More on Eyes Wide Shut – from a reader

A very good response, and addition, to my article on Eyes Wide Shut from a reader. Also from my former website: LOOKING INTO THE DARK PLACES. From memory Paul sent this piece in shortly after my article was posted (18 Dec 2002).

More on Eyes Wide Shut from a reader

“Eyes Wide Shut is a remarkable film. Every frame and the language used carries meaning. I offer an interpretation and some very brief observations.

I suggest the opening shot  is a summary of Eyes Wide Shut and the directors true intentions. Framed, framed? And in a few seconds.

Can you see the great pyramid made from the red curtains and the blind?  Are you blind?  Eyes wide shut?

How about the tennis rackets and the lamps? Tennis is the game with love keeping the score, remember. I’m going to cast some light, says the director, on the games of love and with it, the games the pillars of society play with love. See the pillars? Those Roman pillars.

On and on and on it goes. Each part of the frame carrying meaning that can interact with another, reflecting and influencing. Society reflecting the individual? Can you see the mirror? Eyes wide shut?

And what about Nicole’s strip. The divine Ms Kidman. Oh, for this divine feminine. Look how she shakes off the darkness, that dark dress.  Look how she kicks towards the pyramid. It’s all going to kick off you know. Bring it on. See the light she brings, shining on her? Or are your eyes wide shut?

How many connections can see? You play the game.

After leaving Dominos flat Doctor Bill continues on his travels. This ‘walk on the wild side’. Watch him as he glances ever so slightly towards the entrance to James Tobias Lomas Inc – Real Estates. So what happens when you type James Tobias Lomas into google This does

What establishment does Bill glance at next? On this walk, on his travels.  Hungry for more? Are you really hungry for more? Why not go to a diner then. Perhaps Gillespies. I spy with my little eye. Perhaps he will be framed this “Travelling Man” ~ Paul


Thanks Paul.


Here is a little more from me to add to the brew…

The ‘Travelling Man’, who represents the sun, is walking from east to west (right to left on the film).

I also think that many of the shop names etc are anagrams and other word puzzles and codes. Your example, ‘James Tobias Lomas Inc.’ gives the words ‘masonic’, ‘mass’, and ‘jet’ leaving the letters o,b,i,a (obia) and L (‘hell’, right-angle etc, depending on context). In encryption a common technique is to have a letter or number missing, (really, appearing to be missing). This becomes a key to further codes. (I’ve written about this in “In These Signs Conquer”). The missing letter in this name is D; a letter clearly representing an ‘eye wide shut’. The letter  is also formed by the railing at the top of the stairs and probably hinted elsewhere too – a half moon symbol or name perhaps – one would need to look. A rainbow is D-shaped and appears in the costume shop name and the dialogue between the two MK butterflies at Zeigler’s party. The allusioIt could be something else, maybe 500 (Latin), a numerological value (which depends upon the discipline or disciplines Kubrick was aware of). Jet obviously gives ‘black’. Dr Bill notices – gives ‘I see’ or letters I and C – something in the underworld (below ground) entrance (entra-n-c-e). I think the Estate Agent’s name was intended to suggest ‘Diabolic Masonic Black Mass’. Also try adding the key letter to the initials of the film, and see what you get phonetically.

As is the way of things with subliminal techniques there are many levels.

There is so much mirroring going on as well – of everything. It’s a mind-fuck of a film if the investigator is not careful.

If you watch Dr Bill at the party being escorted by the two MK beauties the one on his left is deliberately made to give the El diablo hand sign – and others. I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t hand signs all the way through. – I’ll have to look when I have a few hours spare and feel up to it.

Also when Dr Bill is in the hooker’s place speaking to Alice (through the looking glass) on his phone, below the mirror are a couple of books. One of them is titled ‘Shadows of the Mirror’. I recall Alice was watching the TV at the same time and that something on there was mirroring the thoughts between them.

I’ve meant to mention this before too. In the film, the temple priestess who is sacrificed has, as I have continually pointed out on this site, a ‘loved -one’ name – Mandy, which means ‘loved one’.

~ Ellis


Ellis Taylor is the author of:

In These Signs Conquer ~ Revealing the secret signs an Age has obscured
Living in the Matrix ~ Another Way. Numerology For a New Day.
The Esoteric Alphabet
Dogged Days


More pieces to the jigsaw that was the film Eyes Wide Shut:

The writer here takes a point of view in this well-written article and there are one or two mistakes.

For example he says that the playing card suit ‘Clubs’ accords with the Tarot’s ‘Pentacles’. It should be ‘Wands’. For the major part it is an interesting and enlightening piece and a valuable contribution to research into this astonishingly revelatory and important film that cost Stanley Kubrick his life.

Eyes Wide Shut: Occult Symbolism


Copied and pasted from Wayback Machine. (Archived version: 16-10-2006)


Since this, and my article were posted there have been many other articles written about EWS. They are easily discovered on search engines.


Site article on Eyes Wide Shut


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