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One dead and 10 hurt in new London terror attack as a white van driver, 48, ploughs into a crowd of worshippers outside Finsbury Park Mosque before shouting: ‘I’m going to kill all Muslims’…..
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One person has been killed and ten more injured after a white van driver screaming ‘I’m going to kill all Muslims’ ploughed into worshippers near a renowned north London mosque, in the latest terror attack to rock Britain.
One dead and 10 hurt in new London terror attack as a white van driver, 48, ploughs into a crowd of worshippers outside Finsbury Park Mosque before shouting: ‘I’m going to kill all Muslims’


A brief comment on this latest sick attack and pointers towards further investigation, for those interested in doing so:

As I’m sure regular visitors are aware my view is that every atrocity against humankind and Nature is directed from other dimensions, they are demonic. They note their agendas beforehand, in accordance with ‘the Law’ and leave their marks via mass-media reports. Yet again this sickening crime leaves traces, and they are pointing me in cosmic directions.

It was a 16, and a 7 * 17-date. Numerosymbologically a 17-17 – and 8-8 * 17 and 44-date ((See Quo Vadis, Break the chains, and 16th June 2017: Howlin’ at the moon for example). It occured in Seven Sisters Road.

(* Correction: Same number – 17 – but original calculation based on wrong info – that it happened before midnight. Links very relevant.)

The constellation known variously as the tail of the Great Bear, the Big Dipper, and the Wain or Wagon; it is called mostly in the UK, ‘the Plough’ – and notice how often the term, ‘ploughed’ (as in this mail article) is used in media reports in these attacks by vehicles (wagons); and then of course there is the Plough’s other name, ‘the Seven Sisters’, where these poor people were killed, injured and terrified. The Plough can be seen as a time machine and marker  because it wheels around, and points to, the North Star, Polaris – and so is associated largely with the North – whereas West was highlighted at Westminster (are the attacks aiming eastwards physically or symbolically?).

Finsbury Park tube station is on the Northern City Line, which runs from Moorgate – the scene of a huge rail disaster (28 February 1975 – a 16-date) and connects to the Northern rail route – from Kings Cross (which loomed large in the 777 attacks). In the Plough we have the two stars that together the Arabs have known as ‘the Horse and Rider’, Mizar and Alcor  – one of the horseman of the apocalypse maybe.

I’m not one for meaningless coincidences this direction has loomed large for me lately. I have, in the last couple of days been taken to and shown, during my Dragon Tracing journey, a now vanished site, in terms of ancient markers of stone or wood, that in an incredible demonstration of their surveying skills aligns due north. To the south it points to a high horizon, where something on its peak is bang on the alignment; to the north is an acknowledged ancient site overlooking the sea. The alignment points north. I’ve been to neither far points yet, but will do. I have however discovered further markers precisely on this alignment, and smack in the middle of the Dragon’s flow, one of witch is a standing stone shaped like a shark’s fin!

What precisely were they marking, and why? There are several possibilities and I’d be delighted to hear suggestions from astronomers and surveyors. – Ellis


Most witnesses and those involved have all been murdered, with the John F Kennedy coup d’état, by enemies of the free world. The assassination of President John F Kennedy we are lied to by mainstream media The Fake News merchants, that Lee Harvey Oswald did it. We know he didn’t and his close friend, lover and colleague Judyth Vary Baker , at Alternative View 8, gave 2 lectures detailing why and how.
Thanks to Ian R Crane, Judyth was able to give a short interview after a day of close workshops (Not recorded) at the close out of the 2017 AV:



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