Strange connections: Peters Edwards

This is something odd that I’ve come across in the course of my Earth Energy survey work. I learned about this from a BBC Wales report while researching the area afterwards:

The body of Peter Edwards, a popular vicar who had once served at St. Mary the Virgin church, Talybenny, was found at the bottom of cliffs close by (I’m not sure where exactly yet). On 30th April 1998, he had been charged with ‘gross indecency with a 15-year-old boy’, and had been bailed. His court case had been fixed for 24th June. Peter Edwards’ body was discovered on 3rd May, but his car had been reported abandoned at the church on 2nd May. I don’t know how long it had been noticed there for.

30th April is (false) Beltane Eve. 24th June is St. John’s Day (the Baptist).

I don’t have the details but one could surmise that Rev. Edwards died on false Beltane Eve or the 1st/2nd May, or the 2nd/3rd May. The 3rd May in 1998 was the first day of the Virgin Moon, the Beltane Moon. All of these dates are associated with the Virgin Mary, the month of May is dedicated to Her. So all in accordance with the Church and parish dedication.

The coroner’s court jury found that he had committed suicide. However, his sister is adamant that her brother was a devout man who would never have taken his own life and that he had plans for the future.

I find it odd that the significant dates of these charges and his death are relevant to the iconography of the church he had served at and where his body was found, and that they are so associated with two major divines of what I felt was an historically Masonic and Templar site (and also Culdee). Compounding this strange co-incidence is that the church he had been vicar of (for several years), Caldicot, Monmouthshire, before he was suspended, is also dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin. Furthermore the dedication of this church (and likely the one of his Pembrokeshire version too) was, before the Conquest, to St. Bride (i.e. Ffraed). Talbenny church is built above St. Bride’s Bay.

St. Mary the Virgin, Caldicot

Rev. Peter Edwards’ guilt or innocence of the charge laid against him was never established in court.


A strange mirror-like disappearance, that is not beyond the bounds of possibility connected in some esoteric way, involves another minister called Peter Edwards. Pastor Edwards, who served at the Perth Christian Fellowship, vanished on 1st November (at Halloween -false Samhain) in 2016, 18 years afterward Rev. Edwards. The Virgin Moon in this incidence was 7th November (true Samhain).

Pastor Edwards has not been seen since he was sighted alighting from a bus in Barclay Street, Stonehaven, Scotland at 3.20 p.m.

Barclay St. is crossed by Mary Street. Stonehaven has a St. Mary’s church and a St. Mary’s chapel: the Church of the Immaculate Conception, and a ruined chapel on the cliffs above the town, The Chapel of St. Mary and St. Nathalan, alternatively known as St. Mary of the Storms. The latter is about a mile’s walk from Barclay Street.

St. Mary of the Storms
Chapel of St Mary and St Nathalan

Ritualistically 18 associates with the moon and can be used to apply to 180° – opposites, mirrors and reflections. So 18 can refer to the Beltane-Samhain mirror and opposite as well as the span of years. Note the names of the places too, Stone-haven. Little Haven and Stonehaven. Stonehaven and its environs are definitely connected to the Templars. The opposite and mirror also works with one disappearing in the SW of the Isles and the other in the NE.

Peter means ‘stone’. Edwards means happy or rich guardian.

I’ll leave it there and send my prayers for a successful and happy conclusion to Pastor Edwards disappearance.

6th Augut 2017


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