, and their structures, always in keeping, enhanced the potential for what they made use of the particular site for: a granary, a communal place, a quiet place, a birthing place, a hospital, a trackway, all sorts of uses where vital-energy and safe-keeping was required. Never ever anything that would compromise the Dragon’s integrity; these desecrations came later and triggered the beginning of the end for humankind’s connection with its Mother Earth and Her other life-forms. On Dragons, doors and windows were positioned to fit their flows in and out, no tree was ever cut down, no pit or mine dug, no life (of anything) could be intentionally taken, no horrors at all. Dragon currents were sacrosanct.


The Entrance of Sir Vice

Then along came Sir Vice, the Darkness Invisible, who dispatched influences incapable of physicality and creation, demons from outside humankind’s spectrum, to seduce and corrupt human minds and morals.  Consciousness took action immediately and restricted the sensory skills of humans subsequently born. Henceforth, in this move to stall the danger to the consciousness of Earth’s other life-forms, the people, who were entrusted with their care,  lost their ability to communicate effectively with them.

Beguiled, the people sought only self-satisfaction and advantage. The wisdom of the past was disregarded as they were cunningly convinced to believe in the ephemeral gratification of materialism and the fraudulent coercions of ownership and status. The demons could do what they liked with humans who thought that way…and they have.

It’s been thousands of years now and the results of humankind’s desertion of duty are plain to see but still they plunder and poison their only home for the entertainment of devils. Devils that don’t need anything that humans can give them except the juices of their own suffering and the rushing cliffs of their own demise.

Humankind, if it had an iota of true wit left, would stop doing it, stop serving the beasts’ larders and ambitions, and return to their authentic lives and purpose…but are they?

5th September 2017


1: The well is flowing again and I’m delighted to report that in recent weeks her visitors have noticeably increased. Such an encouraging sign.

8 thoughts on “Service, Surveys, and Sir Vice

  1. Hi Ellis,
    You may feel like you are a voice crying in the wilderness. But you are already sowing seeds as you travel.
    Water is so important to this planet .
    Its qualities are only just being explored (eg see Masaru Emoto).
    We have to hope and pray that the seeds flourish and bear fruit before it is too late.
    You are doing a magnificent work in your travels, more than you know.
    “Walking is good for the soul”
    A bit hard on the shoes and feet !!
    From darkness to LIGHT


  2. Hi Ellis I have read and reread this article and I heartily agree with you. Indoctrination on humans is a curse and adhering to a ‘clock’ and ‘calendars’ enforced on us only serves to draw us away from what is important and stops us from interacting with Nature and other ‘clean’ forces. I try not to despair as I have wonderful grandchildren to whom I try to instill a sense of wonderment on our world. We are all born with it but pace and veracity of life takes over. X


    • Hi digilly, so true what you say. Thank you for your comment. Children must always be encouraged to wonder and to care. There is magic all around, beauty in abundance and real meaningful interactions with all life to be had. Your grandchildren are lucky to have a nan like you. I’m afraid you’ve set me off on one.
      People are so hypnotically tranced that they really do believe that acquiescing to their children’s brain-washed transitory wants and demands is demonstrating their love and care for them. If only they would stand back, realise they’ve been had, and do the job they have been given the privilege to do. The measure of true love and care for our children is demonstrated by the state of health the world is in during our children’s lives and the condition it’s in when we are gone from it; not by the gifts we have always compromised the Earth for to buy them. Most really do believe that they must keep buying , and buying, and buying; they don’t give a thought to the reality that every purchase they make has a far greater cost than is on the tag. We do not live in a magic pudding bowl that can never be emptied, the elements and other lives we pillage, so called ‘resources’, from this world are not unlimited – even to think of Nature as being a resource makes my skin creep. Right there, in that term, is a statement of humanity’s self-entitled arrogance, ignorance and contempt. We are here to live with, not off; in harmony and consensus with this realm’s other consciousnesses, not maiming and murdering them. This insidious destructive and suicidal programming direly needs to be broken. The inevitable price is obvious, a contaminated miserable and destitute world for all of Earth’s children. How to treat the world and others well are the most invaluable lessons and gifts that we can pass on.


  3. Beautifully put Ellis. I’m going to walk my dogs somewhere real nice and away from it all here in Kernow tomorrow. Even in the rain it’s always good to be free of wifi and the rat race!
    You are great with your words x



    • Hey Mark, thanks for commenting. Sounds perfect. Have fun, you live in a beautiful and mystical country. I’ve not been for years but I’m hoping to get there again one day. The last time must have been at least 10 years ago, when I went to Dave Gilham’s conference in Truro. Glad you enjoyed the article.

      Liked by 1 person

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